Beavercreek “Protesters” Mindlessly Support Cop who Killed John Crawford III

The post below was shared anonymously via It details the interaction of a videographer and those who blindly support the Beaverceek police employee who killed John Crawford III  inside the nearby Wal-Mart.

Rather than engage in intelligent discourse, those present parroted the unthinking claim, “He was just doing his job.” One man, decked out in USSA regalia, levied personal attacks – referring to the camerperson as an “asshole” and “chickenshit” as another lady hypocritically held a thin blue line sign while rocking a shirt with a peace symbol.

The indoctrination runs deep.

As Justin King wrote at in the post Ohio “Open Carry” Laws Could Spell Murder Charges for Cops who Shot Innocent Man, open carry of a firearm in Ohio is not even said by the claimed rulers to be illicit – a fact that a couple Copblockers communicated in 2010.

There can be no immunity in this case for the officers because even if he was carrying a gun, which he was not, they didn’t have legal grounds to question him. They were not operating within the law. Police only have immunity when adhering to the law. This was murder.


These are types of people that scare me! People that support murderers!

John Crawford was shopping in Wal-Mart, when he was gunned down by an overzealous Beavercreek police officer with a high powered assault rifle! The same type people like this, don’t want you to have!!!! This officer gave no regard to what was behind his target which was only a few feet away. I’m sure there is a hole in a few Wal-Mart walls when the bullet went through Mr Crawford!john-crawford-iii-beaver-creek-ohio-copblock

So far in this “uh hmmm!! Investigation”, it looks like Mr. Crawford was murdered for shopping in Wal-Mart. We will know for sure once the case is over. But the blatant disregard for ANYONE’s safety by the Beavercreek police and these idiots support of said murderer, is what scares me! They are fine with someone being murdered if the shooter dons a badge!

Remind me NEVER to go to Beavercreek Ohio!!! And not for fear of criminals, unless they are wearing a badge!!! The script is flipped in the crick!

As Virgil Vaduva stated in his post Beavercreek Walmart Eyewitnesses Contradict Police Statements and 911 Caller at on August 18, 2014:

It appears that the store was a calm, safe and peaceful place until the Beavercreek Police Officers responded and started firing their weapons inside the store, without any thought as to where their bullets would end up, or whether or not other peaceful and innocent bystanders could be harmed or even killed by their actions…

We could continue to dissect the facts of the situation, but one thing has become very clear after the shooting of John Crawford III: the Beavercreek Police Department is comprised of dangerous and unaccountable individuals who continue to display a disregard for law, lack the necessary training to interact with law-abiding citizens in a proper manner and are too quick to pull the trigger on their service weapons, seeking to justify the shooting.

Virgil Vaduva’s questions about the shooting death of John Crawford III by Beavercreek police employee demand answers.
The day prior, on August 17th, Vaduva posted to the Ten Unanswered Questions About the Beavercreek Walmart Shooting (questions listed below, see article link for full coverage):

  1. Why call the police to start with?
  2. What does the security footage show?
  3. When did the second victim have a heart attack?
  4. What is the exact timeline of the shooting?
  5. Which officer pulled the trigger?
  6. Where is the police report?
  7. Why is there a private law firm involved?
  8. How much time did the victim have to drop the air rifle?
  9. What evidence is there for shoplifting accusations?
  10. Who is behind the various Facebook groups in support of the Police actions?

Beavercreek Police Outfit

Beavercreek Wal-Mart

Know Ohio-Based Police Accountability Groups



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