Middlesex County DOC North Brunswick NJ, Beating by Corrections Officers

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Date of Interaction: May 16, 2014
Police Employees Involved: Officer Bartilinskii, Officer Salinski
Police Employee Contact Information: (732) 951-3337

On May 24th, 2014 I was arrested in Woodbridge, NJ on outstanding warrants by the Woodbridge Police Department. I was taken to the Middlesex County jail in North Brunswick, New Jersey to await trial or for bail to be posted. I arrived at the county jail around 2100 hrs. I was searched, photographed, and changed into county clothing. I was then able to make a phone call to my father to inform him of my arrest and arrange for him to come post my bond.

After I finished the initial intake process, I was directed to walk down the hallway to the infirmary to complete the medical portion of the intake process. I walked into the infirmary dressed in an orange jumpsuit and carrying my blanket, sheet, and a change of clothes. When I walked into the infirmary I was directed by the Corrections Officers to go into a room to my left and wait for them to call me. I did as they told me; I walked into the room and found a single chair sitting in the room. I placed my blanket, sheet, and change of county clothing on the chair and began to pace back and forth in the 10’x5′ room. After about thirty minutes of waiting in the room which did not have a bathroom, I could no longer hold my bladder. I walked to the door and slightly opened it to inform the Corrections Officers that I had the urinate as I had not had a chance to use the bathroom in over five hours.

I opened the door and informed them that I had not had a chance to use the restroom in hours and that my bladder was now hurting from holding my urine in. They told me, “Shut the fuck up, I don’t give a shit how long it’s been since you used the bathroom, you can wait.” I respectfully informed them that I could not hold it, which was the truth; I had lost control when I sneezed and urinated a tiny bit in my pants. They told me, “I don’t give a fuck, piss yourself for all I care. Go back in that room and don’t open the door again until we tell you to.” I listened to them. I closed the door and walked to the middle of the room and began to pace.

One of the officers, CO Bartilinski, then came into the room screaming at me, calling me names, and told me to, “Sit the fuck down.” I was not disrespectful with them at all and I really had to go to the bathroom. I did not appreciate being treated like some sub-human scumbag. I told him that I wasn’t disobeying any orders, I was told to go into this room and wait and that is what I was doing. He said to me, “Get your dick-loving ass in that chair and sit.” I am a human, and in jail or not, I will not be disrespected in such a way. I told him, “Calm down, I’m not disrespecting you, there is no reason for you to talk to me like that. I’ve done everything you guys asked me to do. I can’t sit, I have to piss really bad. I have already pissed in my pants a tiny bit. I have a right to use the restroom.” He told me, “You are in my fucking house, you will do what I fucking say, you have no rights, you piece of shit.”

I opened my mouth and told him what I thought. I said, “I do have a right to use the bathroom and I have the right to not be treated like a piece of shit for no reason. All I did was ask to use the bathroom because I have to piss so bad that it is coming out. You are just a bully hiding behind a badge. You grew up getting picked on and your girlfriend, or boyfriend, is probably cheating on you so you think it’s okay to come here and treat men however you want, all because you have a badge on? You think that badge makes you better than me?”

I wasn’t displaying any hostile behaviors, I was not raising my voice, in fact, I backed away from him. He then walked toward me and grabbed me by the throat and proceeded to choke me; I could hardly breath and was starting to lose blood circulation to my head. When he grabbed my by throat, he said, “This is my house, I run this place, you will do whatever I fucking tell you to do or I will beat the piss out of you and choke you out.” I then said, “You are a punk. You are a disrespectful, insecure punk hiding behind that badge. What you are doing is illegal, you have no right to grab me by the throat and talk to me the way you are talking to me. If we were on the street and you attacked me like this, I would defend myself. You know you are a bitch, that’s why you attack inmates who you know won’t fight back. When I get out of here, I am contacting a lawyer and you will lose your fucking job and have a big lawsuit on your hands.”

He continued to choke me and said, “Yeah, I’m a punk? You’re the one in orange, you are my bitch and you will do whatever I fucking tell you to do. I will beat your ass so bad and guess what, I won’t get in any trouble. Hit me, I dare you.”

The entire time I had my hands in the air with my palms open and facing him and the other COs. I told him, “I am not going to touch you, not at all. Go ahead and beat my ass, I hope you do. I will sue you for everything you have. You are like the eighth grade bully who attacks third graders after school; you are such a bitch that you will only attack those who you know will not or can not fight back.”

