Handcuffed Man Shot and Killed by Jose Flores, El Paso Police Employee

This video was shared by Josh Kemp via the form at CopBlock.org/Submit. It shows the use of deadly force by El Paso police employee Jose Flores upon a handcuffed man. The incident happened on March 8, 2013. In June of 2014 a grand jury said there was not enough evidence to move forward with charges against Flores for his actions.


I haven’t seen this video on Cop Block yet. Maybe I missed it, but it shows a handcuffed inmate shot while handcuffed behind his back. Its pretty brutal, and probably the best filmed incident I’ve seen so far of just blatant murder recorded.

Editors note: What do you think? If a person is handcuffed and not cooperating – do they deserve to be put to death? Or might another, less permanent solution ought to have been sought? Perhaps Flores wouldn’t have been so quick to pull the trigger if he knew he would be held responsible for his actions, and not granted deference in the injustice system due to his place of work. If that makes more sense to you, then cease buying into the bad idea that accountability can ever come from a coercive monopoly. Expose yourself to ideas based on commonsense that make clear that no one has extra rights.

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