John Walters, Butler (PA) Police Employee, Chooses Aggression Over Transparency

David J. Stewart shared this content via, which documents a “public servant” so opposed to transparency, that he steals the property and issues a ransom to one of his “customers.”

Date of Interaction: July 29, 2014
Individual Responsible: John Walters
Outfit: Butler (PA) Police Department
Phone: (724) 287-7743


At the recording date of this video (07/29/2014): it had been 41-days since I quit Mickey’s Original Pizza and Hoagies, and HAD NOT received ANY form of payment for the 3 weeks that I worked there (which is why I was recording, I wanted to catch the thief admit to his crime)

Editors Note: On the Butler Police Outfit website it states that its employees are “dedicated to serving the community” – did John Walters actions align with that stated goal?






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