“Man hit with Taser Sues Police Officers”

From the Columbia Daily Tribune is Missouri:

Two Columbia police officers are the focus of a civil lawsuit concerning an incident last year in which a man was tasered after a traffic stop.

Attorney Samuel Trapp filed the civil suit yesterday in federal court in Jefferson City on behalf of Cadilac Derrick, 23, of Columbia.

On Feb. 24, 2009, Derrick was driving his registered Suburu down Providence Road when Columbia police Officers Tim Giger and John Logan pulled him over, according to the lawsuit

A video posted on YouTube shows the incident captured by police cameras. The officers approached each side of the car, in which Derrick’s girlfriend Amanda Reed and her 3-year old child were passengers. Derrick handed officers his license and registration and asked why he was being pulled over. One officer can then be heard instructing Derrick to step out of the car.

Throughout, Derrick remained seated, and he asked for his license back. The other officer then fired a Taser through the passenger window. Derrick thrashed and fell from the car, then attempted to run. A resulting scuffle can be heard outside the view of the police car camera.

According to a copy of the lawsuit, the officers assaulted Derrick, “placing him in a chokehold, beating him with their fists and knees” and then sprayed mace into his left eye. Derrick was then arrested.

“The way that was handled was unbelievable,” Trapp said.

Criminal charges filed against Derrick for resisting arrest were dismissed this week. Trapp said the prosecutor couldn’t show Derrick knew why he was being detained.

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Not surprisingly, an internal investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of the officers.

Paula Parmeley Carter

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