Londonderry, NH Police Officer Badge #51

UPDATE: 2014.07.25

Submission to Cop Block Prompts Londonderry Police “Investigation” by Pete Eyre at

UPDATE: 2014.07.23

Londonderry police chief investigating online poster’s ‘Cop Block’ allegations by April Guilmet at


Scottie Roberts shared this post via’s submit page.

Date of Interaction: July 14, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Wiggins, Sgt Mccutherson
Police Employee Contact Information: 603-432-1118

At 10:20 AM, my wife and I were traveling through Londonderry, NH when a marked police SUV very quickly turned around and lit up the blues. He approached and didn’t ask politely for my wife’s license and registration, instead he stated, “Give me your license and registration now.” My wife told him it was a medical emergency, that we were in route to Parkland Medical Center in Derry because I was having severe chest pain. She even asked him to call an ambulance and he told her, “You don’t need no god damn ambulance. I stopped you because your car has the clear inspection sticker that is used in NH when your car passes safety but not emissions.” The clear sticker was just put on the car July 09, 2014, and with the clear sticker, you’re allowed 60 days to correct the issue. Again, my wife asked for him to call an ambulance. He said, “Shut up, it’s not happening.” Next, the sgt pulled up and saw my wife was recording the incident on her cell phone. The sgt took the cell phone and said it was evidence; he did not issue a receipt. The officer badge number #51 laughed and gave my wife a ticket for uninspected motor vehicle. She has never had a ticket in 20 years of driving.

After handing us the ticket, he stated, “Get out of my face, you CopBlockers make me want to puke.” (We have a sticker on the rear bumper. I have been admitted to Parkland Medical Center with a minor heart attack and my wife got an illegal $62 ticket and a $500 phone stolen. She called and spoke with a male Lt. who refused to give his name and she could not even describe what happened before he hung up on her. She called back and supposedly he got a 911 call; this department is very rude and unprofessional, not to mention thieves and liars. I could have been having a massive heart attack and that officer refused to radio for an ambulance or even let my wife call for one, These police overpower situations need to stop. The police, especially Londonderry, NH Officer Wiggins badge #51, the Sgt, and Lt. should all be disciplined and or terminated from the job.

Scottie Roberts



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  • t

    Scottie: Hmmmm. Sounds like good police work and a really good eye on the officer to see the sticker.
    I guess the moral is get you car inspected.

    BTW…..I’ve told you all before….if you film it….it can be seized as evidence. My department requires receipts per our policy. Some places don’t. Jurisdictions vary.

  • keepitreal

    Only department you work for is possibly a department store. And saying that refusing to call an ambulance when requested (for ANY reason, much less chest pains) is “good” police work just shows how fucked up you really are. It’s good that you’re not a real cop. Enough chuckleheads running around already.

  • t

    Ummmm no.
    Over and over is that excuse tried. If the officer can clearly see that the subject who is supposedly in need of medical attention is t in distress…roll on with it.

    Yet again….you jump immediately to nonsense. My profession…if you believe of not….matters not. The facts are what is important and they aren’t in your favor.

  • simpleton

    If a department has a policy that they can seize video as evidence, I guess I don’t really have a problem with it. What I do have problem with is when it takes 9 months to get it back and when it comes back, the video is gone. That is a criminal offense. Regarding if an officer can clearly see a person is not in medical distress…blah blah blah. Is an officer a trained medical professional? no. Did he perform a roadside EKG to check the regularity of the SA node? no. So that whole line of reasoning is a joke. Just like when they do the “follow the pencil with your eyes” trick. Has the officer had classes in ophthalmology? no. Is an officer aware of ocular abnormalities or conditions that exist in the human eye? no. Its all just a fucking hunch. And they attempt to rule peoples lives with it.

  • keepitreal

    And yet again, your lack of a BASIC FACT that any cop would know is suspicious, to say the least. A cop is not a doctor, and is in NO WAY QUALIFIED to decide if somebody needs an ambulance or not. People can be suffering a heart attack when they think it’s only mild indigestion. Then they get a bit upset, and it appears as if they’re fine. All the while they’re still having the heart attack. So you are full of shit, as usual. So I’m merely “cutting to the chase” as it were, in pointing out your fake-assedness. And to say that your “profession” has nothing to do with it is as ignorant as it gets. You base all of your “opinions” on your “extensive 18 year law enforcement history”. Yet you’re ignorant of a basic fact. My kid works for a large grocery chain. Every other person their loss prevention people take into custody claim to be “having trouble breathing”, or “need their medication”, or some such bullshit. When the cops come, the first thing they do is dispatch EMS. Period. The person is transported to the hospital, checked out, and then when a DOCTOR says there is no problem, they go to jail. Really funny that you wouldn’t know that. Maybe it’s just never been on the cop shows you watch, huh? Nonsense, huh? LOL. The facts, douchebag, are in your ass. Where you get most of your bullshit. And that’s 3/4 RS – PC and 35/40 BRD. And maybe a little BYOB and TGIF as well. See, I can write really official sounding nonsense too!

  • keepitreal

    A police department can have any policy they want, and usually do. This is what leads to a good number of civil lawsuits. Just because a PD says it’s “policy”, doesn’t mean it will stand up in court.

  • t

    Did I say anywhere that I was a doctor? What part of “isn’t in distress” didn’t you get?
    Are you saying that you can’t tell if someone is in medical distress or not?
    Maybe you need a basic first aid class. It’s not really that hard to see.

    Think it through. This guy wasn’t in such bad shape that they didn’t call an ambulance did he? Nor did he die during this stop. Or not so bad off that they didn’t take the time to record this encounter. You see guy….you can’t see what’s right in front of you. Maybe you should keep designing Legos or whatever it is your claiming to do now days and leave the dealing with people to those of us who do it.

  • t

    First…ignore the idiot Certain….he knows not much.
    The return of evidence can be delayed by many things. Chief among those are court delays. We have zero idea if the author delayed court by their own choice.

    Keep in mind that this guy may want to file a complaint and possibly even sue the officer and the department. The evidence/recording will likely have information on it that needs to be secured. There is likely conversation on it between the author and his wife….conversation that may tend to disprove his case.
    Have you not noticed that most of the videos on this site are heavily edited? Ever thought about why that may be? Could it be that the posters are removing portions that don’t back up their stories?

    We don’t know what happened here. It’s 1 persons story…posted on a known cop hater site. And posted by an open supporter of the same cop hater site. Do you think that maybe…just maybe…he was looking for his own CB momment ?

  • london

    you seem like just as big as a piece of shit as the cop in this article.

  • steve

    Go back to where you came from troll.

  • steve

    This is just so typical of law enforcement today.

  • steve

    He is a very popular fake cop and a troll.

  • RAD

    Sue them for stealing your phone unless they have a warrant. If they did have a warrant to take the phone then don’t bother suing just file a motion with the court to order the cops to produce the phone and the video.

  • arisenp

    And you don’t know how far away the hospital might have been and if the cop was obstructing and making a short trip into a lengthy one. Stealing the phone is not procedural. You are definitely allowed, as part of the public, to film public servants that you labor to fund. If you need video evidence then why not resort to your lapel cam? Besides that, what kind of evidence would the phone provide you with?
    Your logic is pitifully abstract. My dad is a retired officer. I’ve played out hypotheticals with him my entire life and he rarely resolves them the way these crooks that are under scrutiny do. But for some reason, he’s always the first to defend them when you see issues on the news. It’s as if he thinks that one bad apple will ruin the whole crop, as if it reflects negatively on him personally. Pathetic and juvenile gang-style mentality in such cases. He was a good cop though.
    Also, that cop is only lucky that the man turned out ok. Imagine the fallout had he not been. If further complications arise from the minor heart attack, and is demonstrated to be due to not receiving medical attention in a timely manner, then there still could be some trouble ahead. Think it through.

  • JC

    You should have called for an ambulance. Why risk stroking out and freaking your wife out who was supposedly driving. Your wife was driving a car illegally. I have never heard of a police officer refuses to get someone an ambulance. This story is about 98% BS

  • Mike Johnson

    You could have called for an ambulance at anytime before you got stopped. Sounds like a fake story to me.

  • Bri Belley

    A year or two ago, a woman in the Greater Boston Area was pulled over for speeding because she was trying to get her child to the hospital. The officer refused to call an ambulance for her child and the child did in fact pass away from an asthma attack in the car. Huge story, surprised you haven’t heard of it

  • J

    Obviously the car was inspected if it got a clear sticker, which IS legal for 60 days from the month the sticker was due. I had a Hudson, NH cop get me for the same thing last year, and he ticketed me. The part I needed was on order, I couldn’t get it from a parts store. I got pulled over again 2 days later by a nicer cop who just said fix it as soon as I could, so I wouldn’t keep getting pulled over. I went down to the station and they ended up getting rid of it. The cop then told me he’ll be watching for me at the end of my 60 days. We’ll he was mighty disappointed I had my nice orange sticker.

  • J

    Again, you are also assuming that she was driving illegally. A clear sticker still gives you the right to operate the vehicle for 60 days. It passed safety, but failed emissions. On the vehicle inspection report they give you it clearly states that. We don’t know if they were in the 60 days or not. I had a jerk cop still issue me a ticket within my 60 days, but I went down to the police station and they called him in with a Sgt., they ripped it up. I’m not saying the vehicle was legal, but I am saying the ticket part happened to me when it shouldn’t have. Luckily, when I got pulled over 2 days later, the cop was ALOT nicer and politer than the first one.

  • chris

    I was with my brother traveling thru Londonderry stopped at the shell before the highway exit 4 officers duguay and olsen had pulled us over for a bad sticker they called the tow truck company without acknowledging me and my brother you have the right to deny there towing but instead followed thru and had skipps towing come. When skipp arrived I had politely asked him I live on the same road as the shell less.than a quarter mile up the road if we could work out a reasonable price. He pushed me to the.side with.force to move me a step back I’m 230 skipp is 5 3″ 180lb he assaulted me in front of officer duguay and olsen. I’m 19 if I had put my hands on that.old man I would be in jail.

  • chris

    It’s your right able to film any incident involving police officers. They may not touch you or the device unless you are committing a criminal act being.suspected of a crime. As well as we don’t have to give our names or information unless you are being o caught committing a crime.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    But the sticker was July 2014 and you have 60 days, so this happened in September 2014?

    And I’ve asked before, if cops seize a phone for evidence and then delete the evidence, they are what?

