UPDATE: Florida Killer Gets 80 Hours Without Pay

Back when CopBlock.org was just getting off the ground I blogged about a 17 yr who was chased down by Pensacola Police officer Jerald Ard.  The chase ended with Ard driving his car over the boy who then hit a curb and wrecked his bike and died.

In a totally unrelated event, I’m currently exchanging emails with a Keene Police officer (blog coming soon) who claims police are held accountable all the time.  Well, the officer who ran over the teenager was just held accountable to the tune of 80 hrs (two weeks) of time off without pay.  Does this sound like accountability to you?

A Pensacola Police officer has been suspended for 80 hours without pay after an internal review determined he violated department policies.

On Oct. 3, 2009, Officer Jerald Ard tried to stop teen-aged bicyclist Victor D. Steen for questioning, which led to a short pursuit and Steen’s subsequent death.

Pensacola Police Chief John W. Mathis made the decision Friday after an internal review of the circumstances leading to the death of Steen, 17, of Pensacola.

“There is no way I can adequately express our sadness for the death of this young man. This is a very sad and tragic event,” Mathis said. “Unfortunately, it is one that the Steen family and Officer Ard will have to live with the rest of their lives.”

Ard, 36, who has been assigned to desk duty since October, will return to patrol duty after the suspension.

Ademo Freeman

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