Sick Puppy: Cop Buries Dog Alive After Beating It

An Ohio County, Kentucky Deputy Sheriff joined the millions of Americans on unemployment, after public outrage exploded in the wake of his treatment of a dog who had been hit by a car on the highway. After being summoned to the scene by highway workers who witnessed the hit-and-run accident, 5-year veteran Deputy Randy Taylor decided NOT to do the decent thing. He did not simply take the dog to a shelter or vet for treatment, or even contact animal control authorities to do that for him. Instead, he proceeded to try and put the dog out of its misery, not with a bullet (as is police SOP for just about any contact with a citizen’s loyal canine companion), but by beating it with a garden tool. Failing that, he proceeded to bury his victim alive. Fortunately, the dog was tougher than the deputy, and was found 3 days later, wandering the roadside in need of assistance. This time, someone with a lot more sense and compassion than Deputy Taylor was able to get the dog to a vet, where it’s being treated for its injuries and is expected to survive.

Deputy Taylor may actually face criminal charges, but that has yet to be announced (and I suspect that as a matter of “professional courtesy, he wont be. Being kicked out of the state’s high caste of armed enforcers of “The Law,” and losing all the power, privilege and perquisites that accompany membership is the worst punishment they can deliver). It’s relevant to note here that most serial killers begin their journey toward depravity by satisfying their bloodlust at the expense of animals, especially pets or injured animals unable or unwilling to defend themselves against such aggression. Let’s hope that Mr. Taylor does not follow in the footsteps of BTK killer, and confessed animal torturer Dennis Rader, whose employment as a code enforcement officer allowed him to exercise arbitrary power over others, along with the opportunity to exploit that power as a means to capture and kill innocent, unsuspecting victims.

Ohio County Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Dog Buried Incident

An Ohio County deputy sheriff is looking for a new job after he was fired following the uproar caused when he apparently buried a dog alive.

The sheriff says he has fired a deputy of five years, Randy Taylor. The investigation started a couple of weeks ago when highway workers found an injured dog after it was hit by a car on KY 62 near the Beaver Dam. An official with the group called “The Friends of the Ohio County Animal Shelter” alleges deputy Taylor tried to kill the dog with a garden tool, then buried it on the side of the road.

Three days later, the dog was found wandering near the road. It is currently being treated by a vet. After a two-week internal investigation, Taylor was fired. The criminal investigation is now being reviewed by the county attorney’s office. They will determine if Taylor will face any criminal charges.

The sheriff says he’s getting phone calls from people across the nation and even in Canada from people upset about what happened to the dog.


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