Officers shut down illegal unlicensed business

I salute these officers for keeping us safe from these dangerous criminals. This must be the safest city in the world since the cops must have solved all the murders, rapes and burglary’s that they now have time to go after 10 year old’s operating a lemonade stand without a business license and peddler’s permit. Chief Morningstar, thank you for keeping me safe from dangerous lemons.


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Midway police bust none other than a lemonade stand, because the three girls running it didn’t have a business license.  The three girls thought if they sold enough lemonade, they could make money to go to the water park Splash in the Boro.  Well they thought wrong.  Midway police say, they’re breaking city law and have to go.

“It’s kind of crazy that we couldn’t sell lemonade.  It was fun, but we had to listen to the cops and shut it down,” 14-year-old Casity Dixon said.

The girls had only been opened for one day before Midway’s police chief and another officer cruised by and saw the stand.

“They told us to shut it down,” 10-year-old Skylar Roberts said.

“We had told them, we understand you guys are young, but still, you’re breaking the law, and we can’t let you do it anymore.  The law is the law, and we have to be consistent with how we enforce the laws,” Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar said.

By a city ordinance, the girls must have a business license, peddler’s permit, and food permit to set up shop, even on residential property.  The permits cost $50 a day and a total of $180 per year.  City officials said it’s their job to keep everyone safe and healthy, and there can be no exceptions to the rules.





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