Los Angeles Police Handcuff Me For Filming

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Date of Interaction: July 18, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Los Angeles Police officers
Police Employee Contact: LAPD West Valley Division

I was pulled over on my motorcycle under the pretense of my pipes being too loud. As soon as I shut down my motorcycle, the cops began asking invasive questions; was I on parole/probation? Where was I going and coming from? I told them I don’t answer questions and they became hostile and agitated. When I was able to, I retrieved my phone and began recording. They told me I wasn’t allowed to record them and that they would place me in handcuffs if I continued to do so. That’s exactly what happened . I was handcuffed for recording the incident. They then wrote me a ticket for everything they could and told me that they would have been cool and not written me a ticket if I had not exercised my right to remain silent and had not recorded them .


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