They’re Back!!! Pete and Ademo Return To Greenfield, MA

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Last July Pete and myself, of, were arrested while attempting to film the bail process of two of our friends. After a year of court room proceedings, consisting mostly of us asking questions, we’re slated for trial on July 18th at 9 am in Greenfield District Court. Together Pete and I face felony wiretapping, trespassing, resisting and disorderly conduct charges – Pete is also being charged with vehicle manipulation and felony ammunition charges.

Before we get the chance to clear our names in court we’ll be spending the week in Greenfield to raise awareness (hopefully you’re here because you’ve met us or received one of our fliers/CD’s) about the Greenfield PD’s actions.  What will we be doing in Greenfield this week? We’d like to meet and connect with as many folks who are willing to share their experience or thoughts on the Greenfield police department. We’ll be hanging out in the downtown area a lot, most Replay’s on Main Street – great music store – but if you see us or MARV (the RV) please don’t hesitate to stop by and chat with us. We’ll also be holding a rally/conference at some point this week, details to come, as well as interviewing those responsible for this continued burden on our lives. After all, we’ve harmed no one and broke no laws. Heck, the police (or state) was filming us at the same time they arrested us for filming!

For those who are unfamiliar with our case, please watch the video below and click on some of the related post listed.

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