Garry Reed on Kelly Thomas – Fullerton Man Murdered by Police

Garry Reed over at recently had this to say in his article Cop killers and killer cops: murderers all:

In early July Kelly Thomas, a homeless schizophrenic man, was beaten and tasered to death by Fullerton, California, police. . .

Libertarians who follow Cop Block and similar pro-freedom sites know these cop murders are not merely “isolated incidents”; they’ve become so commonplace that many almost go unnoticed.

And that’s just how countless police forces want it. Power is addictive, and virtually unlimited and unchallenged police power vested in the hands of dull-witted, ham-fisted, insensitive thugs, as so many cops are these days, takes on the aura of an irresistible aphrodisiac.


Cop Block’s own George Sand weighed-in on Thomas’s murder in the post Seig Heil to the Nazis in Fullerton.

The video below shows a protest that happened on Aug. 6th in Fullerton. Thanks to Crihsotpehr Prohna Aixels for putting the video on my radar.

And much love to the good folks involved with Friends for Fullerton Future who initially got eyes on Thomas’s killing. Ademo and I crossed paths with them at a meetup when on the road with the Motorhome Diaries and Ademo snagged the interview below with Tony Bushala, who started the site:


Pete Eyre

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