Oliver Rich – Another Victim of the Greenfield Police and Judicial System

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On Sept 20th 2010 Oliver Rich was driving from Greenfield (MA) to his home in Hatfield (MA), this short drive ended up changing his life. Not only did Oliver suffer permanent damage to his nervous system but he’s also lost/spent thousands of dollars and continues to get the run around.

It all started, as Oliver explains in the video above, when he decided to stop for two hitchhikers (that he recognized from his area). While making room for the traveling musicians Oliver noticed a police car behind them. At first he was told he was stopped for ‘unsafe backing’ but it quickly escalated. The officer claimed Oliver was driving on an expired licenses and when Oliver questioned it, as he was at the DMV earlier that day, the officer (who already called for backup – but unsure why?) pulled his taser. It wasn’t long before 4 or more cops were on scene and Oliver was tased a number of times. Again, it all started because Oliver is a nice guy who wanted to offer some locals a ride and some bully cop didn’t like being questioned.

More to come from Oliver later, as we’ll be following his court proceedings in the upcoming months. There is so much to this case we couldn’t possibly cover it this week, stay tuned.


Ademo Freeman

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