Cops Handcuff Child on Car Trunk

Submitted anonymously via CopBlock Submit, reprint of a Facebook post.

When: Aug 22, 2014
Responsible Party: Kissimmee Police Department
Contact Info for Kissimmee Police Department: (407) 847-0176

Contact Info for Cypress Elementary: (407) 344-5000

“My son Ryan is 10 years old and is Autistic. Sometimes he has good days and sometimes he doesn’t. Our family has always been grateful to all the teachers and schools who have worked with Ryan both past and present, until yesterday. Ryan had an extremely bad day and usually I get a call asking me to pick him up – that did not happen. Instead, the school called the cops because they felt he would harm others or himself – I get that. What I don’t get is why they didn’t call us first and why the police dragged my son down the halls, then threw him on the trunk of their car and handcuffed him in front of the school. Ryan was having a bad day, he didn’t have a weapon, he didn’t hurt anyone and this is how the Kissimmee Police Department felt they needed to handle a 10 year old Autistic child. My son Ryan deserved to be protected not humiliated. I share this with you in hopes that this never happens to another child ever again.”


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