Alyona Show: How to cop proof your cell phone

This video gives some helpful tips for keeping personal information stored on your cell phone private in the event that it is seized by the police:


Pre-1919 Unique, Historic Dominion Police Badge Collection (rare Rare Rare)  picture
Pre-1919 Unique, Historic Dominion Police Badge Collection (rare Rare Rare)

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Extremely Rare - C. 1880's - 1911 Nypd Police Collection Lot 1

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Police Comics #2 Nm 9.4

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Extremely Rare - C. 1870's - 1917 Nypd Police Collection Lot 2

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1950 Harley Davidson Police Special Classic Vintage Motorcycle For Sale.


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  • Anyone know of a good encryption app for Android devices?

  • Common Sense always put a password on your phone. is this guy alright or is he extremely nervous

  • Hey FreeStaters..

    First, the Government has back-doors it demands, sues for, or willingly receives from telecom providers and phone vendors. For an image of this compliance, think of a naked male baby, stamped with a social security number on his arm, in green type, smiling, and pissing in the air, wide-eyed, looking up at his master the state, dressed as Uncle Sam with a swastika, has a gun pointed at the side of the child’s head. The child’s parents (Investors, Board Members, Top Management) nodding approvingly as another holds them at bay with a rifle.

    These companies have received immunities from prosecution so we all cannot sue them for breach of our privacy.

    Your SmartPhone is not your friend. Even apple is working to allow cops to turn off your iPhone camera automatically- you thought it was to protect copyrights at rock concerts? They quickly applied for the patent to sell the technology to other vendors that they have been “asked” to use on us. When you sell 20 Million iPads, you win the prize of money from licensing.

    A great video to publish would be a website hosted offshore, with a domain registered outside ICANN, that lists each model cell phone and how to remove the GPS chip.

    Don’t keep a phone address book, Keep a short list in your head and maybe a handwritten one nearby, preferably not in reach of a police officer during a taser stop- I mean traffic stop. Pretty soon the only privacy will be in your head, and they are already working on that one…

    Of course, all your phone calls out, even on a pre-paid phone registered under another name, with a number from another city, as you begin to make or receive calls from other known numbers of yours, just gets plugged in and triangulated into your web of contacts until the pattern develops proving its your phone. Then it’s a simple matter to demand the records from Virgin or whoever.

    And don’t get me started on FaceBook- the biggest Known Associates File complete with IRIS identification, regularly, willingly updated by the past, current, and future tased, shot, cuffed, imprisoned, and taxed.

    Back in the old days, way back in the old days for me, the high school printed a yearbook of headshots, that would calmly be picked up by the local police officers with approval of the Principal and administration. It has just gotten a lot easier now.

    In Liberty,

    Mark Watson
    Liberty Matters

    Before I get responses from people who do not know what I am talking about- please just google it- it is all out in the open.

  • jack

    You guys dont know any phone be listened to with a Scanner or PC software, they can listen on your phone even if its shut off, the only sure way is to take the battery out when their your not using it.

    The MOB also uses your cell phone scanners to steal your SS#, bank information, credit cards numbers or to set you up, This is one of their main tools to commit crimes, because its very hard to catch somebody listening your phone you will never know it until you have idenetity theft.

    This all ready proven when the FBI catches MOB criminals they alwasy have a stack of SS#’s and stolen credit card numbers along with a scanner, They all have them.

  • Bob

    FYI, It’s important to point out that if you just put a long password on your phone device that will be good enough to keep them from accessing your phone information. REMEMBER, you do not have to give this password to them no matter what they say. Just tell them that you have nothing to say other than giving them your name that is all that is required by law. Plead the 5th amendment, the right to remain silent and to not self incrimidate. Also, it is against the law for you to lie to them, but not for them. If you say nothing other than your name, you are not lying or helping them to collect evidence against you.

  • Rachelle,I’ve only queried agents I’ve met at writers’ conferences and they have all been very nice in rejecting my work. Each one has offered helpful tips. I suppose it helps to establish a personal connection and I’m also very selective about agents I query.

  • Waldo

    The most effective way to cop block your cell is… get rid of it!

    Nowadays, you are _expected_ to have a cell phone, but YOU REALLY DONT NEED IT! You need clothes and a refrigerator, but not a TV. The same goes for cell phones. Think about how you use your cell phone. It may provide some conveniences, but really not necessities (there may be exceptions).

    All of this “modern” technology (cell phones, internet, Facebook, twitter, etc.) has created a surveillance state. We don’t need cell phones any more than we need flying