Live Updates From Pete and Ademo’s Greenfield, MA Trial

We’re still working on the footage from our trial, hopefully we’ll be able to publish it later today, but we wanted to give folks a sneak peak. Below is a playlist created by Jason Talley, of, consisting of live updates  taken from the trial.

Thanks again to Talley.TV, and for teaming up with us to highlight this injustice.


Ademo Freeman

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of

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  • Dan

    In one of the videos a member of the “Cop block brigade ” yells “Get a life dude” to the cop in his curser as he pulls away, WHY?
    Its apparent to me that he has a life, and he did nothing wrong. Please explain !

  • Stephen Powell

    Well done!

    You would think that police officers would show the same “Yes, Sir/No, Sir” civility outside the courtroom that they show within it?

  • Dan

    “You would think that police officers would show the same “Yes, Sir/No, Sir” civility outside the courtroom” They are in a parking lot you meat head, not in court.

  • Nick

    You should spread the word to all future jurors Not Guilty in all their cases because the cops and the prosecutors are lying criminals who will say anything and do anything to frame you.

    Cops are allowed to do anything falsify records, tamper with witnesses, evidence, lawyers every thing, their is no place you can complain to. Even if you have proof of it they will never do anything.

    DOJ, professional standards, every body that works for the state is FAKE