Then he swept my legs out from underneath me and he was sitting on top of me, with my palms open and my hands above my head and spread out far away from each other. He was choking me so badly at this point that I couldn’t breathe at all, nor could I talk. I tried to scream for the other COs, saying that I could not breathe. He continued to push on my throat harder and harder, now with both hands. As he did so, he asked, “Who’s in charge now, you little bitch? Your life is in my hands, I could kill you here and get away with it.” I was scared, there were five COs less than twenty feet away just watching me be abused, or ignoring the incident completely. I was starting to blackout, I honestly thought he was going to choke me out and possibly kill me. I continued to try and call for help; the other COs were laughing, as was the one who was choking me. Finally I decided I had no other choice but to prevent myself from being choked out and possibly killed.I used my arm and pulled his hands off of my throat. I did no more than this, I simply wanted to breathe.

As soon as I knocked his hands off of my throat, four or five other COs ran into the room and began to kick me in the stomach, chest, and head. I was at that point on my stomach being beaten by five COs. I was not resisting at all. My hands were behind my back with my wrists touching so that they could handcuff me. They didn’t handcuff me immediately, instead they continued to punch me, knee me, and kick me about the face, head, chest, back, and stomach. They kept yelling for me to quit resisting, which I was not. My hands were behind my back. The only resisting that I was doing was to move my face from left to right in order to avoid being kicked, elbowed, or punched. One CO jumped on the small of my back with his knee; my back still hurts to this day. Another CO was kneeling on my face, pushing my face into the concrete with the full weight of his body. Another CO had my hands and was twisting them as much as he possibly could. At one point I felt and heard a pop, it was my thumb and wrist. They then maced me and put the handcuffs on. They tightened the handcuffs as much as they possibly could. They made a deep laceration on the wrist of my right hand with the handcuffs, which began to bleed profusely. They cut off the circulation to my hands.

They then continued to kick and punch me until they suddenly stopped. They then picked me up off the ground by the handcuffs, which caused great strain on my shoulder. They put an anti-spit mask on me over my maced face. They brought me to see the nurse. They held my thumb in a contorted fashion and said that they were going to remove the mask and if I spit on anyone that they would break my hand. They removed the mask and they dumped half of a bottle of water on my face and put the same mace-covered mask back on my face. The nurse asked if anything hurt. I told her that my thumb was killing me, the small of my back hurt from the CO jumping on it, and that I had lost feeling in my fingers from the handcuffs. They COs told her that I was lying and threatened to break my hands again.

The nurse did absolutely nothing. I told them I needed medical attention as I thought my thumb was broken because it hurt extremely badly and was swollen up. I also asked for them to clean the mace off of my face. They told me, “Shut the fuck up or we will fuck you up again, this time worse.” They then put me into a high-visibility suicide watch cell. Why? I don’t know. I was not suicidal. They threw me into the cell and pushed me up against the wall. They told me they were going to take the handcuffs off and when they did I was to put my hands on wall above my head. They removed one handcuff and I did exactly as I was told. All of a sudden, one of them said, “This guy is a fucking retard, he’s resisting again.” I was not resisting at all. My hand was flat on the wall in front of me and my face was on the wall as well. All of a sudden, they pulled my legs out from under me and kneeled on my face once again. They kicked and punched me multiple times again and they removed all of my clothes. One of the COs made sure to squeeze my testicle as he was removing my pants and underwear, which caused excruciating pain and forced me to cry out. I was kicked in the stomach for crying out and called a fucking faggot and a piece of shit. They then left me in the room naked, with a sprained thumb, mace all over my face, and a tiny, green, anti-suicide smock to wear.

I was told I was not allowed to wash the mace off of my face or move until they told me to. I stayed lying on the ground untilI heard the cell door close and they told me I could get up. I got up and walked over to the sink, blinded, trying to find the water. The CO yelled me and said, “God, you are fucking retarded. Did we tell you that you could wash your face yet? No, we didn’t. Go ahead and wash it off and see what happens.” I told him, “I’m not an idiot, I know my fucking rights, I’m washing this off of my face; if you have a problem with that then come and kick my ass again. You must feel like a really tough guy for beating the shit out of a guy who isn’t fighting back with four of your buddies.” They kept me in the suicide watch cell for the next three days until I was bailed out.

During those three days, I was regularly visited by a CO named Salinski. He would come in and verbally berate me. He would threaten me with more violence or more time in suicide watch by telling the psychiatrist that I told him I was going to kill myself if I said anything back to him when he was berating me. He told me that he would rape my mother, rape my sister, and he said, “If I ever see you on the street, and the chances of that are pretty good seeing as I know where you live (he recited my address), I will beat the fucking shit out of you so badly that you will be lucky if you ever walk again.”

I tried to see the doctor numerous times and I followed the grievance procedure to try and speak to a captain to report the incident. I was never allowed to speak with anyone, even once I was bailed out and tried calling; they would hang up on me or tell me to, “Get fucked.”

Alvin Decker


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