    Also, why do you think everyone recording an incident is going to destroy the evidence if you don’t seize it immediately? That vast percentage that agree with you, believe in you, are immediately prone to deleting evidence?

    I know you’re no fan of the DOJ, in fact their opinion is worth less than yours because yours has more worth than any other body, but their civil rights division pointed out that unless you have a reasonable articulable belief that the evidence will be deleted, it’s sufficient to take down information that allows retrieving the recording at a later date. I guess the DOJ trusts that 70-75% more than you do even while you make so much about how they support you. BTW, at that later date, it’s still seized.

    Yada, yada, on you can do it, the question is why don’t you trust the majority of the population? And why does the DOJ say something different than you?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “Over and over is that excuse tried. If the officer can clearly see that
    the subject who is supposedly in need of medical attention is t in
    distress…roll on with it.” Wow, all cops have medical degrees or are certified EMTs with hundreds, even thousands, of hours as an EMT. Not that that’s a straw man I’m not going to knock down, it was just ridicule. Out and out ridicule.

    You (plural) haven’t sufficient training to make that call, either way. If you’re told someone is in medical distress, your responsibility is to get them to a hospital where actual trained professionals can make that call. Suck up your need for authority and do what is right.

    An anecdote (my turn to use one): an Iraq war vet, trained as a medic, sees his young wife has had a stroke and knows waiting for an ambulance increases her chances of permanent damage. He drives her to the hospital, carefully running red lights (cops do it all the time), cop pursues and even tries to stop him from getting his wife the attention she needs at the ER door. ER personnel tell him to fuck off, he has no authority now, they take her. He charges the vet with assaulting an officer (he was scratched when the vet tried to stop him from stopping delivering the wife to the ER). Cop gets reprimanded for being a dumb ass.

    Hey, do police keep stats on when a cop says no medical emergency but it was? They keep stats on every way they screw up, not just when they do things right, so you’ve got ’em handy?

    There are other people who have authority that exceeds a cop by situation. There are other people that have more knowledge and thus more authority. And state laws actually support them and not you.

  • Dennis

    Well maybe you shouldn’t be douchebag copblock supporters and you wouldn’t get “illegally” stopped. Hard time believing this story without a shred of any evidence. How convenient your cell phone was “stolen”.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “Maybe you need a basic first aid class. It’s not really that hard to see.” And there the arrogance fires and stupid ensues. Yeah, a first aid class gives you all the knowledge necessary to determine every form of medical distress because you know all the symptoms and therefore you’re an infallible diagnostician. Hubris.

    I live less than 7 minutes from an ER. An ambulance takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to get to my house (I know the times by experience). So, which should I do? Depends doesn’t it? I’ve had first aid training too, and that training tells me your arrogance is just sickeningly incredible. All you’ve been is lucky, and when that luck runs out you’ll neither see yourself as responsible or accountable. In fact, whatever happens, you were right. Aren’t you always right?

    Take your own advice, leave it to the medical professionals.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Oh, please, t. is trained in first aid. That’s all you need, especially when coupled with experience that medical distress is just the usual ploy. All you have to do after being trained in first aid is look and you know whether it’s a medical emergency or not.

    After all, he is a professional trained in all things professional. It’s why he’s a trained lawyer, a trained doctor, a trained historian, a trained researcher (who made up theories so he could test them), and anything else after 8 to 40 hours every year or every other year. His expertise is wide and deep, and always infallible because he’s always right.

    He does think it through. Nothing happened, he was right, something happened, he was still right because it happened at the hospital. And he’s way smarter than them.

    How do you combine sarcasm with ridicule to make an emoticon. Anyone? I’d like to use it in the future to give my fingers a rest.

  • PTC

    You had a phone to record the “incident” but not to call for an ambulance yourself? Your a grown adult and know how to make a cognitive decision. If he refused to call you an ambulance you should have called it yourself if the pain was that bad.

  • ADIT

    Hello, paramedic and physician here. If you think you’re having a heart attack, call 911 from wherever you are. We have medications that can stop the progression of a heart attack, improve your pain, and should your heart stop, we have the equipment and drugs to get it restarted. We also can activate the cath labs at hospitals so instead of waiting for ANY time in the ER, you get the treatment your heart needs to survive as soon as you roll through the doors. NH has some of the most advanced EMS protocols and certainly some of the best EMTs and paramedics in the country, don’t hesitate to call them if you think you’re having a major medical emergency.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And videos posted on a known cop-lover site are pristine? What is a cop-lover site or a cop-hater site? Can you define them? Or do you just know them when you see them? Derived from one of the stupidest comments made by a SCOTUS judge. A close second is in a footnote opinion where a SCOTUS judge compared atheism to buddhism and declared both a religion. Thought I’d help you on breadth.

    “There is likely conversation on it between the author and his wife….conversation that may tend to disprove his case (or not, so I really can’t make a conclusion but I want it to be what I need it to be so I can dirty the guy)”, thought I’d help you to not make shit up and think you can run with it.

    You have no clue what the phrase “not bear false witness” really means do you? It’s not just about lying, it’s about rumor-mongering too, and presenting it however circumspect as a real possibility. Another way of putting it is don’t lie and don’t make shit up passing it off as likely, wink wink. And yeah we all do it, but for some of us it’s just a little hobby and others a major career. How’s your career coming?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Most claiming good police work chose to ignore that the sticker expires in September 2014, so the stop should have ended when the cop checked the sticker. That was the very first thing he should have done.

  • Sara

    Oh my God this story is so fake! Firstly, if a cop knew what CopBlocker meant…he wouldn’t have sworn, denied an ambulance, taken the phone or anything with his name in sight knowing it would wind up on the internet. Secondly, he wouldn’t have simply taken the phone at all without issuing a receipt…trust me I know. Thirdly, I would love to know exactly where you got pulled over? I’m a Londonderry resident. We have some cops who aren’t great…but I’ve never heard such a fake story in my life, you’re trying to ruin someone’s career by taking a small incident abd blowing it out of proportion by adding lies about the phone and quoting things I’m sure you don’t actually remember word for word.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    There was no reason to call for an ambulance until they were stopped. One of the assumptions you make is no medical emergency unless an ambulance is called. That’s not real world.

    Again I live 7 minutes from an ER (without speeding and to the door). The ambulance takes 5 to 20 minutes. Make the call: does my wife wait for the ambulance if I’m having a nasty heart attack, or a stroke, or should she rush me to the hospital?

  • Hannah

    Sounds like you’re either a cop, married to a cop, or find sick pleasure in people suffering.

    But that’s none of my business.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    They never do. The only stories they hear, in this case, are “the cop was right”.

    However, I take great umbrage that you would claim that the cop was unable to make a correct diagnosis. After all, with first-aid training they are consummate diagnosticians on par with any medical professional. And certainly better than a parent that’s being dealing with a specific condition for years. After all, it was just a ploy, and officers are highly-trained medical professionals after having been taught first-aid.

    They also believe they’re walking lie-detectors, another reason they can easily diagnose whether or not its a medical emergency. I bet that cop knew with absolute certainty she was lying right up to when the child turned grey. And then it became an isolated incident…

    I’m not sure I could lay it on any thicker, but I’m going to continue to try.

  • Barbara jones

    Completely fake story

  • amps1989

    Having lived in Derry, I can promise there is no 7 minute door to door, especially with all the stop signs and lights on the way to Parkland. I’m not saying that this didn’t happen at all but I think it is much exaggerated. I’ve been pulled over for the same exact thing in Londonderry and it was actually a very quick process.

  • M

    You’re kidding right? Not checking the sticker to see when it was valid til was good police work? Not understanding that the man needed help was good police work? Being rude is being a good person let alone cop? Idk who you think you are and what you think you know but none of this was even necessary. The problem should have stopped when the officer realized nothing was actually wrong and especially when he saw that the man needed help. People like you are the problem with the human race.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And that’s just fine, but you left out the ambulance response time. The FD station that covers my neighborhood is 2-3 minutes away (depends on which lights I get stuck at), so 5 minutes is impressive. Twenty not so much, but understandable by resources. So which do I gamble on?

  • Jessica

    I don’t know enough to comment on all the factors of this, but sorry, I’m not gonna blame him for the attitude.
    Having a “copblocker” sticker on your car is only asking for him to be rude, sorry but that would be you too. If you saw someone publicly shaming your job and you had to deal with that person, you would have an attitude too.
    It’s kind of like you want to spike the tension just by putting it there… Maybe so you can write exaggerated stories online about the encounters later. Just my opinion.

  • Aaron

    This story sounds fake for a lot of reasons. You call an ambulance in that case if they won’t. I’d like to see the medical reports (screw HIPAA). I call fishy fish in a dish. This stanks worse than Madonna’s hot snatch after a pounding.

  • Rob Davis

    This story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. Phone taken without receipt? I don’t believe it. Advising the officer that you were having a medical issue and them NOT calling the ambulance/escorting you to Parkland? I doubt it. And an LT that refuses to give his name? That’s humorous right there. If I was Officer Wiggan I would sue you for slander. I assume you have some sort of proof that you were at the hospital right? And speaking of proof, did you show Officer Wiggan the paperwork from the garage that shows the date of inspection and reason for failure? Because if you fight the ticket in court and show this paperwork, the ticket will get tossed. Call me crazy, but I think 90% of this story is fabricated and you just wanted to post something on this site for your 15 minutes of fame.

  • J

    I have had similar issues with L’Town police department, power trips and what I like to call them Hollywood Cops with their sunglasses and they just want to think they are famous! But I have to say there are definitely great police in our town just a lot of bad and lazy ones:()

  • Peter

    maybe you shouldn’t have a bumper sticker that essentially says “I hate cops”

  • jray

    The recent case in Weare NH,the Town settled after accusing a person of illegal wire tapping for recording the “Police”

  • Grace Canary

    Mike I absolutely agree with you… if you think your having a heart attack you need to call 911… if he really was having a heart attack an EMT could stabilize him and he would have a greater chance of survival then if his wife was speeding to the ER… and if your en route to the ER already then call 911 from your vehicle and you could be met by an ambulance or you can get a police escort and this wouldn’t happen… not all police officers are power hungry but if your driving around with a “” sticker on your car your going to be the target of angry officers… There will always be someone behaving inappropriately but I do not think you should be posting this officers name and badge number… he has a family and not only have you now made him a target your making his family a target too… NH is still recovering from having a Brentwood officer killed in the line of duty… I have always found Londonderry officers to be kind and helpful… what a shame that this was the impression left on these people of the department if this story is in fact true… and No I’m not married to a cop… I’m married to a Firefighter… just for those of you who are wondering…

  • john

    I never met officer wiggins personally but did get a parking ticket from him once when i parked outside my house during the winter on the street. It was during the winter parking ban but no snow was on the ground nor was snow in the forecast and i lived on a cul-de-sac with virtually no traffic. didnt think it was a big deal, but regardless I paid the 25 and kept parking on the street every day. No idea what he was doing driving down my street at 3 am though. really bizarre.

