Announcing Tricities CopBlock

Tricities Copblock is a decentralized group run by like minded individuals from Tricities areas of East Tennessee.

We are committed to bringing police accountability, education and transparency to Carter County, Greene County, Hancock County, Hawkins County, Johnson County, Sullivan County, Unicoi County, and Washington County Tennessee.

We are here to be your eyes and ears, to help uphold your constitutional rights by exercising those very rights daily and by education those who are not aware that they are protected by the constitution. We want to help give Tennesseeans back there dignity and to remove the false truth that police have more rights then you. Shiny badges do not grant extra rights, and they also do not give officers the legal ability to intimidate, harass or assault citizens.

When one of our founders was 11 years old, he was violently attacked by his foster father. and in his time of need he reached out to the Knox County Sheriff’s Department for protection. When the officers arrived he was outside bleeding and in pain. He screamed out to the officers for help. Instead of helping they used physical force against him, hitting him and slamming him against the ground.

After their assault they took him to juvenile where he was charged with resisting arrest and unruly behavior. Even after his experience he does not hate cops, he just not longer trusts them to uphold their oath and to protect those who need protection. This is our motivation to educate the public about there rights and to help bring accountability to police.

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Help us purchase much needed equipment to pursue our cause of police accountability and public education. We do this by documenting police encounters and by teaching the public about the legal rights under federal and state laws.


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