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A co-worker of mine asked me for permission to post information on my tasering and beating by police on a website called Glock Talk. There is a forums board with one being for law enforcement. After posting, the sycophants came out of the woodwork in support of the LEO position. Reading the comments it is evident that, as far as representation of this forum would support, that police believe they possess some authority to command the people and expect an immediate reply. My story is summarily dismissed and the distrusting, conniving, and paranoid mind of the police goes to work conjuring up multiple reasons for my behavior. Is it not possible that I was just a man traveling the road at 2am, on his way home from work, and making a phone call as opposed to eating my drug contraband and hiding a weapon?

You will see references to the “law” and “compliance” as if the law is their domain and compliance is their mandate. Law exists outside of government. Law is the natural right of every human being to do as they please for their pleasure and necessity for a peaceful life. Governments are allegedly formed to protect those rights, but the modern interpretation is that government defines and administers privileges which their standing armies enforce. These men are not about protecting your rights, they are the roving fear factor to keep us in compliance.

Many of these men have serious mental issues. They believe they are greater than that which nature has made. They exist only by virtue of constitutions which come from people, and even then only from the consenting governed; and they persist through ignorance, fear, and apathy of the people who marvel at the theatrical display of their atrocities as fed to the masses through entertainment and media.

The question posed on this Glock site was just an inquiry as to the legality of the stop where I was beaten. These men watched that video and assigned the culpability to me, not the cops. I had it coming. These comments are not isolated or anomalous. I believe they are systemic and pervasive. Look past the badge and peer into the mind of the armed brigands which allegedly guard your liberties.

Here are a few of the posts by the serve and protect crowd. Sweet dreams….

BamaTrooper – Well, I see the GNG thread was quickly locked.

Your friend should have pulled over.
His testimony, if that was what his account was, sounds like he made good use of the time from arrest to trial to create the best story he could.

Calling his wife and then asking the cops if he was under arrest all sound a little odd, almost as if he expected some sort of trouble.

That is about as much as I can(will) contribute here.

Oh, he was drive stunned, not tased. Big difference.



Drivestunned means placing the bare fixed Taser probes against a person’s body and activating the device. It shocks the person in a very local area and has generally little effect, very much like the old school “stun guns” of the 90s. The Taser may also be fired directly against the person’s body with the cartridge in place and you get the same effect, only you’ve wasted a $25 cartridge. Drivestunning is preferred in close-quarters and if the person is passively resisting while already on the ground.

I agree that the story seems very embellished and that by refusing to stop immediately and by getting his wife on the phone (at 0200 hours, mind you) that he was “cruising for a bruising.”

If I light you up, that means stop. Not stop later, or stop up the road. STOP. NOW.


Here’s some more ilk-

It appears to me that he preemptively ran my plates and discovered an outstanding “bench warrant”. I believe he was running plates with NO reasonable suspicion and looking for a warrant hit. WAAAAA, wrong! I do it all the time bud! Perfectly legal! There are SO many of these things out there that you can throw a rock at someone who has one for merely missing a court date, not completing the payment of a fine…… and most aren’t even seen or signed by a judge. WRONG AGAIN, PERRY MASON! In my state (and every other state’s warrants I’ve seeen) the warrants are always signed by a judge! After this brigand got a hit on a warrant he contrived “swerving” as reasonable suspicion. Again, didn’t need RS for the stop! Came back with a warrant hit, if he could match the “male driver” to the sex of the person on the warrant, you’re popped!



“When that drug dealing rapist cop killer was shot in the street, I tasted justice, and it tasted good,”


Kadetklapp – Hmm, I have a tendency to believe this officer’s report A LOT more than I do this ****bags aluminum foil wrapped “woe is me” tale-

What’s interesting to me is that we had a moron like this in one of the towns I serve part time. Made our lives (those of us at the PD and those on the town board) living hell. Several of our officers got drug to FEDERAL COURT due to this clown’s shenanigans. Finally we won a judgment against him and he went away.


If I light you up, it means stop. Not that you get to decide when to stop. If you want to play games and find a “safe place” to pull over, then don’t be surprised if we dance.

Just watched the video on my Iphone.

When the second officer came down on his back so the initiator could handcuff, your buddy alligator rolled. That’s resisting. I don’t see why they threw the case out, since the warrant hit was plenty of PC to stop. After reading more, it’s pretty clear that the judge is terrified of this nut.


jon91se – I knew this would be interesting when at gunpoint with multiple cars behind him, your friend asks “am I under arrest”. As if at some point they were going to tell him no, and that he was free to leave or something.

The officers were perfectly justified in their level of force when detaining him. They used what was necessary to bring him under control, which did not appear to be a cake walk at first.

