“If voting worked, it’d be illegal”

Apparently Kern County, CA Sheriff Donny Youngblood decided that his own ordinances on medicinal marijuana were no longer acceptable and released an Urgency Ordinance on August 9, 2011.

“Kern County passed two separate ordinances on August 9th, 2011. The urgency ordinance took effect immediately and limits the number of medical marijuana plants to 12 per parcel. This is in direct violation of the standards established by the Attorney General who stressed that the numbers of plants were limited by the number of patients not land. The other ordinance takes effect on September 8th, and bans all medical marijuana dispensaries. Despite harassment by local law enforcement, the citizens of Kern County have flocked to the effort; currently over 40 collectives and over 1,000 patients have joined the referendum effort to overturn the ban on collectives.”

Phil Ganong, attorney at law, has filed court documents seeking an injunction preventing the enforcement of Kern County’s illegal urgency ordinance limiting the number of plants per parcel. The sheriff of Kern County has attempted to scare the medical marijuana community by declaring a temporary amnesty for all medical marijuana growers, threatening jail time if they do not immediately uproot their harvests. In truth, the ordinance will only result in a citation. The intimidation tactics the Sheriff of Kern County include following local activists and flooding public City Council and County Board of Supervisor meetings with over 50 uniformed officers. When asked, Mr. Beresh, noted that reactionary forces were gathering within the state and attempting to overturn the public’s will as expressed in Proposition 215 through restrictive local ordinances and local bans.” (http://californiacannabiscoalition.org/?p=1457#comment-1790)

Yesterday I pulled into a (Kern County) Wal-Mart where I saw a cop speaking with a man getting petition signatures. Half-joking I said; “I bet that guy is getting signatures on that recent collective ban”. As I walked into the store I asked the guy what his petition was for (the cop was just standing by watching) and sure enough it was for the recent medicinal marijuana ordinance. I promptly signed the petition and asked the man why the cops were there. He said they were trying to prevent him from gathering signatures because he didn’t have a permit to do so. Mind you, people gather petition signatures here all the time and I have never seen a cop asking for permits, not can I think of any reason why one would be needed. Within earshot of the pig, I thanked the man for standing out in the heat fighting for our freedoms and democracy. As I left the store, backup was arriving. Unfortunately I was only able to snatch this picture as I drove by. I wish I could’ve filmed the scene but my three daughters and husband (who is on probation) were with me at the time. I once heard someone say, “If voting worked, it’d be illegal”….

-not happy with the (police) state of things
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