Seven Douglas County (CO) Sheriff Employees vs One Girl, Videographer Pushed [Video]

The content below was captured and shared by Asencio Renteria-Vigil via Renteria-Vigil witnessed a gang of men, wearing gang colors, grouped around a woman. Concerned for her safety, he approached with his camera. It wasn’t long until he was ordered away by J.R. Engel and D.F. Palemo, who wore the insignia of the Douglas County Sheriff Clearly, those men must not have been proud of their actions, thus they used intimidation to censor the video.

Date of Interaction: August 28, 2014
Individuals Responsible: J.R. Engel & D.F. Palemo
Outfit: Douglas County Sheriff’s
Phone: (303) 660.7505

I didn’t know the situation walking, as I state in the video, how ever when is it necessary to have seven cops harassing one girl at Wal-Mart?

Editors Note: Props to Renteria-Vigil for looking out for another person who’s freedom of movement was prohibited. The mere act of creating an objective record in such situations can go a long way. It’s great to see so many others, not just within the USSA but globally take similar actions when confronted by self-proclaimed “authorities.” As he concluded,

This is what officers are doing these days, and we’re making a movement! We’re making a movement!



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