Police State Monday: Man Gets Felony For Splashing Water At Cop, Mother Jailed For Letting 9-Year-Old Daughter Play In Park Alone, AND MUCH MORE

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Today we discussed:

South Carolina mother jailed for letting 9-year-old daughter play at park unsupervised

(Source: Shutterstock)

A mother has been arrested and thrown in jail on charges of child neglect because her 9-year-old daughter was found playing at a park by herself. It might sound like a reasonable, normal place for an American kid to spend a summer day. That is, until busybody neighbors and overzealous government agents arbitrarily decided that it is abusive.


Florida inmate was gassed to death while locked in solitary confinement

The cell where Randall Jordan-Aparo was sprayed with mustard-colored gas until he died.  A stain still covers the wall.

An inmate was locked in solitary confinement and repeatedly sprayed with mustard-colored gas until he died, an investigation has uncovered. Officials then allegedly covered up the death and claimed it was due to natural causes.


Texas town enforces ‘zero tolerance’ policy on grass length requirements

(Source: wallpapersdesign.net)

The town of Abilene has instituted a ‘zero tolerance’ crackdown on private property owners whose grass does not meet government-mandated length requirements. Code enforcers literally drive around with measuring sticks to determine which lawns have been deemed too long by the town.   The property owners are then threatened with letters and are ultimately given Class C Misdemeanors if they do not comply.


Police faked 9-1-1 phone calls to warrantlessly search homes

Police Lightbar

A dubious police tactic has come to light, in which officers used falsified information in order to gain ‘consent’ to search private properties without a warrant.


Drunken ‘Pterodactyl’ Man Hit With Felony For Splashing Deputy In Legoland

Richard Campagna

A Florida man claiming his name was “Pterodactyl” was charged last week in a wild chase through the Legoland theme park. He was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting officers without violence, and felony battery on a law enforcement officer for splashing water on the deputy.


Cop shoots dog in a parked van, claims it was lunging, vicious pit bull

"Arfie" was killed in a parked car. (Source: Craig Jones / KREM)

An officer shot and killed a dog that was waiting for its owner inside of a parked van. The officer later claimed it ‘lunged’ at him, but it was also revealed that he had his gun drawn the entire time. The officer recorded his actions as necessary to protect himself from a “vicious pit bull,” when the truth was that he killed a black Lab sitting in a parked car.


Violent SWAT raid leaves St. Paul family traumatized, two pets shot dead

Mello and Laylo, both killed by the St. Paul SWAT. (Source: KMSP)

A SWAT team left a family traumatized and mourning the loss of two beloved family pets that were abruptly gunned down in their living room during a surprise morning raid.  In the wake of their devastation, police walked away with enough evidence to issue a $200 ticket.


Deputy Police Chief, Officer In Town Were Members Of The KKK, The FBI Alleges

"Ku Klux Klan" by Arete13 via Flickr

Police morale in Fruitland Park, Florida has been shaken after a deputy chief and officer resigned when the Federal Bureau of Investigations identified them as members of the Ku Klux Klan.


Security Guard Fired From Target After He Reported Cop For Shoplifting

Police man on Shutterstock

A Virginia man claims he was fired from his security job at Target after a man he reported for shoplifting turned out to be a Leesburg sheriff’s deputy, The Washington Post reports.


Cops Criticized For Lying After Fatally Shooting Suspect Over $2 Worth Of Marijuana

Criticism surrounds Tampa man's shooting by cops [WTVT-TV]

Authorities in Tampa, Florida are being accused of covering up the truth regarding officers’ fatal shooting of 29-year-old Jason Westcott, who was suspected of dealing drugs but was later found to have about $2 worth of marijuana in his home.


Highly-Criticized Albuquerque Police Militarize With $350,000 Purchase Of 350 AR-15 Rifles

Albuquerque police

The Albuquerque Police Department, which has drawn criticism for its use of excessive force, plans to supply officers with hundreds of military-style weapons.


WATCH: Cops Put Mom In Chokehold After Her Kids Film Cousin’s Arrest From Porch

Petersburg video arrest

A Virginia family said police harassed them and tried to stop them from filming arrests in front of their home.


New Law Would Make Complaints Against Police “Proven False” A Felony

New Kansas law would make complaints against police "proven false" a felony

The Kansas House Standing Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice has introduced a bill that will require private citizens who file complaints against police officers to sign an affidavit, acknowledging that if their allegations are proven false, they can be charged with perjury, which is a felony charge.

Furthermore, this bill prohibits a Kansas law enforcement agency from opening an investigation into a complaint if another law enforcement agency has already investigated the complaint and found in favor of the officer.

In other words, this bill would allow police departments to arrest the people who file complaints against police officers. In Wichita, Kansas, complaints are almost always dismissed, by the Wichita Police Department, so, according to this bill and its vague wording, the WPD, could now go arrest the people who file complaints against their officers.


Cops Pull Rifle On Native American Artist Cleaning Up Dog Poop Inside His SUV

Mateo Romero

A well-known Native American artist said Santa Fe police pulled a rifle on him after his dog defecated in his SUV and a passerby mistook his cleanup for a burglary.


Two homes forcibly commandeered by police, innocent homeowners arrested

(Source: Getty Images)

Police forcibly commandeered homes from two innocent families because they wanted to use the properties to surveil a neighbor. After their plan was denied by phone request, police conspired and executed a plan to break into the homes and arrest the innocent homeowners, a lawsuit reveals.


Virginia police obtain warrant to photograph 17-year-old’s genitalia

Trey Simms (Source: NBC Washington)

A 17-year-old boy is being persecuted because he and his 15-year-old girlfriend voluntarily shared naked pictures with one another. As if that were not enough injustice, the boy was forcibly photographed naked as evidence… and investigators want even more.

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