  • freedom

    Why? Is that a crime, or does it in any way hinder an officer’s ability to do his job? Or is this another version of “well if you didn’t wanna get raped, you shouldn’t have worn a miniskirt?”

  • freedom

    “Phone taken without receipt? I don’t believe it.”
    Well then, I guess the matter’s settled!

  • freedom

    Stealing a property and refusing to let them go to the hospital in a medical emergency is not just ‘having an attitude’ (although no bumper sticker justifies rude or aggressive behavior on the part of police). It’s theft and reckless endangerment.

  • freedom

    Choosing to have a loved one drive you to the hospital, rather than wait up to 20 minutes just for the ambulance to arrive, is not a crime.
    “I have never heard of a police officer refuses to get someone an ambulance.” Therefore this story is impossible?

  • freedom

    Should he have called 911? Possibly. You’re correct about EMT’s being able to stabilize him, but an ambulance can also take too long to reach your house, depending on where you live. Also, driving to the hospital rather than calling an ambulance is not a crime.
    “if your driving around with a “” sticker on your car your going to be the target of angry officers” Can we agree that officers should ONLY be targeting criminals? Then you can justify that statement once you tell me how having a copblock bumper sticker is a crime.
    “I do not think you should be posting this officers name and badge number” Provided I’m not committing slander, I can post an officer’s name and badge number for any reason I choose, for the same reason that this woman should have been allowed to record the officer during the traffic stop. Police officers are public servants, and can therefore be lawfully recorded when they’re performing their duty. Recent cases in Concord and Weare have upheld the right of individuals to record police encounters.
    “NH is still recovering from having a Brentwood officer killed in the line of duty” This has nothing to do with the situation at all.

  • Rob Davis

    Wow freedom, thank you for adding nothing to the conversation.

  • Nicholas Goroff

    Is it too much to hope for that these officers, who are charged with substantial power in respect to their jobs, should perhaps maintain an air of objective professionalism and carry out their duties irrespective of their personal feelings or opinions? I’m pretty sure in nearly every profession a person can enter, it is expected that they leave their own personal feelings aside and perform the duties for which they are paid in a professional manner.
    Perhaps if the police are upset that such a thing as copblock exists, they should collectively and individually work to disprove the assertions that police abuse their power and discretion and function by consistently operating as the objective, professional civil servants they are expected to be.

  • Rob Davis

    Is it Steve? Is it really??

  • Rob Davis

    John, that’s called patrolling neighborhoods. That’s what the police do. That’s what they get paid for.

  • Rob Davis

    Why is it that you guys read this man’s story and immediately take it as gospel?? Everything he says is true?? What if I told you that the sticker expired in January 2014? What if I told you that there was never any mention of a medical incident? What if I told you that the sergeant was never there? Go to Londonderry PD and ask for the log for the date in question. It’s public information. On the log you will notice that when a traffic stop is made you can see what officers responded. You will also know from the log whether another officer was dispatched or not and if they were dispatched to the scene what time they arrived. But I wouldn’t expect any of you to do that because that would put holes in the validity of your fellow copblockers and show what liars they really are. And we wouldn’t want that now would we…

  • freedom

    As opposed to your lengthy post, which boils down to “I don’t believe you. I can’t cite any evidence for not believing you, but I don’t believe you anyway”? Your entire post is a fallacious appeal to authority. You talk about ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’, but you fail to actually point those holes out (“I doubt it” is not an counterargument to a claim).

  • freedom

    Unfortunately, yes. The militarization of police, and the abuse of rights that inevitably comes with it, has been increasing for decades, but has escalated dramatically in the past 8-10 years.

  • Jim DeMaio

    If NH has laws about recording during a traffic stop for reasons such as capturing other radio transmissions or a persons personal information while recording then it can be used against the driver.

    But if such laws don’t exist and the Sargent took the phone and said “it is evidence” it would contradict NH House Bill 1533 that became a law and went into effect on 7/1/2014.

    This Law says, “The Judicial Branch states this bill adds RSA 644:21 to require a search warrant to obtain information in a portable electronic device. A government entity that purposely violates this provision would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor and a person injured by the government entity is allowed to file a civil suit against the government entity.”

    Therefor, in order for the Sargent to use this as evidence he would have to have applied for a warrant, proving to a Magistrate that there is sufficient enough information and probable cause to lead the Magistrate to believe that a crime had been committed.

    Thus, this was an illegal seizure of someones personal property and the driver can file a civil suit against the Sargent for seizing the phone.

    I have left the link to the bill and other important information below.

    RSA 644:21

    New Hampshire House Bill 1533 (can be found by searching Google)


  • freedom

    You have yet to actually list any of the reasons for the story sounding fake. The woman was recording the incident on her phone, and would be unable to call an ambulance without stopping herself from recording what she felt was a dangerous altercation between her and a police officer.

  • Mike Davis

    Bri, do you have a link or something to prove this story?

  • Dave

    I would just like to add that I use to live in Derry and the Londonderry Police are horribly power hungry. I got pulled over literally a few seconds after a stop sign that I came to a complete stop at. Mind you the COP had to make a u-turn in the middle of a narrow road to follow me because he was going the opposite way. When I saw his lights turn on as he was going by, I looked down at my speed to see if I did anything, but I was going 25 and he was going twice my speed.
    So let me paint this picture for you. I think it was between 9 and 10 because I had a curfew(protective parents.) I was 16 maybe 17, male, in this big, nice, black truck that my grandfather sold to me for cheap(I bought it with my own cash.)
    By the end of the night he wrote a speeding ticket because I was supposedly going 75 in a 35, and trying to be tricky he got me to agree that I was going 55, not realizing that I could’ve fought the ticket up until then, especially with how little evidence he would have been able to create against me.

  • TP

    I am sorry but some of this doesn’t make sense. If u received a ticket, u can fight it with your paperwork from inspection. Then it won’t go on record and u won’t have to pay.
    I have called Londonderry PD and they always answer identifying their rank and name. Even if transferd to someone else they always say rank and last name.
    If treated that way I am sorry. U r supposed to still obey laws in an emergency. Call 911
    Glad u seem ok now

  • Psychosocial

    And cops wonder why most people hate them and trust them not. Cops are nothing more than stormtroopers with an ego while wearing their badges.

  • Psychosocial

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt

  • Rob Hunter

    I lived in Londonderry for 4 years and I got pulled over at least 8 times including the first night there. Never at anytime were the police rude or unhelpful. Londonderry is a small town and a lot of outside traffic, the police main concern in that town is traffic safety, and it is for the protection of their citizens. Maybe don’t go driving around with a bump sticker that says your a cop blocker. There are some cops out there that need something like, but Londonderry is not the place that needs it. STOP LOOKING FOR TROUBLE.

  • Psychosocial

    Yeah totally give up your 1st amendment to stroke their egos. Bravo I suppose the cop acting like a professional is out of the question.

  • Tanya

    Do you know how much an ambulance ride cost?? She had to say that to to the cop so he would know it was an emergency! Yeah she shouldn’t be driving an unregistered car, but I don’t think the CopBlocker sticker helped.. I think it instigated them to pull her over!

  • Sam waltom

    Dumb ass its not illegal to drive a car with a clear sticker on it. The sticker says the car passes saftey inspection but failed the emissions inspection. Know the law before you comment. #2 if you dont live in londonderry the cops can be a little over aggressive with people. I have a buisness there and they are fantastic with me. However people have had bad experiences with them when they are from out of town. When my lease is up I will be moving my buisness to Derry where the cops are nice to all.

  • Tanya

    It’s only slamming the bad cops.. If they are good cops then there is no problem and should be happy that there are ppl out there reporting corruption!

  • Sikko

    Freedom, to paraphrase Hitchens, that which is asserted without evidence can as easily be dismissed without it. Where is your call for evidence to support the story above? It’s a matter of “it happened cause I said so” which makes your attempt to deny the validity of Rob’s position as equally fallacious as you claim his post is. Rob posted why he doesn’t believe the story, and did so providing the exact same amount of evidence a the story itself held.

  • K

    This whole department is like this. Basically an organized group of thugs. They harass you. They treat you like a criminal, no wonder they don’t get respect. They have accused me of recording them when I didn’t even have my phone/camera out. They are the rudest people I have ever met. Don’t even bother with a phone call. They will hang up on you as soon as you “question” them. They have illegally busted down doors of people’s homes WITHOUT a warrant. And they steal and lie. Something needs to be done. These criminals who think they are kings need to be overthrown.

  • Not A Doctor

    “A minor heart attack” no such thing, did you have an angioplasty?

  • Peter

    no, people just have to realize that they can control the perception they give off, whether or not its “right” for them to be judged for it, it will happen.

  • t

    Guy…doctor heal thyself.

  • t

    Stealing the phone. Nice

  • t

    I stopped after the nonsense about recognizing distress and needing to be certified as an EMT to know if someone is in obvious distress. Keep working with chemicals guy. People are a far different thing and you clearly aren’t qualified.

    BTW….if you made any good points after that…let me know. I stopped after the stupid.

  • HRC379

    I had a run in with the Londonderry police about 10 years ago. I was on a date with a friend. She had just gotten tattoed and had left her license at the tattoo shop by mistake. I had turned around at a gas station to head back, and was pulled over by their K-9 unit. I only wish I could remember his name. When he got to the car he asked for my license and registration. When I asked why, he said my tail light was out. I asked if I could get out to see which one. He let me out and neither appeared to be out, so I figured I was free to go. When I got back into the car, he asked my friend for her license. We tried to explain, but he wouldn’t let us speak. He kept repeating, “where’s your license? Why won’t you show me?” Finally, defending her, i said, “are you stopping me for my tail light which is not out, or just to give her shit about her license?” He stuck his head in my window and said, “you want shit?! I’ll hive you shit!” He wrote me a ticket, with the wrong model of my car, and for driving to endanger, which was impossible. I took him to court and plead not guilty, as the model i was driving was a celebrity (i know, it was a boat) and he marked it as a Celica.

