Rookie Miami police officer killed man in cold blood

Imagine this situation: a robber comes into your house and points a gun directly at you. He makes all kinds of demands for you and you follow each one to a T. He tells you to go into the other room and you follow the order and go into the next room. Just as you do, the robber shoots you in the head and commits cold blooded murder. What do you expect to happen to the man? Charged with first degree murder, right?

Well, what if the man is an on duty police officer, and instead of a home break in, it’s a routine traffic stop?

This happened to Decarlos Moore in Miami earlier this month. We pick up the story from

The actions of a rookie Miami police officer are under review after he shot and killed a man during a traffic stop.

According to Miami police spokesman Detective Willie Moreno the officer pulled a man over near Northwest 3rd Avenue and 17th Street just before 1 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Family and friends identified the man as 36-year-old Decarlos Moore and describe him as a good man. Mayor Tomas Regalado explained what happened during the incident.

“There was a traffic stop. And two police officers. One rookie, one veteran police officers. They got out of the car. We understand that the driver went back to the car and this is when the shooting took place,” said Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado.

At some point during their exchange the driver of the car reportedly reached for something. Feeling his safety was threatened, the officer pulled his gun and shot the man, his round striking the driver in the head.

Stop it right there. The officer feared for his safety. You hear that one all the time, officer safety. If that doesn’t prove they aren’t worried about protecting you and I then I don’t know what will. They are concerned with their own protection first, hardly the kind of bravery the most diehard police supporters tell you about.

A brave officer doesn’t jump to conclusions and murder a man in cold blood. Besides, isn’t this what they gave them tasers for? Or like the Oakland cop, did he think he was reaching for his taser?

Miami police Det. Willie Moreno issued this statement Monday afternoon: “It is unknown what caused the officer to discharge his firearm fatally striking the driver who had stepped outside of the vehicle.”

Family members say Moore was likely reaching for registration or insurance papers.

“Shot him right in the back of his head. No gun no nothing. That’s messed up,” said Thomas Williams, a witness told CBS4’s David Sutta.

Thomas, you are totally correct; this is extremely messed up. Police have no accountability and there is no competition in their workforce so they can do stuff like this and get away with it.

I work for a private security company that mostly guards factories and just deals with truck drivers and locked doors. You think one of my coworkers would get away with something like this at work? Hell no. We have competition in our field, we’re not the only security company on the block. We may be one of the biggest ones world wide, but we’re not the only one. If we had a reputation like this they can terminate our contract and either go in house or contract a different company.

We’re accountable for our actions; this coward in a funny blue costume is not. And that’s what Cop Block is here for. We’re trying our hardest to hold these people accountable.

The man was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he died.

Police said the man was not armed and did not have any firearms in the vehicle.

“He got out of the car the police told him to get back in the car,” said Katrina Moore, Thomas’s sister. “What reason I don’t know. When he got back in. They shot him in the head here and it went out from the back. He was a good person. He loved life. He loved life.”

But don’t worry, Costumed killer Joseph Marin will be held accountable and be found guilty of murder right? Not if the thin blue line has anything to say about it.

This article came just 2 days after the above one.

For the first time since a Miami Police officer shot and killed a man in Overtown, people are coming forward to defend him.

Fraternal Order of Police President Armando Aguilar said he stands behind Officer Joseph Marin. He said the Iraqi veteran might be a rookie cop, but he is a seasoned military officer who served in Iraq.

“From the details we have so far, it appears it’s gonna be 100 percent justified,” said Aguilar.

Never underestimate the camaraderie between the police and the military, they have some kinda love for each other.

Marin is accused of shooting DeCarlos Moore during a traffic stop in Overtown Monday.
Aguilar says Moore’s car was listed as stolen in the police database. That turned out to be wrong. But Officer Marin did not know that. Aguilar said police ordered Moore to put his hands on his head.

“At that time, the subject rushed back into his car and attempted to retrieve something from the car,” Aguilar said. “They couldn’t see half of his body. All of the sudden he came out of the car and turned around with some objects in his hand. It appears it was an aluminum packet and something else in his hands and turned fast towards the officer. The officer feared for his life thinking that it was a weapon and fired.”

Sources had a different story to tell.

Sources say the officer told the driver, Decarlos Moore, to step out of the car. As he obeyed the officer’s command and reached into the car to get his license and registration in one hand, he apparently grabbed a pair of sunglasses in the other. It’s possible the officer thought the sunglasses were a gun and fired.

As far as I know no decision has been made in this case, I could not find any story on it. If anyone has any further information on the case, let me know. As for now you can contact the Miami PD about this case at the information below.

Miami Police Department
400 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, Florida 33128

P.O. Box 016777, Miami, Florida 33101

Phone: (305) 603-6640

You can e-mail them and get the same info at their contact page.


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