I wish your friend the worst in his pathetic excuse for a case. He is totally responsible for his actions that ultimately directed this course of events.



Officer Nyman also located several anti-government and anti-police pamphlets and reading material.

Oh boy.


BamaTrooper – What I am commenting on is the delicately selected use of words that he was using. Instead of scared, he was fearing further injury and submitted instead of I was scared so I complied with the orders.

You aren’t questioning the legality of the stop. You are asking about the force and the the right to stop where you deem it safe.

Force- The first knee looked like there was a pause before it dropped. I don’t know where the officers eyes were looking so I can’t say if he aimed for the head or neck or was looking to avoid putting his knee on the pavement.

The am I under arrest question, to me, could be construed as verbal smoke screen designed to take the oficers attention from something else. He was being stopped for what he could have assumed was a traffic ARREST (at least here) and his question was unnecessary.

The first officer looked to be puting him down fairly gently. Your friend says he was scared and he did whatever he did prior to “submitting” because he was scared. Unless he knows of some reason the police in his area would stop cuff and beat him, what was his worry.

As for the drive stun, it was used for pain compliance (I suppose), but I know from personal exposure to the taser, IF YOU HEAR IT, IT AIN’T WORKING LIKE YOU HOPE IT WILL. I have seen drive stuns used on two occasions in which the resisting suspect refused to bring their hands from under their body. Once “stunned”, they complied and were handcuffed.

The oldschool wrenching and lawnmower starting might have resulted in injuries and if so, they are more severe than the temporary ones you get froma drive stun.

Stopping- Your friend drove to a “lit area” off a 4 lane road? Not much light in the video. 4 lane road shoulder would seem safer to me then a 2 lane shoulder. The officer signalled the stop when HE thought it was safe. Your friend kept driving. Why the officer might ask? Is he loading a gun, eating dope, finding a knife, calling for help? He was making a call, maybe he should have called the PD and let them know he was gonna stop down the road where he felt safer?

I’m glad your friend is OK. If he feels wronged, he should take legal action andhope he gets a decision in his favor. Next time, he needs to stop when signalled to stop.


msu_grad_121 – I will concede that I have not as yet read whats posted on the website, but trust me when I say that I will be clicking the link directly.

If the warrant is still active in LEIN, how would any patrol officer know otherwise? It has happened to me on 2 seperate occasions that when running a person, a warrant hit comes back when the issue had been resolved already, however, the issuing agency failed to remove it from LEIN, therefore, an arrest was made in good faith that the warrant is still active. That part seems like just bad luck.

As for the felony stop, it’s a name given to indicate a type of traffic stop which can be differentiated by the officers RS that a felony has occurred or is occurring. Tactics change a touch when going from issuing an equipment violation (broken tail light) to a driver with a FTA warrant that is refusing to stop in a timely fashion. Given that the FTAs I’ve seen don’t generally tell what the original charge was, and your friends poor choice of actions in continuing to drive in search of a “safer place to stop,” I doubt there’s an officer in the world that wouldn’t have initiated a felony stop in that situation.

I do notice your friend states that the time it took him to pull over after being lit up was “reasonable,” but consider this: the officer had time to determine that your friend was not stopping, radio it to dispatch, and have a second unit respond to the scene. In my experience, that’s a touch longer than your friend is trying to make it out to be.

Furthermore, as putting handcuffs on requires you to make contact, I’m of the opinion that as soon as I’m satisfied the subject is in a position where they are unlikely to hurt me, I’m going to make contact and cuff them. Hence the reason I wouldn’t have told him to prone out, etc. either. For the record, the initial “takedown” appeared to be quite reasonable, until your friend (for whatever reason) started to blade his body, which under those circumstances can be considered a furtive movement. It’s all downhill from there.

Again, these are just my opinions, but I can totally see why this went down the way it did, and I’m sorry, but your friend had a major role to play.


Sharky7 – I wonder why your “friend” Mark McCoy doesn’t post the ENTIRE video. Why is it edited only to the point when Mark exits the vehicle and begins actually complying with the commands?

The video activates generally when the lights go on…and most of the time show 30-60 seconds prior to activation as well. Where is that video?

There appears to be a lot more to this story than what is posted in this thread. Mark McCoy already had a warrant for his arrest from a previous charge – my guess is local police already knew he was a nut. It doesn’t take very long after reading his manifesto at to figure out he got the short end of the stick when God was handing out brain cells.

I’m not quite sure that I believe REA9mm isn’t McCoy himself. With that being said – I want nothing more to do with you or your disgusting ideology being anti-cop and anti-government. Hopefully none of the other officers here in CopTalk entertain your shenanigans either.

Good day, sir. I said “GOOD DAY!”


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