Can We Fight Police Brutality With “Massive Open Carry”?

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Those of us that are aware of the problem of police brutality are desperately looking for a way to stop it via peaceful means.

I believe that if the majority of the public were to open carry (which I would call “massive open carry”), police brutality would diminish greatly for two main reasons:

1.) More often than not, the would-be victim of police brutality will be armed under these circumstances. Police are absolutely more considerate and careful when dealing with someone who is armed and who can defend themselves. This is the way all bullies behave. They prey on the weak, and in an environment of open carry, there are simply fewer of the weak to prey on.

2.) Under massive open carry, it is more likely that members of the public, who may be witnesses to police brutality, will be armed. A cop who is doing something that is clearly wrong and excessively violent while surrounded by a crowd of increasingly angry people who are all armed is likely to stop what he or she is doing. If necessary, the members of the public can stop the police officer from continuing their brutality and save the would-be victim’s life.

So if we’re looking for a way to reduce police brutality in a nonviolent manner, or at least with as little violence as possible, I believe that “massive” open carry is most likely our solution.

What do you think?  And would you get behind a movement to push this?

-Trevor Lyman


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