Homicides by Los Angeles Cops

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In the three year period from January 2007 through December 2009 one hundred and six people have been shot and killed by police officers in Los Angeles County.

Few of these shootings actually involve and old fashioned gun fight between a bad buy and the police.  Far too many of the circumstances resemble the fatal shooting of Woodrow Player III who was unarmed and shot several times in the back as he ran from police on July 10th, 2009.

The story given by police has changed often but goes something like this:

The police initially claimed that they got a call about a man with a gun and pulled Woodrow Player III over in his car as he drove down the street in the vicinity of the 11200 block of Berendo Avenue in unincorporated Athens, Los Angeles County. The police claim that he then ran from them, twice turning to point a handgun at them and so they fired at him in self defense; killing him.
Woodrow Player III was unarmed. So the police changed their story. They said they found a cell phone in the alley where he was killed and claimed to have found a handgun in his car.  Which raises the question, if he had a gun why would he leave it in the car and instead run off only to turn and point his cell phone at the police?
Woodrow Player III was shot in the back.  It is rather difficult, impossible, to shoot someone who is pointing a gun/cell phone/phaser/”figment of ones imagination” at you and for your bullets to hit him in the back.

According to witnesses, not only was he shot in the back as he ran, he was shot seven or eight times in the back.  Witnesses also dispute the claim that police had pulled him over as he drove down the street.  According to witnesses his vehicle was parked at a liquor store when the police approached him. Which sounds more plausible, if one were a criminal illegally transporting a firearm it would make more sense to toss the evidence from his vehicle. What gun? I’ve never seen that gun before? Where did you find it? Not in my car! Not on me!

It turns out that over the preceding year, the police had frequently stopped him and just two week earlier had “tore his house apart,” according to his wife. As a parolee released from prison on a drug conviction, his rights and recourse against police abuse were limited.
The police were from the Lennox Sheriffs station. Cop-watchers may recall that this is the same police station where 20 of the 25 police officers indicted by the Feds in the 1990s worked . The police were indicted for a variety of drug and torture crimes.  The Lennox Station has always been the station where the dregs of the Sheriff’s Department are sent. If a cop is a screw-up, psychopath, drunk, addict, what have you; they are stationed at Lennox where the people are poor and helpless. They aren’t sent to patrol Palos Verdes or Rolling Hills for reasons obvious to all but the most obtuse of persons.
At this point the police stopped talking and declined even to reveal the identity of the police officers involved in the shooting as required by state law. The Los Angeles times has finally obtained a court order demanding the police reveal their identities. The Sheriff’s department has said they might release it next week, maybe.
The police are conducting their own internal investigation on the shooting. Care to make a gentleman’s wager on what they conclude?
I, personally, am not going to shed a tear for the departure of Woodrow Player III from this veil of tears. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if the police can shoot someone in the back as he runs away then they can shoot anybody dead in the street including you.
Which is great segue to my next point.  The United States Supreme Court decided twenty-five years ago that it is illegal for police to shoot people who run from them.  California doesn’t think that decision applies to them. Why? Because even though the US Supreme Court cited the California statute as an example of the type of law that was unconstitutional the court only explicitly struck down the Tennessee law. Memo to California, when the United States Supreme Court declares something to be unconstitutional, the decision applies to the whole country. If California wants to leave the United States, good riddance, nobody is keeping them here.  Until then, the Constitution of the United States applies equally to California as it does to every other state in the Union.
The US Supreme Court decision can be found in this other article I wrote about an LAPD shooting of an unarmed woman thirty years ago; Eula Love.

