FBI Employee Christopher Crowe Deems Latest Manufactured Charade a “Success”

Yesterday in Minneapolis Patrick Schiltz told Keith Michael Novak that he’d spend the next two years in a cage, after which he’d have to report as proscribed for three more years – or else. This decree was covered by the Associated Press, Reuters, and many other outlets.

Novak had months ago said that he was guilty of identity theft. Supposedly, in the USSA, over 10,000,000 individuals each year experience identity theft. What made Novak’s actions unique enough to garner national attention? He was the person targeted in a scenario concocted by FBI employee Christoper Crowe and his colleagues.

If you’ve not been following Novak’s situation, it essentially can be boiled down to yet another person billed as threat for the PR purposes of criminal actors who themselves subsist on extortion, and ultimately, on perceived legitimacy.

The video “FBI Excels At Foiling Own Plots” touches on this systematic protocol used by FBI employees to stop schemes of their own creation to bolster the perception that the “services” they provide are a necessity.

In December, 2013 headlines painted Novak as a former Army intelligence employee who had gone rogue. And that, if not for swift actions of FBI employees, he may have committed some dastardly acts – including blowing up the Utah Data Center (what NSA employees refer to as their Massive Data Repository). Yet no details were ever presented to support that attention-generating claim, and Novak was never charged with anything terrorism-related.

Novak, like so many others caught in the post-9/11 security theater, was character assassinated for political reasons.

From the February 10, 2013 write-up  “Terrorists” in Minnesota – Latest Fable of FBI Employees

Those who’d knew Novak best – those in his former Army unit, didn’t believe he was violent. Instead, he was someone that “could talk about just about any subject very intelligently,” is “smart and opinionated,” and who stated that those in Congress involved in treasonous activity should be arrested – there are many people who could fit that description and have such a mindset. Should they too be raided?

Yet the corporate media happily parroted what those they deemed “authorities” told them – that Novak was involved with a militia, that he slept with firearms, and that he was disillusioned with the government – none of which, even if true, caused a victim.

After those attention-grabbing headlines were shared via national newspapers and evening newscasts, it came to light that FBI employees had been guiding Novak since early 2013, had been recoding their conversations with him, and that the crime he was convicted of – identity theft – was suggested to him by FBI employee Christopher Crowe.

In the end Novak pled guilty to one count of identity theft – 18 USC section 1028(a)(7)

knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit, or to aid or abet, or in connection with, any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of Federal law, or that constitutes a felony under any applicable State or local law;

Would Novak have engaged in identity theft if not for the involvement of Crowe and his colleagues, and their payments? We’ll never know for sure, but I think not.

Like many before him, Novak was targeted with much hoopla because he presented a convenient prop in the war on terror charade those who work to paint a divisive, doom-and-gloom reality thrive upon. That should cause any thinking person to ask: Just who are the terrorists?




Pete Eyre

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