Londonderry, NH Police Officer Badge #51

UPDATE: 2014.07.25

Submission to Cop Block Prompts Londonderry Police “Investigation” by Pete Eyre at

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Londonderry police chief investigating online poster’s ‘Cop Block’ allegations by April Guilmet at


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Date of Interaction: July 14, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Wiggins, Sgt Mccutherson
Police Employee Contact Information: 603-432-1118

At 10:20 AM, my wife and I were traveling through Londonderry, NH when a marked police SUV very quickly turned around and lit up the blues. He approached and didn’t ask politely for my wife’s license and registration, instead he stated, “Give me your license and registration now.” My wife told him it was a medical emergency, that we were in route to Parkland Medical Center in Derry because I was having severe chest pain. She even asked him to call an ambulance and he told her, “You don’t need no god damn ambulance. I stopped you because your car has the clear inspection sticker that is used in NH when your car passes safety but not emissions.” The clear sticker was just put on the car July 09, 2014, and with the clear sticker, you’re allowed 60 days to correct the issue. Again, my wife asked for him to call an ambulance. He said, “Shut up, it’s not happening.” Next, the sgt pulled up and saw my wife was recording the incident on her cell phone. The sgt took the cell phone and said it was evidence; he did not issue a receipt. The officer badge number #51 laughed and gave my wife a ticket for uninspected motor vehicle. She has never had a ticket in 20 years of driving.

After handing us the ticket, he stated, “Get out of my face, you CopBlockers make me want to puke.” (We have a sticker on the rear bumper. I have been admitted to Parkland Medical Center with a minor heart attack and my wife got an illegal $62 ticket and a $500 phone stolen. She called and spoke with a male Lt. who refused to give his name and she could not even describe what happened before he hung up on her. She called back and supposedly he got a 911 call; this department is very rude and unprofessional, not to mention thieves and liars. I could have been having a massive heart attack and that officer refused to radio for an ambulance or even let my wife call for one, These police overpower situations need to stop. The police, especially Londonderry, NH Officer Wiggins badge #51, the Sgt, and Lt. should all be disciplined and or terminated from the job.

Scottie Roberts



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