Warren Police Employee Makowski Issues Citation for Not Answering Questions [Video]

Matt shared the video below via CopBlock.org/Submit. It details the actions of Warren police employee Makowski who levies a threat despite the absence of a victim.


The police were called to a house in Warren, MI to check on a noise complaint. Three cops initially opened a wooden fence and walked into the backyard unannounced. Officer Makowski entered the backyard last and quickly took notice of me filming her and her buddies.

She began by asking if I had an issue and then demanded ID and my name. I refused to give any of my information so she then snatched my phone from my hand, stole my wallet and informed me that I would now get a ticket. She returned with a misdemeanor citation for not following her orders.

In the video she states that she needed to know my age just in case I was underage drinking but at no point does she observe me with any type of alcoholic beverage in my hands.

As of today, 9/4, I am still waiting for my court date.

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