Forced Search and Arrest, On My Property, In My Driveway

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Date of Interaction: June 5, 2014
Police Employee Involved: Patrol Ofc. Pollard, badge #153
Police Employee Contact Information: (972) 442-8170

I was sitting in my car in the middle of the night in my driveway. My car was not on, and keys were not in the ignition. I’d been sitting in my car for about ten minutes, listening to music on my phone, when three cops walked up to my window. I hadn’t even seen their cars, they parked about two hundred feet down the street from my house, no lights or anything. I rolled down my window and asked, “What’s the problem?” She said, “We’re just making sure you’re supposed to be here.” She then requested my ID and registration (which was unnecessary, as my car was not on). I gave her my ID.

When she came back, she told me, “We need you to step out of the vehicle, we’re going to search your car.” I refused, because my car was not on and I was not doing anything in my car at the moment. I told her to go get a warrant if she wanted to search my car. She responded with, “We don’t need a warrant.” I then asked for probable cause and proof; that’s when they started to go ballistic. One officer, a male officer, then proceeded to threaten to “break my window” if I didn’t open the door. I still refused and told them to give me probable cause. The other male officer then proceeded to force his arm through the small crack I left in my window and unlock my door; I still didn’t consent. I was then pulled out of my car IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY TO MY HOUSE, handcuffed, and my car was illegally searched. They found my pipe and I was arrested for paraphernalia. It was not visible from the outside of my car, and I was not smoking, I was just listening to music.


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