State Trooper Tries to Kick Us off Public Property

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Date of Interaction: July 4, 2014

Police Employees Involved
Tennessee Highway Patrol
(Name not given when asked repeatedly)

Contact Information
THP District Three Headquarters
1603 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN 37217
(615) 741-3181 (800) 736-0212

While filming b-roll footage of traffic stops at the start of Independence Day, a State Trooper walked 30 yards away from her stop to come over to us to say we couldn’t be on public property and if we didn’t obey her orders that she would “take action” against us. She apparently doesn’t know the laws very well because she explained to the city police that we were a threat to her safety and we needed to be removed. They came over to us, saw that we were doing nothing wrong and told us that we were perfectly within our rights!

Chris Kalbaugh Jr.



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