Police State Monday: Cops Strip Woman, Pepper Spray Her, And Leave Her Naked For 7 Hours, Kill 18-Year-Old “Armed” With Butter Knife, AND MORE

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Today we discussed:

Indiana woman stripped by jailers and left naked for 7 hours

Tabitha Gentry was stripped and left naked for nearly 7 hours.

A mother of 4 says that while she was in police custody for a misdemeanor, she was stripped naked by deputies, pepper sprayed,  and left naked in a cell for nearly seven hours.


Strict Baltimore curfew places minors in detention centers past bedtime

Curfew sign

The City Council of Baltimore voted to create one of the most stringent government curfew systems in the nation.  Under the new restrictions, youths will be legally permitted to appear in public for only a few hours per day.  Police may seize them on sight and take them to detention centers where they will be interrogated by social workers.  Parents face stiff fines and jail time if their children are discovered in public during curfew hours.

Daytime Curfew

  • 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays — People under 16 years old subject to detention.

Evening Curfew

  • 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. any night — People under 14 years old subject to detention.
  • 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on weekdays — People ages 14-16 subject to detention.
  • 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on weekends and summer nights — People ages 14-16 subject to detention.


Police enforce mandatory dress code along New Jersey boardwalk

Wildwood Boardwalk.  (Source: Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority)

People who do not dress in a manner that is deemed acceptable by the government are subject to penalties in this New Jersey shore resort town.


Police ransack locked truck during warrantless drug sweep of concert parking lot

Tampa businessman Matthew Heller had his truck warrantlessly searched in a parking lot.  (Source: WFLA)

A businessman attending a concert returned to discover that his locked, parked truck had been opened and aggressively searched by a police dog. Not only were his rights violated but his vehicle and electronics were ripped out and damaged by the search.


Officers Kill Family’s Dog After Responding To Home’s Alarm System

File photo of a police car. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Hope Lane tells KVUE-TV that her granddaughter forgot to shut the front door all the way after leaving for school, causing it to blow open, tripping the alarm. Two officers arrived to Lane’s home Friday, entering the house and shouting verbal warnings. Round Rock authorities say when they came upon the 120-pound Rottweiler named Bullet, the dog became aggressive toward them and made threatening actions. Lane said 8-year-old Bullet, who suffered from hip dysplasia, is not aggressive.


Cop Fatally Shoots 18-Year-Old Special Needs Girl Armed With Butter Knife After Family Calls For Medical Help

Yanira Serrano killed by San Mateo County sheriff's deputies (KRON)

A California family says that a call to 911 to get medical assistance for an 18-year-old family member with special needs ended in tragedy when police showed up instead and killed her.


Police to perform warrantless beverage inspections on ‘anybody’ visiting Fla. beaches

A police alcohol sensing device.  (Source: WFLA)

With the help of new technology and federal grant money, police are preparing to warrantlessly search people’s refreshments as they visit the beaches of Florida.


Mother criminally charged after letting child play in car for 5 minutes while shopping

Kim Brooks (Source: Twitter)

A woman’s life was altered when she allowed her son to play in the car for a few minutes while she briefly went into a store, and a nosy bystander reported her to police.


Innocent man arrested, jailed 10 days for having same name as drug dealer


An innocent man was arrested in an early morning raid and jailed for 10 days because he had the same first and last name as a drug suspect.  The ordeal caused him to lose his job, rack up bills, and nearly get evicted from his home.


Man dies in veterans’ hospital after police stomped him for trying to leave

Jonathan Montano after being assaulted by police.  (Source: KTTV)

When a 65-year-old veteran tried to discharge himself from a VA hospital, he received a fatal beating from police, his widow alleges in a federal lawsuit.


New York school sets up security checkpoints, bans backpacks, restricts bathroom access

(Source: Paradox 56 via Flickr)

Students at a Long Island high school are being subjected to security protocols resembling those found at an airport.  Upon entry, students are warrantlessly searched at security checkpoints.  Students’ textbooks and belongings must be carried in plastic baggies, since backpacks have been prohibited.  The lockers have been sealed and remain off limits to students.  Even bathroom usage is restricted; students are required to sign-in to use the one accessible bathroom in the building for each gender.  The measures are topped off with a brand new high-tech surveillance system throughout campus.


Cop Arrested For Filming Men He Lured Into ‘Unusual Oral Sex Acts’

cerna screencap

A Chesterfield, Missouri police officer was fired, then charged last week on criminal counts related to secretly recording men in intimate situations and posting videos of the encounters on the Internet.


Cops Seize Dad’s Firearms License and Hunting Rifle After Spat With School Principal Over Son’s ‘Despicable Me’ Drawing


Robert Goodwin, 41, was engaged in a heated disagreement with the principal of his son’s elementary school last week over a picture his son drew in art class. His 10-year-old’s drawing of “Gru” from the children’s movie “Despicable Me” depicted the character “shooting ping-pong balls at his minions,” Goodwin told the Boston Herald. School officials reportedly deemed the drawing as sexual in nature.


LAPD Considers Deploying Unmanned Drones For ‘Tactical Events’

Reuters/Charles Platiau

Defending the decision to pursue unmanned drones to assist in police work, the LAPD – who say they will cooperate with privacy groups on the matter – said the devices are being purchased by citizens, so why not allow law enforcement to use it as well?


Cop Suspended For Leaving Message In Murder Victim’s Blood


A New Orleans police officer has been placed on desk duty this week over allegations that he wrote a message in the blood of a murder victim  at the scene of a crime.


Deputy Arrested For Repeatedly Raping Estranged Wife After She Tried To Record Abuse


An Adams County, Colorado sheriff’s deputy is under arrest for allegedly raping his estranged wife.


Clear Evidence Cops are Above the Law, Even When Drunk and Off-Duty


Seattle police officer Garth Haynes was off-duty and in plain clothes at a Ballard Bar in 2010 when he began to ‘restrain’ a woman outside. When people saw Haynes trying to physically restrain a woman, who Haynes alleged had stolen his coat, they stepped in to stop it and a fight broke out. When police showed up they cuffed all of the non-cops involved in the fight and laid them face down on the ground. Haynes is then seen on video walking over to one of the handcuffed men and stomping on his head.


Witnesses: Police Used Taser On Pregnant Woman


Two women tell Fox 9 News they watched a Minneapolis police officer us a Taser on a pregnant woman before she fell to her stomach near the light rail platform on Nicollet Mall, and they have video of the confrontation.


Police Chief Says His Department Will Become an ‘Agency With a Mission to Write Tons of Tickets’ and Profile ‘Certain Group of People’

An Ohio police chief's Facebook post has gone viral, after promising that his officers will employ a new policy for the summer. (Image source: Shutterstock)

An Ohio police chief raised a number of eyebrows Tuesday when he said his department would begin profiling a “certain group of people” with a “mission to write tons of tickets.” Only thing is, there’s a catch, which is why the chief urged individuals to read “the entire offering before making a knee jerk comment.”


Cop Doesn’t Like Being Filmed, Has Activist Falsely Detained For Public Masturbation

Officer falsely detains Michael Burns for lewd behavior

A Florida activist has said that he discovered that he was framed for public masturbation by one officer who did not like the idea of police being recorded on video.


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