Cop Block Announces Friday’s Finest

Cop Block is starting something new today and we’re calling it Friday’s Finest.  What does that mean?  Well for now it will consist of us highlighting videos and pictures that supporters send in exclusively to Cop Block .  We hope that it will grow, depending on submissions, allowing us to offer rewards for the best videos/pics.  Some of these rewards could be books, clothing or cold hard cash. This is an idea focused on providing incentive to people to film police actions.

Until we’re overwhelmed with submissions we will highlight every one sent to us.  After Friday’s Finest takes off we’ll then set guidelines as to what qualifies for the rewards program.  We hope that others will feed off of this idea and form a support base for those who film police officers.  Whether that be by sharing Friday’s Finest (FF) on your social networks or calling the stations highlighted on FF, whatever you can do.

So lets get to the first ever Friday’s Finest brought to you by Cop Block:

In these two pics (above and below) you notice Chicago police officers parking state vehicles in no parking zones.  The person who took the pics stated to Cop Block that, “I see these everyday on the way to and from the gym.”  This person couldn’t wait around but it’s a great example of how great cell phone are and how easy it is to share.

Cop Block has attempted to contact the Chicago police department to get comment.  We were passed around and always lead to some answering machine.  Maybe some folks in the Chicago area can help us get more pictures/videos to take to them?

Then there was this concerned person in Texas who sent us this video and pic.  I asked them for a brief over view of what happened and they said:

“This photo and video were during spring break March 5th-March 21st 2010 on North Padre Island Corpus Christi Texas. They used our conference center as a command post in our quiet neighborhood. We had to hear them test their sirens and lights, they sped down the streets to get here and sped off going home! They were loud,obnoxious and rude! They constantly drove the wrong way in the one way, were very loud and vocal as to what their plans were for the day!  They even made bets with other police officers as to how many busts they could make and much beer they go to make people dump out!  It was awful! I took the pics and videos because of this because of “the double standard and good ole boy system” here in Texas. People need to know they are not ABOVE THE LAW! Their own law!”

I know the audio in the video isn’t the best quality but I posted it because even if police aren’t doing something wrong, they should still be filmed.  Let them know we’re out there, every where, anywhere and at any time their actions can be caught on tape.  This video might not be of damning evidence now but it could show the characters of these officers if something were to come up down the road. Well done Concerned Texan.

In this picture from Memphis, TN you notice 6 police motorcycles parked in a no parking, as well as in front of a fire hydrant.  I believe there are about 12 laws being broken in this picture.  Some people would say whats the big deal?  They are cops and should be allowed this benefit for risking their lives.  I completely disagree because everyone knows the risks involved with being a police officer.  People voluntarily choose to become police, where the bosses (politicians) make rules that force their workers (agents of the state; police) into dangerous situations.  So due to their choice we should allow them extra rights that society has, arguably, deemed illegal?  Or are they allowed this benefit because they’re the enforcer for the larger bully known as government?

I want to thank those who sent in these photos and videos.  They wanted to stay anonymous but hopefully in the future that won’t be the case.  As there is nothing to hide from, you pay these people for a service and it’s your responsibility to make sure they provide that service to your liking.

If you want to submit a picture or video for Friday’s Finest send it to  If the file is too large, email us and we’ll work something out.  Looking forward to seeing what people send in.  Want to do more, check out the Join Us tab at the top of the page.

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