Spring Hill,KS police officer attempted 5th Amendment violation

Today 8/17/11 a Spring Hill,KS police officer,SGT. Holmes attemted to force me to hand over some type of I.D. to prove who I was due to my being present at a domestic disturbance. I showed up at a friends after this disturbance occurred and the police show up asking everyone at the dwelling for I.D. I refused since I did not witness any of the actions or committed any crime. The SGT then threatened me with jail. I called the KCMO ACLU office and spoke to a lady that informed me to let him arrest me then call her as soon as I was released. I made this call on my cell phone with the speaker on so the officers could hear the entire conversation. After I hung up with the ACLU the unpolite officers changed their attitude towards me and promptly left me alone. EVERYONE in America should be fully aware of THEIR rights and stand up to these CREEPS that try to trample,abuse or flat out ignore what freedoms we are allowed.
-Travis Strausbaugh



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