Feedback Sought: Crowdfunded Open Source DIY Tamperproof Dash Cams!

The content below was shared by Ernesto Apocaloptimisto via about an idea he and some friends have to inject transparency into police interactions.

Quick rundown of an idea a few friends and I are working on:

We are designing a cool little weather/crash/tamper proof dash/helmet cam with a built in 3g card that streams video to a website/forum when activated. All open source and free.

At the site/forum, people can find the plans to build the cams, people to build them for them, etc, and they can also see the videos from the cams that are live, becoming witnesses. Also on the site, people can purchase a phone app that streams live video to the site just like the dash cams. A free app that will look exactly the same will be available too.

Since officers won’t know which version of the app it is, anyone can show them the recording/streaming screen with an obvious viewer count displayed and randomly shifting up and down, and they’ll have to assume that the encounter is being streamed live to a server somewhere.

The free app alone should help a lot of people and a good incentive to come to the site.

The proceeds from selling the app and completed cams can be used to fund installing the dash cams in law enforcement vehicles at no charge the departments, fund the website, and fund incentives for people to participate and be nice, uniform or not..!/member-projects:open-source-crowdfunded-da

We’re working on plans and prototypes and will be releasing hardware plans soon. We need help with the web aspect of building and running the site, and developing the phone app and are open to collaborate with anyone that doesn’t need cops and laws in order to be good people!

Just throwing the idea out there!

Just FYI, the reason that I’m sending this info to Cop Block is that I really like your videos and I believe that you guys are on a real mission to improve things.

I’m not looking for any donations or anything like that here. We’re funded up the prototype and website fees. We’re just finding to find programmers and other diy, open source, save the world types to collaborate with!

Editors Note: If you want to learn more or possibly get-involved, please leave a comment for Ernesto on his original proposal at:!/member-projects:open-source-crowdfunded-da





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