Police Violation Caught On Camera! Broward County, FL

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A group of South Florida filmmakers who were violently arrested for video recording from a public observation deck on a beach last year produced an impressive investigative documentary of their ordeal, documenting everything from their arrest to the ensuing coverup by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office where authorities went as far as intimidating a business owner into getting rid of a surveillance video camera that had captured the incident as well as deleting footage from cameras they had confiscated from the men.

From the video description:

This is the main reason why we stopped making videos for a while… All charges against us were dropped but we’re still affected by this incident and believe justice should be served… We still haven’t gotten compensated for the damaged equipment and also lost three months of work since all of our equipment got seized. We need a civil rights attorney who can help us with this case. Please email us if you if have any info that could help in any way. Thanks for watching!

Broward County Sheriff’s Outfit

Known Florida-Based Police Accountability Groups



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