  • C64

    They never do. Just some youtube account or blogger…

  • t

    I have a brain surgeon IQ

  • t

    Never question an officer….we are all beyond reproach….everything is we say is right because we are the authority

  • t

    If I even think you might even be thinking about filming me with your phone….I have every right to take your phone….and delete all the videos off of it if I feel like it….it’s called officer discretion….we are the authority….never question an officer….it’s called obstruction where I work

  • Donna

    This is a disgrace these police think a badge give them the right to do anything they want. WRONG we pay your salaries, I hope both dirtbags get fired and I hope the couple sues the town. This really pissed me off..

  • Dee Cote

    You would think in an emergency situation like that…. If my husband was having chest pains and I was enroute to the hospital, if an officer tried to pull me over, I would continue on my way but call 911 to inform them on why I was not stopping. In NH you can refuse to stop with reason, ie dark street, medical emergency etc etc as long as you do stop in a public place or go directly to the hospital or police station

  • Tomas Ceron

    Londonderry, NH Police Officer’s suck ass! They pull anyone over for no reason what so ever!!!! Accept speeder’s and drunk’s. Even when there is a emergency!

  • Donna

    So your basically calling this man a liar? Very nice what’s it like to live in a glass house? Just wondering!!

  • Donna

    What if I told you to shut up, your probably a cop, climb back under your rock where you belong.


    I grew up in Londonderry in the 90’s. Nothing gave me a worse impression of Police than growing up in that town. They were always rude, would harass people for no reason and clearly over step their bounds. I truly feared the police in white bread suburban NH. I loath that Police Dpt and try to avoid going back to that town for any reason. When I do I am looking over my shoulder I can promise you that. I feel, as well as most of the town citizens, that it’s due to an overbudgeted organization with WAY too much money with no where near enough crime to justify. Want a laugh, read the Police log in the Derry News. “Cat in tree, Fox in front yard”, hardly justifies 50 brand new vehicles, and an ammunitions depot that rivals most third world countries. Send those resources to Manchester…I have since left Londonderry over 11 years ago and couldn’t be happier with where i Live now. When we moved in the PD came to the house and welcomed us to the community. They said if we were ever out of town they would check the house for us periodically. They even wave when you wave to them. I also lived to Boston for 4 years, where I had no problems with the PD ever!!! I have a new found respect Law Enforcement and what they do, and how they SHOULD be treating the public. I would bet my life that the story told here has happened thousands of time in L-Town in one form or another….

  • Rob Davis

    Truth hurts doesn’t it Donna?

    I love computer tough-talkers…

  • Rob Davis

    freedom, I don’t have to show proof as to what didn’t happen. I can call him out all I want on his BS story. It’s convenient that his phone was “stolen” so he isn’t able to post the video he took isn’t it? But if you want evidence, I can go to the PD and get a copy of the log for that day and post it if you would like. After all it is public record. I bet it would show that the sgt wasn’t even at the stop. That alone would show how much of a liar this clown is.

  • Rob Davis

    So did you file a report for assault against Skip?

  • CopBlockersLoveToLie

    When you are pulled over, an officer is technically detaining you. You must provide identification if he or she asks for it. Are you really that stupid?

  • freedom

    There is a difference between an unconfirmed story and BS. You claim at the beginning of your initial post that the story has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’. Yet you’ve pointed out exactly zero contradictions in the original story. The fact that little evidence has been presented by Scottie means that there is room for investigation of this incident, not that the story is automatically BS.
    Please, PLEASE, pick up a copy of the LPD log for that day and post it here. I’d be very interested to look at the results. “I bet it would show that the sgt wasn’t even at the stop.” Oh look, more claims of certainty despite the fact that you have no evidence to support them other than a hunch.

  • Gregory

    I bought a bumper sticker once, a gift for my dorm roommate. It said “Only low class citizens use bumper stickers.”

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Neglecting the adolescent ad hominem, let’s look at what obvious really means in assessing a medical emergency. What it means is training which makes more things obvious, and EMT sees more “obvious” than you, and an ER doctor sees more “obvious” than the EMT. You’re confusing the superficially obvious with trained obvious, and barely trained with well trained.

    The kid that died from asthma because a cop saw nothing “obvious” but thought the mother was lying is an illustration of the nonsense of your “obvious”. BTW, when someone is having an asthma attack the obvious, and easily seen symptom, is at the front of the neck below the voicebox and just above the sternum, if that’s sucking in you’ve got someone dying from asthma. Wasn’t obvious to the cop was it? It would have been to an EMT or an ER physician. There is another obvious, the kid couldn’t breath. Wasn’t obvious to the cop either.

    You aren’t a trained medical professional, you don’t know what is obvious except in the superficial sense. It’s why kids die in your hands from asthma, diabetics get beaten by you when they are suffering hypoglycemia, and even when it doesn’t take a medical professional, deaf people get beaten by you. You’re knowledge isn’t the end-all or be-all, it’s truncated and you should recognize that, however much iIt would interfere with your belief that you’re the ultimate authority on all things.

  • RaymondbyEllis


    He’s an arrogant and ignorant cop by his arrogance. If by troll you mean he keeps this site from becoming an echo chamber, he should troll more.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I don’t take it is gospel, nor do I take it as pure fiction. Most of the comments here dwell on points made by that gospel work or that total fiction. Some try to make it as pure gospel and others pure fiction, but that’s just their need to maintain their Weltanschauung. Never disturb that as it goes to their very identity. Without it being absolute, they have no identity and that hurts.

    As far as people lying, you lie to yourself if you don’t think this doesn’t happen. If you left this site and never came back, you’d still find similar things in the major media, the minor media, blawgs, blogs, and even on PoliceOne (rarely, but still there). If you went to media outside of the US (hell, there are articles even in NZ papers) you’d find similar. If you searched and were willingly to understand what you find. This one example may be a pure fiction, but so was most of Mark Twain. Nothing to learn from him right?

    I came here from a long spiral search after a tragedy in my family back in 2005. It covered a hell of a lot more than presented here…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    It simply means you aren’t willingly to listen to the other side of any argument and argue back. You’re working into t. territory, arrogant, dismissive, and adolescent.

  • RaymondbyEllis


    You need to read more beyond your comfort zone and apply a simple aphorism: People are people. That doesn’t even rise to koan, so understanding it should be simple. Ruminate on that and get back to me.

    BTW, thinking you have certainty on how someone will act is the very reason I gave you the aphorism.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Hey, you missed when cops took the phone for evidence, deleted the evidence, and then gave back the phone too stupid to realize the video could be recovered.

    You can post the log, and then you can prove the log is all inclusive and totally accurate. Good luck.

    Right now there’s some cops who confiscated property under asset forfeiture, but it wasn’t logged, and they’re in trouble.

    Your assuming that whatever is written by police is fact. Most of it is, some of it isn’t.

  • john doe

    how about I link my cousins fucking gravestone to you, you ignorant fucking prick. fucking ‘prove it’ nonsense pisses me off. asshole

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, Sikko, it’s just something to argue about over the points of the story. Fiction illustrates life everybit as well non-fiction.

    However, Rob made some reasons as to why he didn’t believe the story which fail. His argument of declaring a medical emergency and a cop didn’t immediately call for an ambulance, so the story is not believable, is shown false by t.s argument of “obvious” and numerous times cops have failed to do just that. Examples : Iraqi vet medic with stroked wife and the asthmatic kid that died. Both times, cops interfered and failed to recognize a medical emergency. There are more in that regard. He argued that an LT who wouldn’t identify himself is humorous, but I’ve seen at least one example where an LT wouldn’t by constantly diverting the conversation back.

    Next, Rob did the usual of “keep showing me proof until I’m satisfied”. I have no reason to believe he wouldn’t keep asking for more proof until all missing links have been found, and I have no reason to believe he would stop. You don’t either.

  • USerf

    Excuse the tyrrany! You are a sick beeotch. Baaaaaah. Your opinion and speculation are worth nothing because you side with tyranny.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Certainty is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Once you have it, nothing gets in the way of you keeping it. But if it is a fake story, like most of what Twain or Hemingway wrote, there is nothing to learn?

    Certainty is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Once you have it, nothing gets in the way of you keeping it …

  • NoQuarter

    I was with you until the, they asked for it analogy…apples and oranges…unless it’s the pig doing the raping.
    Agents of the state are completely different actors than the rest of us when acting in their official capacity.

  • SerfAbove

    It was worthwhile for exposing your idiocy and others like you. Your retort ……worthless.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Most people don’t whether the name is Skip or Joe. They want to get on with their lives and avoid any further entaglement with police.

    There’s this great video on just asking for a complaint form where most police tried intimidation (the cop that followed the guy out and threatened his life if he didn’t keep moving was an outlier and punished) to stop the process. They just couldn’t let the guy fill out a complaint form in peace. Intimidation is taught as a skill set and it spills over in areas it shouldn’t.

  • Sikko

    No, it’s not just something to argue about over the points in a story, it’s a matter of intellectual integrity. Why is it that disbelief of stories on this site require evidence to back up that disbelief, but the stories themselves don’t require equal amounts of support?

    Fiction and fact are equally suited to illustrating life, but they do so in different ways. That is why using fake stories, or embellishing the facts to make a story more compelling is intellectually dishonest.

    See, your anecdotes are nice, but they don’t render anything as false, as you have them written there, since they are so lacking in the details of those incidents.

    Funny how that last paragraph is just you making stuff up. All Rob has done is called for ANY supporting evidence, something that has yet to be provided in support of this story.

  • JustReadAsIs

    Agreed; however, why can one not accept the information as presented and make a judgment on that alone instead of playing Dick Tracy? I’ll answer for you. Because if you can just call BS and dismiss it then one can remain comfortably ignorant and maintain your view of goobermint altruism. Very brave.

    Are some of you copstrap suppporters waiting for an incontrovertible presentation so you can take action on their behalf to right a wrong because you are so f’n principled. My money is on the former.

  • SerfAbove

    Loser and a statist. Who cares if you believe it. What will you do if it is true. Nothing. I can just picture your outrage….chirp chirp chirp.

  • ssssss

    Which homeless shelter was that?

  • SerfFromAbove

    What’s wrong with you that you got pulled over 8 times. Nevermind, you answered it.

  • GetAClue

    No, you don’t. Are you really that stupid. Of course you are with that slave mentality. Statists love to be ignorant sheep. Go educate yourself.

  • GenericBeatsOriginal

    I like rogue t. Real t sucks.

