Ademo’s “Improper Influence” or Edward Burke’s Abuse of Power? – You Decide

Since my arrest for “improper influence” I’ve been focused on getting back the footage taken from me and preparing for my probable cause hearing this Thursday. Despite the holiday weekend and usual bureaucratic trickery I was able to retrieve my footage today. I think three things played in a role in the success of this. One was the fact that I remained persistent with those holding the footage, often asking them to watch it themselves. The second reason was that I willingly signed a consent form allowing the police to access the footage. Meaning I didn’t have to wait for a search warrant or court hearing before this took place.  Finally, I think those who did watch the footage know that (judge) Burke abused his power when he ordered me arrested and, may have, felt bad for me – for once. One officer even commented to me, during a jail visit, that, “You (Me – Ademo) shouldn’t be here.”

Nevermind that I begged that same officer, two days prior, to watch the footage and decided for himself – he didn’t and took me to jail without seeing it. To me, making right late is better than never but now it’s time for you to decide. Watch the video and ask yourself if someone should be punished at all for this? Or would you feel good paying for someone to sit in jail over this?


Now to most it’s clear that I shouldn’t be charged with a felony, or face any punishment at all, for asking questions. But what happens when a judge clearly ignores a law? Since my hearing is coming up on Thursday I spent some time this weekend preparing subpoenas (thanks to those who helped, much love), getting them notarized and served. The latter happened this morning when (judge) Burke came into work and Jason Raspher was there to serve him. See for yourself what happened!


Yep, Burke refused a legal document that we all know he understands – being a judge and all. Still, I went to the sheriff’s office and paid them $60 to serve Burke. Either way, it highlights how their is a set of rules for them and one’s for us.

If you feel Burke abused his power please take a moment to call the gentlemen below who’ll be prosecuting me or the Keene District Court.

Chris McLaughlin – District Court DA – 603.357.9815

John Webb – Superior Court DA – 603.352.0056

Keene District Court –

Let them know your feelings and remember, I spent 2 days in jail, had to post $5,000 (cash) bail and am still facing Felony charges – for asking questions.

Meta post covering all events from my arrest to my release from jail.

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