De-Fund the Police State: Use Bitcoin

What are the teeth of a police state? What are its claws? How can an organization continually act in direct opposition to the wishes of a population that it claims to “serve”?

In the good ol’ days (which – make no mistake – were never actually that good), police budgets could only “legally” be taken from the residents of the areas in which the police operated. Police department A only extorted Town A residents, police department B only extorted City B residents, and so on.

In this way, the capacity of police to inflict harm on a population was limited by that population’s collective bank accounts. There was only so much money to take.

Then came the 1980s – the decade that police began receiving money, weapons and training from an entirely new source: the federal government. Uncle Sam offered to be their new piggy bank.

Things began to change. Assaults that most individuals would not voluntarily fund were now suddenly affordable for the police anyway. They became more militarized. Checkpoints, raids, sting operations, and all their associated harms became commonplace.


How has this been possible?

The federal grants that police have been raking in over the past three decades have their roots in the Federal Reserve machine. This printing press, which calls itself a “bank,” is the sole producer and distributor of U.S. dollars (or Federal Reserve Notes).


Behind closed doors, monopoly producers of fiat money tend to add zeros to the account balances of themselves and their friends. Since The Fed was created in 1913, so many zeros have been added that the U.S. dollar has lost 98% of its value. This means that your dollars purchase less and less every day. It’s why a gallon of gas costs you a four bucks now, but a few generations ago only cost a dime.


What is to be done?

Petitions and protests hold very little weight next to giant federal checks that just keep coming. After decades of attempting to fix the problem of police aggression through political means, many now see an alternative solution – one which strikes the root.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not controlled by any single party. No government or central bank gets a cut from your transactions.


Bitcoin is simple computer code that anyone can use on their smartphone or browser. The code creates a ledger which tracks money ownership, much like bank balances. But because the code is open source and the ledger is public for all to see, shady actors are prevented from fraudulently adding zeroes to their own accounts.

Bitcoin is the cure for the Federal Reserve-funded police state.

Cryptocurrencies (of which Bitcoin is just one kind) are available to all, free to access and ridiculously easy to use. A wallet can be set up within ten seconds.

Tyrannical men and women prefer to operate in the dark, which is why filming their actions can help to maximize accountability. But as long as police outfits receive influxes of Federal Reserve Notes, the institutionalized violence will continue.

Bitcoin is the tool that can undercut the police state and deliver a death-blow to the monopoly money that enabled it in the first place.


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Amanda B. Johnson

Amanda B. Johnson is an advocate of peace and free trade through technology.

  • Adam Hartman

    Excellent article. I completely agree that by breaking the state’s monopoly on currency manufacturing we can severely undermine the budgets of the various police apparatuses. Striking at the financial heart of the state is always the best way to hurt the state and protect citizens.

    Many significant revolutions in the western world have been precipitated by fiscal activism. The French Revolution was sparked when Louis called the Estates General to deal with the French state’s insolvency. The English revolution of 1646 dealt with Parliament not allowing Charles I to steal whatever the fuck he wanted whenever the fuck he wanted. And of course the American revolution had the great budget crises due to the financial troubles of the British East India company and the need to pay for the seven years’ war.

    I believe that Bitcoin may have a large part to play in bringing our present federally nurtured police state to its knees in the same way as those other governments were.

  • tz1

    Gold and Silver would do the same thing and have been recognized as money since recorded history. And they have utility. They are hard to find so there is just mild, constant deflation except for a few major finds like the Comstock lode or 1849 California.

    How is a hash (a number with specific properties) useful? Why would you think it has value? It costs lots of electricity on special hardware to produce. US Dollars are often as ephemeral, but I can get a stack of paper dollars that people recognize (a shadow of the silver dollar and $20 gold coin – the paper was once a claim on the metal).

    Bitcoin fluctuates in value and has flaws. Until I can exchange it for a fixed amount of metal, it is just an electronic unbacked currency. Lots of things might be accepted as money, but most people don’t know what money is so they accept substitutes, e.g. credit.

    For example consider a standard fractional reserve bank, but based on bitcoin. You deposit 100 bitcoins, and it immediately loans out 90. It would have only 10% redeemable immediately on demand bitcoins, and claims of others promises to pay back 90%. Inflation? This is how booms and busts happened when money was gold and silver – issue credit.

    Media can be inserted into the blockchain. What happens when it is a copyrighted work or kiddie porn? If 51% of the “miners” form a group, they can control transactions. The hash algorithm scales so is subject to brute force. And bitcoins can be lost as easily as forgetting your passphrase or losing your wallet or having your disk fail.

  • Brandon Banks

    The IRS diagrees with you.

  • AmandaInMotion

    I have wondered how we could de-fund the police state for a long time. It seems so difficult to organize massive non-payment of taxation. Bitcoin’s potential is amazing! Even if people *did* continue to pay plenty of taxes in Bitcoin, it would still undermine the police state, because Bitcoin can’t be created by a single party. Thank you, thank you, thank you for pointing this out!

  • Ted Ryder

    An attacker that controls more than 50% of the network’s computing power can, for the time that he is in control, exclude and modify the ordering of transactions. This allows him to:

    Reverse transactions that he sends while he’s in control. This has the potential to double-spend transactions that previously had already been seen in the block chain.