  • Sikko

    Why is it that questioning the validity of a story posted here immediately means a person unquestioningly supports everything every government entity does? When you find a reasonable answer to that, then you’ll find the answer to the question you so insultingly posed to me. If something sounds off, or doesn’t strike me as believable, you can bet I’m going to ask for evidence to support it.

    So many stories posted here tout the mounds of paper work and video they have to support those stories, yet never provide them, which immediately makes those stories suspect.

    This site has a stated goal, but the stories on this site, more often than not, don’t match up to the stated goal, since the vast majority of them are intellectually dishonest due to incredibly obvious embellishments, like in the above story which quotes the officer is quoted as saying, “I stopped you because your car has the clear inspection sticker that is used in NH when your car passes safety but not emissions.” That quote leads one to give pause and look a little closer, since it is far more than any officer would really say.

  • RaymondbyEllis


    My last paragraph wasn’t making stuff up, I didn’t make anything up because making things up has to do with thinking something is real when it is only in your mind, or making up facts, scenarios, whatever you need, and believing them true then making arguments as if they are. What I did do is question when Rob would be satisfied. Your “All Rob has done is called for ANY supporting evidence, something that has yet to be provided in support of this story”

    I don’t disagree that presenting a story as true when it isn’t is intellectually dishonest. And I agree that any form of lying when claiming a story is true is dishonest, it’s why I have problems with all the police reports that have been shown to be “embellished” and the cops weren’t fired and never had their cert pulled. I don’t like liars especially when they do it to make others guilty for what the liars did.

    But I have no idea whether this story is true or not, and I won’t claim a reason either way. What I will do is call accountable those that do. I do spend more time on the people that I think should know better.

    My anecdotes are illustrations as to why when someone claims that “that could never happen” they are usually wrong.

    There was supporting evidence, you and Rob simply called for more. And you turned it into none.

  • Tell me about it, I think Jessica has forgotten why we took our independence from England in the first place. And it goes without saying that if you did this in any other job, you would be appropriately reprimanded by your superior. It is an unfortunate fact that often police officers do not get reprimanded appropriately. Naturally, this is because the police have little to no ties with the accuser, but share close knit ties with their fellow officers, i.e. the accused. Basically, it’s a private club, from the police’s pov, they are the righteous plebeians, and we the American people are the untrustworthy serfs.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    “I have never heard of a police officer refuses to get someone an ambulance.” Only if the officer can recognize the distress, but officers are highly trained medical professionals equvalent to any EMT or ER physician. (I’m drawing from an inane comment t. made about recognizing obvious medical distress, which means if cops don’t see it as obvious it isn’t medical distress. I’m really tired of dealing with people that have no clue how ignorant they are based on their position of authority.)

    Here’s one: There are more. I doubt any one will shake your belief in your assertion but you are likely to come up with a whole lot of excuses, like it wasn’t a cop because the report gave you an out. I’ll find others, they’re out there. I’d prefer you educate yourself.

    Ever read Shakespeare? Great line from Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Shakespeare wasn’t speaking about a college class in Philosophy, he was speaking to knowledge and the arrogance of thinking you have all the knowledge. It’s as applicable today as it was at the start of modern English, even with the ghost.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Mike, try a search. You can prove it by yourself. Now, you may have to go back a few pages but your up to it aren’t you?

    I have asthmatic chidren and diabetic children. I’ve read too many stories (including the accepted media) where police have ignored asthmatic attacks and diabetic attacks (the latter usually involving a beat down because the diabetic wasn’t following orders, gee, duh). Luckily I have no deaf children who not only won’t follow spoken orders but respond with gang signs.

    I started as a Republican conservative, you know the guys that think police do no wrong, and ended up a Republican civil-libertarian (I think of that as truer to the roots of both the Republic and the Republican party, but we can certainly differ) who thinks police can do wrong.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    You’re on a blog. There are blogs by police, lawyers, prosecutors, even judges. And blogs by geologists, physicists, mathematicians, engineers, etc.

    So what did you really want to say? Anyone that uses never about a diverse group of people makes me wonder if they weren’t shuffled through public ecucation just to get rid of them. I would have written “prove me wrong” but if you were shuffled you couldn’t and you wouldn’t even realize why.

    Never is what children use, such as “you never let me do anything”. Never here is the same.

  • Sikko

    Your claim:Next, Rob did the usual of “keep showing me proof until I’m satisfied”……is made up, Rob asked for evidence, not proof, and not evidence on top of evidence, thus that claim is just you making stuff up.

    And again you make stuff up in your final paragraph, I never called for more evidence, in fact I never called for evidence in the first place.

    The story you see above this comments section is a claim, one that is presented without supporting evidence, all I have done is point that out. The person who has been crying for undeniable evidence hasn’t been Rob, as you have repeatedly claimed, it has been freedom, who I originally responded to.

  • C64

    “You’re on a blog”
    And so do you just trust everything I say without evidence? That must get awkward.

    “So what did you really want to say?”
    I wanted to say exactly the thing I said. That’s generally why people say things.

    “Never is what children use, such as “you never let me do anything”.”
    I believe the word you’re looking for is “hyperbolic”.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    But I was caught by never. So you want to stick with “They never do.”?

    And you are right, it is what children do, but you’re wrong in thinking it’s hyperbole when children do it. (Knew the word, didn’t see you applying it. Were you applying it, or just making a claim after, only you know.)

    So why did you use never? And why did you give no indication you meant it as hyperbole? “They never do. Just some youtube account or blogger…”

    ‘And so do you just trust everything I say without evidence? That must get awkward.” Nope, I don’t, in fact my response was a very clear indication I don’t. That must be awkward for you. Nahh, awkward is for others.

  • C64

    “words words derpity doo”
    We get it. Hyperbole upsets your feelings. Just move past it, and if you can find the story for us so that we can read more about it, then everyone wins.

    Or, you can sit there and continue to be awkwardly mad on the internet because I was hyperbolic when pointing out that not all sources of information are equal. Up to you.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Here’s what I wrote: ‘Next, Rob did the usual of “keep showing me proof until I’m satisfied”. Ihave no reason to believe he wouldn’t keep asking for more proof until all missing links have been found, and I have no reason to believe he would stop.” That’s a bit different than what you claim. Rob didn’t ask for evidence, because evidence is in the story, he asked for evidence he would believe after ticking off all the evidence he didn’t believe. I have no evidence to believe he would or wouldn’t accept any evidence given him, but I do have experience with people that claim what’s before them isn’t evidence.

    Of course you called for more evidence: “All Rob has done is called for ANY supporting evidence, something that has yet to be provided in support of this story.” Blame it on Rob, but you did it by that clause.

    ” The person who has been crying for undeniable evidence hasn’t been Rob, as you have repeatedly claimed, it has been freedom, who I originally responded to.” I wasn’t replying to freedom, it’s not germane. And I don’t care who you originally responded to because that’s not germane either, unless you’ve been responding to freedom this whole time. Have you?

    Now, as for “undeniable evidence” I care nothing about freedom’s comments because I’m not responding to freedom, but I did go back chronologically to look at what freedom wrote. He never used the phrase “undeniable evidence”, in fact he ultimately challenged in the way I have by the phrase “iif I don’t believe it it isn’t evidence”. Back to point, you screwed up using the phrase “undeniable evidence”. Where does that come from? A police report? Where will you find undeniable evidence?

    I’m not doing a RAD on you, I want you to think about your underlying premises, that’s all I want. I want you to think, because I’ve had a lot of fun arguing with Wobblies, Social Democrats, even Communists, but only when they could honestly look at their underlying premises. Otherwise, I was dealing with close-minded ideologues where whatever they believed was unchallengable because it was undeniable. They always had undeniable evidence, and any other evidence was deniable.

    This isn’t my first rodeo, I’ve spent my entire life arguing. I do like the rodeo clowns.

  • Jerry Alan Carroll

    I call BS

  • Jerry Alan Carroll

    Try not breaking the law and being a belligerent prick. Bumper sticker? What an asshole. Got what you deserved. Still this story is so obviously fake

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, I like hyperbole. It’s a way to illustrate a point. What I don’t like is people using hyperbole hoping no one will notice, or using it wrongly.

    “Never” isn’t hyperbole, it’s a flat-out brain fart that smells to high-heaven and no amount of fanning will make the smell go away.

    As for fnding the story, don’t be a lazy ass depending on others. By this time you should have found that other story. Waiting for others to do your work, eh?

    “Or, you can sit there and continue to be awkwardly mad on the internet because I was hyperbolic when pointing out that not all sources of information are equal”. If you had done that, I would have agreed with you. But you didn’t. Nowhere in your comments do you even point to “not all sources…are equal” until now. Glad you came up with it, but too late to make the claim you tried to make. I know, it was in your head so I should have seen it even if you didn’t write it. (I like that straw man, if only because it’s so often true, but no one will write “it was in my head”, so alas it remains a straw man. Has a tinge of ad hominem too, doesn’t it?)

    I do find this awkward, but not for the reason you tried to pass off. I’m not mad. The awkward part is asking you why you think anything you write would make me mad? I have no emotions towards what you write, or you. This is the first time I’ve even noticed you. I find this awkward because you forced me (nah, I made a choice, I just used cop lingo) to tell you that you aren’t significant enough to make me mad. You aren’t. But I had to face that you think you are, and that’s truly awkward.

  • C64

    “No, I like hyperbole.”
    Clearly you do not.

    “As for fnding the story, don’t be a lazy ass depending on others.”
    I’m not the one making a claim. The onus isn’t on me.

    “”Never” isn’t hyperbole, it’s a flat-out brain fart […]”
    Kind of like when you just said it 2 days ago? Or is this somehow different:

    “They never do. The only stories they hear, in this case, are “the cop was right”.” -RaymondbyEllis


  • Brandon

    The londonderry police is just a legal gang. They do everything criminals do including assault kidnapping extorting and stealing only they do it legally. They think they can do whatever they want because they have a badge. If they didn’t have there piglet freinds they would be in trouble .

  • Mike Davis

    Sorry “John Doe”, I don’t pat attention to people that use fake names just to be a computer tough talker. Thanx for playing tho.

