Oliver Rich – Another Victim of the Greenfield Police and Judicial System

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On Sept 20th 2010 Oliver Rich was driving from Greenfield (MA) to his home in Hatfield (MA), this short drive ended up changing his life. Not only did Oliver suffer permanent damage to his nervous system but he’s also lost/spent thousands of dollars and continues to get the run around.

It all started, as Oliver explains in the video above, when he decided to stop for two hitchhikers (that he recognized from his area). While making room for the traveling musicians Oliver noticed a police car behind them. At first he was told he was stopped for ‘unsafe backing’ but it quickly escalated. The officer claimed Oliver was driving on an expired licenses and when Oliver questioned it, as he was at the DMV earlier that day, the officer (who already called for backup – but unsure why?) pulled his taser. It wasn’t long before 4 or more cops were on scene and Oliver was tased a number of times. Again, it all started because Oliver is a nice guy who wanted to offer some locals a ride and some bully cop didn’t like being questioned.

More to come from Oliver later, as we’ll be following his court proceedings in the upcoming months. There is so much to this case we couldn’t possibly cover it this week, stay tuned.


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of CopBlock.org.

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  • Rick

    Again a having law enforcement background I am appauled by what I am hearing. Based upon what is said and assuming Mr. Rich is telling the truth.. ( I think I would believe him over this officer but I do have an open mind) I would love to see this mans badge taken away. Further, and because the idiot cops (not all) think tasing is so fun how about we taze this officer punk! I hope I never run into an over zealous officer because I will not back down and I will use any and all “necessary” force to defend myself from an abusive officer. Towns you better wake up and start policing your police or the Lawsuits are going to fly.. you think your strapped for cash now… just keep ignoring rougue idiot officers!!!!

  • not bob

    This mirrors my story in many ways but I luckily avoided being tased. My sympathies for your pain.

    I live in a small town of 400 homes southwest of slc utah, pulled over for 11 miles an hour over at midnight 18 months ago I was ordered to take a field sobriety test, I refused and demanded a breathalyzer, after 45 mins cuffed in the back of the police car they finally gave in and breathalyzed me after threatening to haul me in and call the forensic nurse to draw my blood.

    I blow far below the legal limit and they charge me with speeding. I go to court 30 days later to seek a plea in abeyance and they throw resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, fail to comply and several other charges at me after the fact. The cops and prosecutor collude to trump up a story about how belligerent and violent I was, that was my arraignment hearing, by the time trial came around my attorney was with me and the cops had a solid lie all ginned up to throw at me. $1600 in legal fees later I settled on paying the original speeding ticket even though the entire justice court had broken the law and violated my civil rights I still paid of course.

    My lawyer did a great job of tearing them apart but the judge is corrupt (http://www.votenoonstoney.org/), I eventually appealed to a higher court but not before joining the local resistance group and fought to get the bad judge off the bench. Eventually we prevailed against the prosecutor and she quit, leaving public life and finding a suitably scummy legal job in a private firm. We are still trying to get the judge thrown off the bench, it takes a long time. The chief of police and other officers have restraining orders against them from several families in the neighborhood and the city has a class action lawsuit coming its way.

    In any case the heinous threat of forensic blood draws remains on the books in Utah and is a constant threat, I have spent many nights educating the local kids, my sons friends, on how to avoid trouble with the cops, don’t allow searches, do not answer their questions, don’t be afraid and most of all don’t get out of the car.

    The legal system in America is broken, corrupt and illegal in so many ways. You are not alone in your fight against the cops and do continue to fight, the only way to get the message across is to prevail against them. I hope your planning a lawsuit against the city for violating your civil rights?

    Good luck with your troubles

  • JP

    It’s interesting that there is no “video to hold these officers accountable” in this incident. What youre describing has a whole other side to the story written all over it. My guess is that you did commit a traffic infraction and were driving on a expired license. When concfronted about these things, my guess is you popped an attitude and became uncooperative. You said yourself that when the officer advised he was going to taser you, instead of complying with what you were told to do, you said to the ofc “i dont understand whats going on, what are you doing. YOU said this happened 3 times. You mentioned nothing about having a hearing disabilitly so I assume you can hear fine. Why didnt you do what you were told? Does it come from a desire to not have authority placed over you? Is it because you think things should be done “your way” during a police encounter? It doesnt work that way. I admit, there are good cops and bad cops, but it sounds to me as if you deserved what you got and the officers were within their legal boundaries on this one. Again, if you have video to back-up your being innocent and the victim, by all means show it. I find it real interesting that there is an absence of it for this matter. Only you know what really happened. I just think you are tweaking it in your favor. Nothing personal man, just an observation.

  • Dan

    You were driving with an expired license, what more is there to understand.

  • Robert

    Shame, Dan this is the at-worst situation. The guy’s got nerve damage and was tazed several times. In a medium bad scenario, he would have been politely and tactfully conversed with about the facts and then gently handcuffed and placed into the vehicle. His wife could’ve called a friend/tow truck to tow his vehicle back home. After securing the vehicle and his being respectfully processed, his wife would drive him home w/out bail. At best you ask? A fix-it ticket.

    BTW, Ademo, I’m curious if the traffic has gotten any better the past few days? I’ve been mentioning the site in online social circles a lot. I’d say message my email address but it’s bogus so…

  • Robert

    JP, you either are an officer or you’re someone who’s been lucky enough to have 5 or less encounters with police. Guilty until proven innocent. My instinct is the former, mainly because you were asking for video, e.g. guilt/innocense. Secondly because of your adherence to proper names… o.0

  • Burlyman78

    Were there dash cameras in any of the responding officers’ vehicles? Were any of them wearing audio recording devices? In Virginia, you can FOIA any text messages about “public business” sent by police or other government employees, even on their personal cell phones. Maybe FOIA any text messages the officers sent via their car computers or any other devices immediately before, during, and after your encounter? Can you FOIA the radio communications between all the officers during and after your encounter? Can you track down the hitchhikers who were there and any other drivers passing by or other witnesses who could testify on your behalf? Sometimes cameras on private property catch police misconduct when stops are made in front of such businesses or nearby and captured on camera. Are there tapes from any private security cameras that might have captured your arrest? I presume you are innocent.

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  • JT

    Making bets that it was Officer Ting and Rode were involved…

  • Apes2L8

    It’s amazing to see people fighting back. As a young black man growng up in the ghetto in the 70’s and 80’s there was nothing you coulddoagainst not only extortion and intimidation but the audacious brutality which if I had to guess, Probably still goes on because most people in the ghetto can’t afford a lawyer.

  • danny.c.

    Im Australian and i was puuled over for an expired licence, the cop asked me if i could have it renewed within 7 days and i was free to go, i drove for another 2 weeks on the expired licence b4 i renewd it. No big deal here, 7 days to renew. Police here dont violate citizens rights and they would never taser any1 for having an expired licence as American cops do because they are uneducated on the law and have attitudes of 2 bit thugs. Australian Police are Professional and fair, and its why they get alot of respect for what they do. Cannot say the same for American Cops they are unprofessional and disgraceful.