    Prevent some or all transactions from gaining any confirmations

    Prevent some or all other miners from mining any valid blocks

    The attacker can’t:

    Reverse other people’s transactions

    Prevent transactions from being sent at all (they’ll show as 0/unconfirmed)

    Change the number of coins generated per block

    Create coins out of thin air

    Send coins that never belonged to him

  • Ted Ryder

    Nothing wrong with gold or silver although, if gold were valued only by it’s rarity, it would be about 5 bucks an ounce. It really is no different than bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin4Life

    If you deposit your Bitcoins in a bank then you shouldn’t bother using it. You’re applying problems which seem normal in our corrupted economic system to Bitcoin.

  • Andrew Stockman

    Hashes are just record keeping. It is not about using Bitcoin as currency per se, it is the blockchain technology behind it that is revolutionary, and the surface is just being scratched. Bitcoin is a protocol, like email is, and the blockchain has the potential to take the place of the internet. Developers are just now beginning to expand upon the core idea of the blockchain. Soon you will be able to send packets of information, like a will, or any legal document, without a third person to verify the transaction, as that is what the blockchain does. No more middlemen. This technology is a game changer. I don’t like to think of myself as buying currency, so much as I am investing in a ground breaking tech that will change the game the way the internet did. At some point I don’t doubt a cryptocurrency will come along and replace Bitcoin as the top crypto, but the tech beneath is what really matters.

  • Nessus

    out of five words you still managed to misspell one. you lose.

  • Brandon Banks

    Doesnt matter. Troll away troll. Got nothing better to do besides correct spelling online? How terribly sad your life must be.

  • coinosphere

    Awesome introduction Amanda! I’ve read them all and this one is among the very best.

  • coinosphere

    I beg to differ… There’s a huge difference, in favor of bitcoin.

    All commodities are valuable first and foremost by their utility… Gold is useful in jewelry and electronics, while bitcoin is useful as the ultimate asset ledger. Today there are billions of dollars worth of gold jewelry and electronics ‘backing’ gold; but this amount of wealth is vastly eclipsed by the worth of all assets on the planet. We’re talking about septillions or nonillions of dollars worth of wealth that will one day all be accounted for on bitcoin’s blockchain. The worth of this blockchain is incalculable, whereas we know the wealth of all gold pretty closely.

  • coinosphere

    Precious metals were the best money available for centuries… But they are not at all practical in today’s society, nor are they beyond government controls nor without new risks, like asteroid mining. Bitcoin’s utility runs rings around gold for use as a modern currency.

    Bitcoins have value because the free market says they do. There’s no point arguing about why something could when it does; just look at any one of the 50+ exchanges in operation that will buy bitcoins from you.

    Nothing backs gold, so I’m not worried about nothing backing bitcoin. Fiat is different than these two commodities, fiat needs backing because the pieces of paper they are printed on have no utility other than perhaps making some fire with.. Utility is the ultimate backer of everyting… And bitcoin’s utility makes gold’s utility look nearly worthless.

    The only things that can be inserted into the blockchain is a 40-character hash per transaction. You can’t actually store kiddie porn IN the blockchain that way, but you can hash it and have the blockchain act as a Notary Public for your kiddie porn… Something that wouldn’t be wise to do.

    Your fears of a brute force attack, at least in the next century, are unfounded, ask any cryptographer… Most of those are bitcoiners, so you’ll find more than a few over at when you’re ready.

    FInally, the lost passphrase problem is getting solved more and more each day through tons of technological innovation. Multi-sig wallets, hardware wallets, even creative paper wallet solutions are popping up on a near-daily basis now, as you’d expect when the majority of angel investors in Silicon Valley starts throwing money at such a small industry. Check out Bitgo, copay, trezor, and Mycellium’s Entropy… By christmas I expect all of those cutting-edge developments to be “old tech.”

  • Ron Helwig

    IMHO the real disadvantages of gold and silver are twofold: first, it can’t work over the Internet; bitcoin solves that problem (although bitcoin doesn’t work as a physical currency). Second, it has been cumbersome to use; too bulky or too small in comparison to paper notes; until Shire Silver came around. Using both bitcoin and Shire Silver covers all your monetary needs while also adding diversification.

  • monkeywrench

    money will always be manipulated. i believe in making them spend themselves broke,and wasting time(money) trying to find who is fucking with their masters

  • JC

    Amanda “takes a plea” Billyrock Johnson. You were busted for drinking and driving last winter. Your lawyer had you take your video down because it made things worse for you. Bitcoin is so unstable. Why anyone would think they are securing their future with it is beyond stupid. Bitcoin has been laundered by the guy who took it to the next level. All the activists were praising him until he has busted this past winter. It was also hacked over seas this past winter. If you want to throw your money away, more power too you.

  • JC

    That’s because bitcoin was almost wiped out this past year due to someone hoarding all the bitcoins. It’s an unreliable and unstable “currency”

  • ExposeSlappy

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  • Paolo

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  • Dan

    What backs gold and silver?

  • JC

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  • guest

    BitCoin as a concept is great. There are some dark paths it can take, but overall better than allowing a corrupt governing body to retain sole control of the currency. As far as the 51% issue, there are already many companies working to make BitCoin miner rigs, and the more rigs out there, the less chance of anyone holding a majority share. But more to the point, even if BitCoin itself specifically fails – which is possible, but not currently likely – the concept of a cryptocurrency is gaining stronger hold in the world.