  • Mike Davis

    See Ray, that’s my point. If you’re going to reference something that was in a paper or was out there and is public knowledge to prove a point, I shouldn’t have to search for it. You should supply it. Supplying your own link makes your post more valid

  • Rob Davis

    See freedom, the problem is I could show you a copy of the log entry and you would just turn around and say something like it was edited or something along those lines. You wouldn’t believe it if it came up and bit you in the ass. But for the record, I’ve seen the log…

  • Sikko

    No reason to believe he wouldn’t keep on asking for evidence? Except that he hasn’t demonstrated anything resembling that he would. Rob pointed out why he didn’t believe the story, that was the call for evidence, since the story itself includes none, no pictures, no video, no copies of citations, no copies of police logs, nothing that validates any part of the story, nothing but claims.

    So reporting a person’s statements and actions is taking that action yourself? I haven’t called for evidence, I have only pointed out that it is lacking. To twist that into me making the call for evidence is completely dishonest, something you claim to find distasteful. Pointing out thaty neighbor’s yard doesn’t have a fence is by no means a call for one to be put up, it is merely a statement of fact.

    I pointed to my original response and who it was to, so you could reference back to what I responded to.

    You’re not responding to feereedom, but to a response to one of freedom’s posts, which makes his comments important to the discussion at hand. Go ahead and ignore posts that are an important aspect to the initiation of this conversation all you want, but doing so is disingenuous and dishonest, since the interaction between Rob and freedom is what I responded to, the comments of both of them are germane to the conversation at hand.

    Freedom did not use the phrase undeniable evidence, but he has used proof or prove, in a couple of responses across this comments section, and the only means of proving anything is by providing undeniable evidence. Why do you assume that I would cite anything as being undeniable evidence? And why would you assume that I would think that it would be something like a police report? Undeniable evidence is a virtual impossible item to come by in most instances.

    My undelying premise? Perhaps you should look to your own, and while you’re at it consider working on toning down your arrogance, and working on reigning in your dishonest argument tactics. You seem to like to assign a bias that doesn’t exist, simply because someone is arguing a point opposite you. You also seem to rant needlessly on elements of a point that aren’t even a part of the conversation, which is nothing more than a means of changing the subject, which is a dishonest way of diverting eyes away from something that you realize you just might be completely wrong about.

  • Sikko

    And I’m going to correct my mistake, I mistakenly referred to freedom calling for proof at other points in this comments section, when it was another person, whose post was added at a similar time frame putting them one on top of the other. Freedom asked Rob to support his stance with evidence, a worthwhile stance to take, which is what spurred my original comment, because Rob used the same measure of evidence to support his comment on the story that the story provided.

  • ml947

    all Londonderry cops suck. they’ve been that way ever since I was a kid. this story really isn’t surprising. and now they’re attitudes are even worse now that they patrol the airport. bunch of small town morons that’s all!

  • ml947

    I totally agree about the Londonderry pd! they are a bunch of thugs with badges. the reason they have the 50 new vehicles and stockpiles of ammo is because they took over the airport security from the sheriff dept. I believe (and I may be wrong) that a lot of the money for these things comes from the federal govt for the security of the airport. but either way they have way too much taxpayer money! for instance the running boards on those new suv cruisers even has blue lights. they’re like a blue flashing xmas tree when you drive up to one in traffic. kinda extravagant really. they could learn something from Manchester pd! those guys are nice and fair. not that I run in to trouble but whenever I talk to them theyre always courteous, decent people unlike their neighbors in londonderry

  • booha

    they wont get fired. in that town they’ll probably get a promotion!

  • flpd

    pulled over 8 times in 4 years? yeah theres nothing wrong with Londonderry cops. or are you just the typical Londonderry resident that drives like a maniac?

  • Nicole Renee

    How does her phone play into this? I don’t understand where the missing phone plays into this

  • Joe Ciampa

    Move to central PA.. we got a statey for every 15K people.. good people also.. forget new England .. the cops got their pay and now their power .. leave

  • Joe Ciampa

    You can carry out too boys..ferget New England!

  • Rob Davis

    Ml947, you are wrong. It was only 18 new cruisers and I don’t know if you live in a box or something but the whole country is in an ammo shortage so they don’t have a stockpile. Also, the town’s general fund gets money from the airport. It doesn’t come from the federal govt nor does it go directly to the PD. Do me a favor, unless you know what you’re talking about, shut up.

  • Rob Davis

    HAHAHAHA!! That’s funny booha. They won’t get fired because it didn’t happen…

  • freedom

    Why are you even posting if you refuse to argue in good faith? You assume that just because I disagree with you, that I wouldn’t acknowledge evidence contrary to my belief? While it’s amusing that the tables have turned and it’s now *you* who refuses to give evidence to support their claims, I’m afraid I can’t continue this discussion with someone who isn’t mature enough to argue honestly. Goodbye.

  • freedom

    The point of my analogy is that a person’s public display of their views towards the police is no justification for violence, just as a person’s choice of attire is no justification for rape. That’s all.

  • David Nixon
  • karl

    Your comment is 100% BS, as stated they have a clear sticker and they were legally drivng the vehicle. No one should die of a heart attack because of a car that didn’t pass emmissions.

  • karl

    Why does it feel like you are trying to make it so only cops are innocent until proven guilty. We have to provide links and crap to show other times they did the very same things we are paying them to stop from happening, while they just keep taking our things and killing civilians. No i am not saying all of them, but spend five minutes
    looking and you will find something. You found your way to this site, so unless you are a cop yourself…

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Here’s the link: . Here’s the search: “child dies from asthma because of police stop”. Two search strings, time less than 2 minutes.

    The real issue it that you questioned it in the first place. It’s in the normal range of how cops screw up. Take this to heart: if you think you’re a human lie-detector; if you think you can recognize every symptom of when someone is in distress; and you believe you must be an and in authority at all times, you’re going to make these mistakes. Someone in the profession will. They have and they continue to do so.

    An illustration: I have read over and over cops claiming “if they can talk they can breathe” in response to someone saying “I can’t breathe”, usually after the person died. It is not how it works, and physicians use the term “insufficiency” to describe it. You can speak but you are suffocating, if it goes on long enough you die. It isn’t just a blocked trachea that causes suffocation, but cops seemingly think that. t. made a big deal of if “he can speak he can breathe”. It’s ignorant, it shows a lack of any depth on the issue. But still cops say “if he can talk, he can breathe”.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Yep, I’m not perfect. And we both made the same mistake. Thank you for showing me mine. I’ll try to do better.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So much meat, what would a butcher do? Chop away.

    There is evidence, that’s the article. You reject it. Asking for supporting evidence is problematic isn’t it? No video, no supporting evidence, no news report, no supporting evidence, no copy of a citation, no supporting evidence. Therefore it is to be taken as false, even called falsewhich is where the problem lies as freedom pointed out, until the hurdles are met. How many hurdles need to be jumped?

    Prior to all these cellphones, there was seldom any supporting evidence and what the cop said was the evidence. Expecting that every incident would have supporting evidence, and claiming without it it’s false on it’s points is problematic. I did start at the very top in chronological order, saw Rob giving opinion as certainty and then you with “ANY”.

    Rob failed at the start by making the claim that no officer would fail to call an ambulance if you claimed a medical emergency, patently false. He did use the phrase “I doubt it”, but that was to reinforce “no officer would fail”. He went on from there.

    I started from freedom’s comment, after reading Rob’s first. It was a great starting point because Rob had no evidence to refute, just his opinion as refutation.

    You used “undeniable” first, and I’ll get back to it. “The person who has been crying for undeniable evidence hasn’t been Rob,
    as you have repeatedly claimed, it has been freedom, who I originally
    responded to.” Freedom didn’t do what you claim, he asked for Rob to provide evidence to refute, not make opinion as refutation. Do I need to quote him from this thread?

    No need to address you further.

  • Sikko

    Aaand we have a swing and a miss. From beginning to end. Apparently, you have problems with the basics of logic.

    The story is a claim, and contains several claims, what it doesn’t have is evidence, not even a shred of it. Unless you are claiming that because the story exists, that it serves as evidence to its validity?

    And there you go making stuff up again. Where have I said that no supporting evidence makes it false? I simply haven’t. I stated, and again this is basic logic, any claim presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Apparently I need to break that down for you. What that means is that without evidence a claim can just as easily be viewed as true as it can be as false.

    See, that’s where you’re wrong. Prior to cell phone video and the like there was still supporting evidence. Police reports and citations serve as evidence as an indication that an event happened.
    Again, point to where I said a lack of supporting evidence means a story is false. I haven’t, that’s just you making stuff up in an effort to seem like you are much smarter and wiser than anyone else.

    Rob made an equally valid counter claim, considering he brought as much evidence to his comment as the story brought. How he handled the evidence used to counter his point is a different story.

    Again, lacking evidence to support the story, Rob’s refutation was equally valid.

    And I corrected that mistake, because I am not like you, making things up and twisting people’s statements to make them fit an argument I want them to have made, rather than the arguments they in fact made.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Thank you for enumerating my swings and misses but no one appointed you umpire nor do you have the training.

    The logic, if you want to make a claim to logic, is that this story is just claims because you demand more. “Rob made an equally valid counter claim, considering he brought as much evidence to his comment as the story brought.” But he didn’t, he brought opinion and the first one was patently false. He brought no evidence, his doubt isn’t evidence, his arguments aren’t evidence. That you think he brought evidence is why you think his refutation is equally valid. He did not bring evidence he made an argument, don’t confuse the two further.

    But since you have and will likely do into the future, you undercut any claims you make. You didn’t claim the story was false, Rob did by his argument, you just followed with “ANY”, and then went to Rob “gave evidence” when he did nothing of the sort. So you did, however you want to twist it.

    “Police reports and citations serve as evidence as an indication that an event happened.” Yes, it supports that police claim something happened, it does not support that what they claim is evidence something happened as they claim.

    “And I corrected that mistake, because I am not like you, making things up and twisting people’s statements to make them fit an argument I want them to have made, rather than the arguments they in fact made.” Given that you’ve claimed opinions and arguments are evidence, I have no where to take this except where you have taken it. And yes you aren’t like me, I don’t confuse opinion and argument with evidence. If I twisted your words, please unravel it. Start with Rob’s evidence, it will help you to deal with your words.

  • Sikko

    No, the logic is that this story is just claims isn’t because I demand more, it’s because that is simply all it is. I’ll make it simple for you. If I tell you that I own a dog, that isn’t evidence of me owning a dog, that is merely a claim of owning a dog. This story is the same thing, somebody saying that something happened. There is nothing that shows that any part of the story ever happened.