Homicides by cop in Los Angeles – January 2007 through December 2009
Emmanuel Alvarez 27 12/17/09 West Covina Gunshot
Daniel Carlon 23 11/12/09 Mid-Wilshire Gunshot
Julian Nolasco 25 11/4/09  Florence Gunshot
John Fulchiero 50 10/17/09 Palms Gunshot
Efrain Lara Gutierrez 31 10/2/09  Citrus Gunshot
Noe Escobar Reyes 41 9/22/09  Pomona Gunshot
Leopoldo Huizar 24 9/20/09  Norwalk Gunshot
Felipe Valdovinos 27 9/20/09  Compton Gunshot
Darrick Collins 36 9/14/09  Athens Gunshot
Robert Brown 84 9/6/09 Green Meadows Gunshot
Wilson Victorian 59 9/4/09 Carson Gunshot
Oran Douglas III 37 8/9/09 Vermont-Slauson Gunshot
Ezequiel Jacobo 33 8/8/09 Carson Gunshot
Guillermo Saucedo 23 8/7/09 Lynwood Gunshot
Jessie Long 19 8/6/09 South Park Gunshot
Howard Gross 57 8/1/09 Rosemead Gunshot
Jose Jimenez 16 7/24/09 El Monte Gunshot
Woodrow Player III 22 7/10/09 Westmont Gunshot
Pedro Fernandez 24 7/6/09 Sawtelle Gunshot
Richard Cabrales 20 6/5/09 East Los Angeles Gunshot
Mitchell Marien 23 5/28/09 Bellflower Gunshot
Wilford Hunton 18 5/28/09 Long Beach Gunshot
Socrates Siqueiros 21 5/24/09 Long Beach Gunshot
Marcus Smith 31 5/17/09 Inglewood Gunshot
James Tuggle 29 5/3/09 Long Beach Gunshot
Raul Castillo Razo 15 4/27/09 Norwalk Gunshot
Gene Valdez 18 4/26/09 Compton Gunshot
Erik Garcia 18 4/16/09 Florence-Firestone Gunshot
Ernesto Castaneda 22 3/15/09 Rosemead Gunshot
Sammie Richardson 59 3/12/09 Downtown Gunshot
Leroy Barnes Jr. 38 2/19/09 Pasadena Gunshot
Steven Hernandez 23 2/7/09 Huntington Park Gunshot
Saul Soriano 41 1/1/09 Arleta Gunshot
Salvador Zepeda Alarcon 18 11/30/08 East Los Angeles Gunshot
Omar Garcia 24 11/17/08 West Covina Gunshot
Alejandro Erazo 25 11/8/08 Venice Gunshot
Abraham Sanchez 33 10/18/08 Lynwood Gunshot
Joshua Stephenson 25 10/1/08 Rosemead Gunshot
Eddie Franco 56 8/31/08 Inglewood Gunshot
Gerardo Arvallo 32 8/10/08 Lynwood Gunshot
Eric Lewis Liebowitz 35 8/5/08 Encino Gunshot
Jesse Moore 56 7/31/08 Downtown Gunshot
Christian Portillo 34 7/24/08 Lennox Gunshot
Kevin Wicks 38 7/21/08 Inglewood Gunshot
Ruben Walton Ortega 23 7/1/08 Inglewood Gunshot
Bryan Moore 26 6/26/08 West Compton Gunshot
Ilda Grasso 52 6/10/08 Alhambra Gunshot
Frank Filomeno Alejo 28 5/20/08 Boyle Heights Gunshot
Carlos Rivera 17 5/17/08 South Park Gunshot
Roketi Mosesue 46 5/17/08 Long Beach Gunshot
Glenn Rose 25 5/13/08 Covina Gunshot
Samuel Om 21 5/13/08 Westlake Gunshot
Michael Byoune 19 5/11/08 Inglewood Gunshot
Marco Gomez 31 5/2/08 Central-Alameda Gunshot
Richard Dale 54 4/19/08 Torrance Gunshot
Fernando Cortez 21 4/12/08 Watts Gunshot
Jonathan Taylor 24 4/11/08 El Segundo Gunshot
Sergio Sedillo 26 4/2/08 Wilmington Gunshot
Mohammad Usman Chaudhry 21 3/25/08 Hollywood Gunshot
Rodney Sandberg 24 3/15/08 Torrance Gunshot
Marco Ernesto Avila 33 3/13/08 Wilmington Gunshot
Sergio Rojas 21 3/12/08 East Los Angeles Gunshot
Lawrence Smith 24 3/4/08 North Hollywood Gunshot
Byron San Jose 25 2/27/08 Van Nuys Gunshot
Daniel Leon 22 2/21/08 Glassell Park Gunshot
Carlos Castillo 22 2/16/08 Westlake Gunshot
Edwin Rivera 20 2/7/08 Winnetka Gunshot
Ronald Boone 20 1/29/08 Hyde Park Gunshot
Glen Boldware 47 1/4/08 Sawtelle Gunshot
Kami Stevens 40 12/26/07 Long Beach Gunshot
Luis Salinas 23 11/21/07 North Hills Gunshot
Jovon Talley-Ford 27 10/4/07 Inglewood Gunshot
Elaine Coleman 21 9/9/07 Hawthorne Gunshot
Alonso Cardenas 41 9/2/07 Pasadena Gunshot
Brent McKinney 45 8/14/07 Boyle Heights Gunshot
Peter Rodriguez 23 8/14/07 South El Monte Gunshot
John Rico 30 8/9/07 El Sereno Gunshot
Anita Delgado 39 8/9/07 Sylmar Gunshot
Arturo Guzman 29 8/4/07 Unincorporated Santa Monica Mountains Gunshot
Mark Gregg 25 7/24/07 Hollywood Gunshot
Deshawn Adams 24 7/22/07 Gardena Gunshot
Victor Garcia 14 7/19/07 Mid-City Gunshot
Charlie Wilson 20 7/14/07 Torrance Gunshot
Shaun McCoy 22 7/14/07 Torrance Gunshot
William Vasquez 43 7/2/07 Torrance Gunshot
Aaron Borden 26 6/26/07 Vermont Square Gunshot
Detrick Ford 20 6/13/07 Broadway-Manchester Gunshot
Jamar Witherspoon 18 5/28/07 Broadway-Manchester Gunshot
Ronald Ball 60 5/19/07 Historic South-Central Gunshot
Carlos Ornelas 42 5/16/07 Lake View Terrace Gunshot
Ventura Saenz 19 5/12/07 Compton Gunshot
Juan Velasco 30 5/11/07 East Los Angeles Gunshot
Andrew MacEarchern 52 5/10/07 El Segundo Gunshot
Richard Tyson 20 5/9/07 Inglewood Gunshot
Pedro Renteria 21 4/26/07 Harbor Gateway Gunshot
Javier Chavez 30 4/14/07 Jefferson Park Gunshot
John Goudeaux 45 4/9/07 Lake Balboa Gunshot
Edmund Wong 40 4/6/07 Downey Gunshot
Jaime Flores 29 4/2/07 Lennox Gunshot
David Weisman 34 3/13/07 Toluca Lake Gunshot
Antonio Bland 25 3/4/07 Exposition Park Gunshot
Marcellus Wright 25 2/24/07 Historic South-Central Gunshot
Francisco Mondragon-Saucedo
24 2/11/07 Highland Park Gunshot
Jose Millan 27 2/11/07 El Monte Gunshot
Jose Carlos Perez-Hernandez 36 2/8/07 South Gate Gunshot
Philip Miller 43 1/10/07 Green Meadows Gunshot

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