Continues to Grow!

In the year and a half since’s creation we’ve consistently grown. Whether it be the number of bloggers, featured writers – like Larken Rose – or the podcast, folks have been very creative at expanding the brand. Thanks to CopBlock’s decentralized structure people are free to expand in whatever direction they feel is needed. Just go for it!

Recently the brand has grown outside the site. Over the past few months several police accountability folks have started their own chapters. People who live in Ohio, Pittsburgh (PA), Virginia and Massachusetts can now follow police abuse on a more local level. Or connect and become active with like minded folks in their area. Below are the links to each site, as well as contact information to those involved.

Pittsburgh CopBlock

Started by Craig and AJ, who live just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, these guys are active and looking to grow in numbers (as numbers make all the difference). They’re looking for bloggers, researchers (to post police related stories with PA) and folks willing to go out and “CopBlock.” They’ve already drawn the attention of local media and law enforcement. Connect with Pittsburgh CopBlock on Facebook, twitter, YouTube or via their contact tab.

Ohio CopBlock:

Founded by Jake and friends, Ohio is the largest chapter thus far. They have good numbers but still need some help with video work, bloggers, researchers and graphics. Like Pitts CopBlock, they too have drawn the attention of the local police. If you live in Ohio and would like to join/support this group find them on Facebook, twitterYouTube and their site.

Mass CopBlock:

Started by’s very own Dr. Q, who’s also responsible for the War On Camera’s Map and so many great post, Mass CopBlock will, at first, focus on the Eastern side of the state. Mass CopBlock, like the others, is looking for people to become active. Contact Mass CopBlock on Facebook, Twitter and their site.

Virginia CopBlock:

Started by Nathan, who’s been featured on videos in the past (he’s also a good friend of mine), Virginia CopBlock is in the early, early stages. They’ll have a website up shortly but have already worked on some graphics and outreach ideas. If you’re interested in joining them, or are from the VA area, find them on Facebook and YouTube.

More details coming on a NW Indiana CopBlock and Carolinas CopBlock.

Are you interested in starting your very own Wondering what it takes? Well, nothing. As long as you have the drive and desire to do something (police accountability related), your chapter can be whatever you want it to be. If you start your own group feel free to contact us here at, so we can assist (possibly) with a website, social networking tips, graphics and more. The community of is growing, visit the forum – click the topic in your area, and folks here are more than willing to help one another become active.


Ademo Freeman

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