    Rob used the same level of evidence as the story, which was none. What part of that is so difficult to grasp. Yes, he had some of his own assertions disproven, but that is beside the point entirety. That he brought no evidence to respond to a story with no evidence is what makes his response as valid as the story. I have not stated in any way, shape, or form that Rob had brought evidence, that is you twisting my words to suit what you want my argument to be.

    Go back and try reading what I wrote, my use of “ANY” was part of my argument that Rob’s claim of falsehood to the story was a call for evidence, which is why some posters responded with examples that disproved his assertion. Again, you continue to make stuff up, rather than admit you erred in the first place, I never claimed Rob brought evidence, I stated that he brought as much evidence as the story which was none, and so you can grasp what I have said from the beginning, let me break it down for you. The story has no evidence, Rob responded without evidence, the validity of Rob’s response is equal to the validity of the story on the basis of having the exact same amount of evidence, which is zero.

    And the point that I made about police reports serving as evidence is not anything close to what you assert it is in that muddled paragraph. The point you so gracelessly tripped over is that a police report puts the officer and the person they interacted with at the same location at the same time, this validates that portion of either side’s story in regards to that interaction.

    And finally we close with you projecting your failings onto me. I have not claimed arguments and opinions are evidence, that is a flat out lie, and you claim to find dishonesty abhorrent. You, however, seem to think a claim and evidence are one and the same pointing to the story above and claiming it has evidence, yet not pointing to one piece.

    No evidence is no evidence, and without evidence both sides of an argument are equally valid, I have stated that over, and over, and over, and over ad nauseum, yet you keep on trying to turn my words into something other than what they are.

    Here’s a ladder and about 50 feet of good rope, they might help you climb off that high horse you’re riding around on so that maybe, just maybe you can admit you made a mistake in regards to what I have said from the beginning.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Which will leave you infected with putrescent sores, because your incapable of healing yourself no matter how many chances you’re given

  • RaymondbyEllis

    So we are back to “Rob made an equally valid counter claim, considering he brought as much evidence to his comment as the story brought.” So the story had no evidence, and Rob’s doubt is equal because Rob had no evidence. Yet the story did have “facts”, it did give elements, it gave evidence but Rob did not. You need the story to be claims so you can continue on your high horse. I see evidence, you see claims, but let’s go further..

    “is that a police report puts the officer and the person they interacted
    with at the same location at the same time, this validates that portion
    of either side’s story in regards to that interaction.” No it only shows that the cop was there and so was the other person. It validate’s nothing about either story other than cop and person were there.

    I’m sorry but you have claimed that arguments and opinions are evidence, you flattened the story into claims, even though it gives evidence (details which neither you or Rob have refuted with evidence), and then equated it to Rob’s opinions and arguments, calling them evidence equal to the story. Sorry, claim it a lie, call it libel, but I can show the chain through the comments.

    All I have to do is quote you comment by comment. It’s all above. I will get briefer with each reply because it gets easier.

  • Sikko

    Back to it? I never left it, despite all your efforts to claim the opposite.

    Your second sentence is the first time you have gotten it right, congratulations.

    The story had elements, all stories do, but what facts does it have? What evidence does it have? What evidence substantiates those facts? Anything? Anything? No?

    I don’t need the story to be claims, that is simply all it is. You keep saying you see evidence, but you have yet to point to one piece of evidence in the above story, do share.

    And that was my point about a police report being evidence in the first place, if both sides claim they were at the same place at the same time, it validates that aspect of either side’s story. It’s that simple.

    Please, point to one instance of me claiming an argument or an opinion are evidence. You won’t be able to, because I have not said as much, hinted at it, or insinuated anything of the kind.

    I didn’t flatten the story into claims, that is what the story is. A duck is a duck, no matter how many times someone calls it a goose.

    The details in the story are not evidence, much as you would like them to be.

    I have made no effort to refute any part of the storystory, in fact I haven’t even commented on the story in any way, what evidence do I need to bring?

    No, I called Rob’s refutation equal to the story in validity because they have the same amount of evidence, something that seems to completely pass you by no matter how many times I say it.

    Please, quote me comment by comment, it won’t change what I have written, it will serve you better to actually use my quotes rather than your twists to what o have wrote.

    I’ll make it simple for you.
    What evidence did I say that Rob used?
    Which one of Rob’s arguments did I claim was evidence?
    What opinion did I claim was evidence?

    It’s the same answer to all of those questions. The answer is none, because I said that Rob had no evidence.

    I have said, from the beginning, where I paraphrased Hitchens. That there was absolutely NO evidence to support either side. I also said that that makes both sides equally valid.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Let’s just agree to disagree. If you want to press, just can’t leave it alone, I’ll tell you why.

  • Sikko

    What were my questions too difficult? I gave you the answers. Or was it that you went back and actually looked at what I have been saying and realized that you were wrong?

    I’m betting it’s the latter, because when you’re convinced you’re right, you prattle on and on referencing various things in effort to lend credence to a smug position where you seem to think you’re the smartest person here.

    Just admit you made a mistake in the beginning, and move on, it’s not difficult. I have admitted to my mistake, why can you not own up to yours?

  • Milford Civic

    Why wouldn’t you have contacted the Chief of police instead of posting here?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    My first reply to you starts with the issue of Rob, for example: “Advising the officer that you were having a medical issue and them NOT calling the ambulance/escorting you to Parkland? I doubt it.” Yet clearly there are cases showing just that. Police have taken property without providing a receipt, which Rob finds unbelievable.

    This story has names, dates, badge numbers, sticker date, the hospital the guy was admitted to and why, ticket amount, etc. I take as claims the dialogue, the adjectives to describe, etc.

    Given I see evidence and claims in the story, we start from different points. I judged your words from my starting point, mea culpa. Rob’s words, however, have a lot of evidence against so I can’t consider his words equally valid to the narrative.

    Hitchens might have brought up that there is evidence police have done this before, ignored a medical emergency because someone claimed it but the police couldn’t diagnose it. Again it’s what we consider evidence.

    I’m sorry, I missed where you admitted to a mistake.

    I went with “agree to disagree” because both of us are very capable, and more than willing, of arguing this until hell freezes over, with it becoming more and more difficult to remember the starting point by layer and layer of comment.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Out of 800K officers you know exactly how far an officer will go or what an officer will say? Here’s just one example as an illustration: . Notice, it was more than one officer.

    Go through his blog and you’ll find more. Go through PINAC, you’ll even find a guy(s) stopped, which is always with RAS of course so detention is automatic of course, refusing to answer questions, doing the CBer mantra and being let go without answering any question (except oral ID where applicable).

    It’s an imperfect world. I don’t necessarily believe or disbelieve anything written here, but I try not to dismiss it by my opinion of what is the world (none of us know what is the world). Admittedly, sometimes it’s damn hard and I fail.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    It’s unfair and not arguing in good faith. Admittedly, I did it to Rob. I didn’t have enough of his comments to know what he would do, just as he didn’t have enough of yours.

  • Sikko

    And therein you had your first failing, the accuracy of Rob’s response is immaterial, my response only spoke to his response being valid without evidence, because the story didn’t have any either.

    Therein lies your second failing, without something to substantiate those names, dates, hospital, ticket amount (photos, videos, citation, hospital bill, etc) they remain nothing more than claims and the story no more factual than the Ilyad.

    And those two starting points are that you assumed claims to be facts, a no-no for anyone versed in basic logic and rhetoric. What can be proven wrong in Rob’s response is immaterial, I only spoke to the response as a whole. The story, as it was prior to the above update can be passed off as being made up, despite all the times you can point to that similar things occurred, simply because there is absolutely nothing originally provided, in the original story that backs up any part of what was claimed happened. The author claims being stopped, can you provide any evidence that a stop actually occurred? Not from the original write up, and that’s the point.

    Similar things happening before are not evidence that this story is in any way a factual account, it’s a good argument against Rob’s response, but has little bearing as to any part of this story being a fact.

    Now, see, the difference is I have stayed in a straight line, and started without the use of assumptions.

  • Sikko

    So, essentially, because something has happened before, every other similar claim is true, and no longer requires anything to substantiate it, but all those who find the story even a little difficult to believe have the onus to disprove the story?

    You don’t dismiss stories, you openly embrace them as factual without substantive support. Basically, for the average Joe, you’re all innocent until proven guilty, but for cops it’s the opposite?

  • RaymondbyEllis

    And your response would be true if we live in a vacuum. There is a whole lot of evidence that each of Rob’s points is invalid. Unlike you, I can’t call things equally valid when I know there is evidence to the contrary on one side of that equality.

    “And those two starting points are that you assumed claims to be facts, a no-no for anyone versed in basic logic and rhetoric. ” Never ever include logic and rhetoric together in the way you did, you negated your point. Rhetoric is not logic, it is about persuasion and impressing, not syllogisms following strict rules. Rhetoric is ethos, pathos, and logos.

    What you did is make a value judgment rather than suspending belief or disbelief. You took a stance, and it was one that the story was false because you saw no evidence because it wasn’t substantiated. I saw evidence, and claims, but made no judgment because the only evidence was supplied by the writer and has yet to be substantiated or disproven. What I did do is question Rob’s stance, where there is evidence against his, and your’s because you made a value judgment to support his mistake.

    Yes it has been a straight line on your part, but if you were aiming for deep-dish pizza in Chicago you’re going to end up drinking a Mojito in Miami. I hear Cuban food is great.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    No, but making the claim that something is false, or so strongly doubtful as to make you (plural) comfortable in your disbelief, because it doesn’t fit your (plural) Weltangschauung is wrong when there is so much evidence that such things do happen. I never asked you or Rob to disprove the story, don’t be so black and white, but questioned and challenged your, so far, intrasigent belief the story is false. If you go back, I have never judged the narrative true or false, and I’ve never asked you to disprove the narrative. There’s no onus on you by me for you to disprove the story, but there is onus when you declare it false without disproving it. That is part of logic.

    Finding it difficult to believe is fine, but Rob did a poor job because each of his doubts can be shown to be wrong by previous evidence.

    Your second paragraph was great rhetorical flourish, but an argument from extremes. There is a middle where you neither embrace nor reject nor dismiss, but simply reserve judgment. You’re mistaking my arguing with you as embracing the narrative as factual (I assume you mean totally factual, rather than a mix of evidence, not proven fact, and claim).

    And your last sentence: you assumed the guy was making a false report by your argument so you seemingly assumed the cop innocent especially by your last and very revealing sentence. I did neither.

