Chester, PA cops shoots man in the back

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Here’s the story, via Daily Times (Delware Co, PA):

Mayor Wendell N. Butler Jr. wants the officer who shot and killed a city man on Aug. 5 suspended without pay.

Butler said he made the decision after meeting with the family of Daniel Francis Simms, 21, who was gunned down in a backyard near the intersection of East 23rd and Crosby streets.

The Simms family and others have held two protests since then, including one outside police headquarters during which some of the protesters called for the lynching of the officer involved. Officials have declined to release the name of the officer, citing the ongoing investigation.

When asked if he agreed to the suspension in exchange for the family agreeing to stop protesting, Butler, a former longtime cop, said, “I talked to the family, but I don’t make deals.” (Read Full Story Here)

Found out about this from a facebook post – the poster, claiming to be the partner of the guys who fatally shot a Chester man in the back. The amount of hate towards the murdered man and the mayor who dares suspend the cop with no pay is absolutely incredible.

The overwealming sentiment expressed on this FB page is the typical “if you run from the cops and pull a gun you deserve to be shot to death” stuff. No remorse. Just the same old “Well, don’t you know, you don’t have much time to think in those situations.”

Since when is running from the cops a death warrant?



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