    However, before video showing cops lying on what happened, the assumption was cop truthful (it was in writing after all) and average joe lying. That’s a societal prejudice that is being unravelled. Cops do stupid things just like non-cops, they lie like non-cops, they use their authority to punish people when they shouldn’t just like non-cops. Cops are honest, good people. Cops are also dishonest, bad people. So are average joes.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    This is a place holder. My comment hasn’t shown up. I’ll edit this if it doesn’t.

  • Sikko

    My response is true in the real world as well, in fact it is how . I’ll make it simple for you the story said something happened, Rob said it didn’t, those stances are equally valid when no evidence is provided, which was the case at the time of Rob’s response. That the points he used could be invalidated don’t matter, and were challenged, however, his stance still remained valid.

    Assuming claims are evidence is a no-no in basic logic, and is a no-no in rhetoric, I didn’t negate my point. I am keenly aware of what both logic and rhetoric are, and I included both, because that same standard is used within both worlds, since rhetoric relies on the use of logic.

    I made no value judgments at all, you are simply projecting that onto me. Your assumption that the story had evidence is where you went wrong, and passing that assumption onto me, is not my doing. You’re seeing facts that don’t exist, and evidence that wasn’t presented.

    No, see, you failed from the beginning by assuming the existence of the story meant that the elements were factual. I didn’t. Polar opposite stances are always equally valid when no evidence is brought to the table. So, we go back to the beginning? How do you know, using the original write up, the event described in the story actually occurred? You don’t, and neither did I. You made a call on that, assuming it did, I didn’t, and neither did I assume it was false.

    You can keep trying to twist and flutter, and attempt to school me in entomology of words trying to use slight of hand to make it seem as though things are different, but it won’t change that you have been wrong from the beginning.

  • Sikko

    That’s a wonderful first paragraph, but it’s so far off. I never made a judgment call on the story. You assume I judged it false because you see evidence that doesn’t exist, proclaiming the use of names, dates, and badge numbers as facts, without anything to substantiate them. See, the onus is on you to demonstrate where I said the story was false. From beginning to end, I have only commented on the amount of evidence, that speaks nothing about my judgment call to this story. The only other thing I have done is point to an obvious embellishment, which was likely a misplaced comma and quotation mark. You can keep saying I judged the story false all you like, it doesn’take it true.

    My second paragraph consisted of an assessment of your position and a question. It wasn’t rhetorical flourish at all. Since you’ve already admitted that your standard of evidence is next to nothing, needing only such things as names, times, dates, and badge numbers.

    Your arguing with me demonstrates that you embrace the story as factual, since you think it has facts and evidence. That middle ground you’re talking about, I’ve been sitting in it from the beginning. Just look t my first post.

    My final sentence was a question, it has no assumption to it, it’s a flat out question if that is your stance. I’m not surprised that got past you though, it just served as a means for you to rant on unrelated material, and reading comprehension apparently isn’t your strong suit.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    Unfortunately, I’m having a problem with discus in replying to emails, so my comments may be achronological. i do notice your big on onus, switching it where ever it suits you.

    Working backwards.

    Starting with your question, it was as devoid of assumptions as the question “when did you stop beating your wife”. I’m not surprised that you would avoid the assumptions you made and claim I lacked comprehension.

    As I wrote, me arguing with you is proof to you of my stance. I do see evidence that something happened, but haven’t made a statement yet that it’s true or false, or questioned it either way. I have questioned Rob’s stance, given there’s enough past evidence to make his stance false as to what cops will or will not do, just as is there for your stance on what a cop will or will not say.. Again, I do not accept your stance that Rob’s disbelief is as valid as the narrative because of past evidence that his stance isn’t. That in no way means the narrative is true.

    If you have been taking that middle stance, then all you have to write is “I neither believe nor disbelieve this narrative”. That’s the middle stance.

    “Since you’ve already admitted that your standard of evidence is next to nothing, needing only such things as names, times, dates, and badge numbers.” You forgot the sticker. You also forgot I said evidence and claims, with facts not proven. Really, you made another value judgment, as you have with every comment, and more rhetorical flourish.

    This was your claimed assessment: “You don’t dismiss stories, you openly embrace them as factual without substantive support.” And you were completely, thoroughly wrong. Could that be a case of reading comprehension?

    Going back earlier: “So, essentially, because something has happened before, every other similar claim is true, and no longer requires anything to substantiate it, but all those who find the story even a little difficult to believe have the onus to disprove the story?” Classic argument from the extremes.

    The reason I wrote we should just agree to disagree is because I recognized where this will go. You’ll make claims about me, I’ll make claims about you, and both or us will be relentless. Anything you write I can show wrong and anything I write you can show wrong, each of us to our own satisfaction. The only end will be by who dies first. If you do I’m the winner…

    Carry on.

  • Sikko

    I didn’t make assumptions when posing my question, it was built upon your statements, and your admissions.

    You “see evidence that something happened” that is an admission of finding it factual, that it is a true story. The only parts of the story you have reserved judgment on are the embellishments (what the officer said, what the author said, etc).

    Yes, I left off the sticker, but the point still stands, and your standard for evidence still remains at nil. It’s not a value assessment, because you did, in fact, claim them as facts without them being demonstrated to be facts. Without something to substantiate any part of the story, there is nothing, not even the name of the author, that can be pointed to as being a fact. This story, without evidence to substantiate any part of it, is no different than any work of pure fiction.

    No, my assessment wasn’t wrong, to quote you, “I do see evidence that something happened” that’s an open embrace of the story as factual, that the story is grounded in truth. It’s an assumption built on the premise that because there’s a story, something real happened.

  • dagobarbz

    I swear to god if my loved one was being cop blocked from medical care I would run over that pig and worry about it later.

  • dagobarbz

    Member of Londonderry PD here? Or just a dumb mutt who doesn’t think citizens have rights?

  • Marissa Cothron

    I heard of a deaf native american man who was confronted by the police. When he went to sign that he could not hear them as he was deaf, they shot and killed him. This was quite a few years ago though.

  • yummy,toethumbs!

    The fucking cops stole it

  • bandit

    and i never heard of a good cop ether so we r even

  • bandit

    till his or her last breath

  • Mike Davis

    Thanx Ray but it’s not my job to do other people’s research.

  • RaymondbyEllis

    I’ll remember to never write anything from memory, nor write anything unsubstantiated. I hope you will do the same.

    Personally, all of us are responsible to do our own research if we want to challenge what another writes. Common Sense does it all the time and does it well.

  • RickardOGrady

    You trust what a cop says without evidence?

  • RickardOGrady

    “NH is still recovering from having a Brentwood officer killed in the line of duty”
    What on God’s green earth has that got to do with cops abusing power that isn’t/wasn’t theirs in the first place?

  • C64

    The non sequitur store called. They’re all out of your argument.

  • Steve McDuffee AKA Tramp

    Most of you think that a cop not calling an ambulance is a new trend, far from it. In 1974 I was ran off the road by a vehicle in my lane on a curve. I went over a 30 ft embankment and my motorcycle landed on top of me. when the brothers I was riding with stopped and were trying to get down there to help me a cop car pulls up and starts giving them shit for blocking the road they begged him to call an ambulance ( no cell Phs in 74 ) and he wouldn’t., as he argued with them a couple of my brothers got me up to the road and he still would not call for an ambulance all because he “QUOTE” “didn’t like bikers” and there was nothing wrong with me.. One of the brothers had been a corpsman in Nam and told the cop I needed an ambulance yesterday. nope not gonna happen. Doing something they probably shouldn’t have done they set me on the back of another bike and took a couple of belts and strapped me to the other brother and off we went to the hospital 5 miles away all I remember saying is I hurt like hell then I woke up 4 days later and had life threatening internal injuries … “ALL” the doctors said that if they would not have gotten me to the hospital when they did even though it was a bad idea the way they did it I would have died and I owe those brothers my life. now for the good part the vehicle that ran me off the road was another friggin cop car on a silent run as they call it, who kept on going after he ran me off the road and the brothers didn’t get his car # as they were worried about me, guess he didn’t like bikers either….. nothing ever happened to the cops. go figure.

  • Justin Marceau

    The car was legal. You have 60 days to correct the issue

  • CopBlockersLoveToLie

    If you are pulled over for ANY reason you are required to show identification, i.e. driver’s license . If you can’t provide a license, you are illegally driving!

    I swear, the avid followers of this site are fucking nutcases.

    Police are all bad guys until you need help because your house was robbed, or your kid went missing, or you are in an emergency. Fucking morons.

  • Aunt B

    After doing my own investigation and finding out the facts to this submission by “Scottie Rogers” I felt sorry for all the people that not only believed it but spent a lot of wasted time replying and arguing with each other about it. It will be difficult for most people to get the facts because “Scottie Rogers” is just the name of the submitter of the story. The people that got pulled over did not want to submit their names because that would make it easy for anyone to investigate not only the incident but look them up as well and see what they have been up to and why they dislike cops so much. They did not get pulled over for a clear sticker with a 5 or a 6 but maybe one from last year. They also did not mention any medical emergency to the officer and they did not have their phone taken from them at any time. They actually got 2 tickets, not one which is kind of funny that that information was forgotten or left out. If anyone wants to know what really happened, look into it and you will know that you were not only lied to but the credibility of this entire site has been compromised by two people that dislike police officers. I will do my best to keep you updated on whether or not these two lying losers paid their “illegally” issued tickets.

  • Aunt B

    Thank you. This is the most intelligent comment I have read so far. Everyone hates cops until they need one.

  • jomomma

    YOUR the one who asked. dont ask next time meathead

  • jomomma

    YOU asked meathead YOU look it up

  • jomomma

    and im sure you believe the first amendment shouldn’t exist too right? Ridiculous attitude, I hope you aren’t allowed to vote

  • jomomma

    ambulances are expensiveeeeeeeee and not usually participating with insurance companies. So why should a citizen, who is acting legally, have to be harassed because the police, acting in a place of authority, has an opinion a certain way about a particular statement that is protected by the first amendment, and decides to be a jerk about it? Your attitude is terrible

  • jomomma

    and you can pay $60 a mile to the ambulance company!!!11

  • jomomma

    Of COURSE a cop would say that about another cop. The clear sticker was LEGAL there was no basis for being harassed. I hate you and your kind

  • jomomma

    yeah and cops are trained medical professionals; its not his call, he should have escorted them to the hospital and if he had questions he should have waited and spoken with the doctors. Only in your fantasy land are the facts not in anyones favor but yours

  • jomomma

    Your a public servant and I have EVERY right to film you doing your public duties! I pay for your salary!