TSA Employee Alex Grossman Demands Extra Screening, Gets Copblocked [Video]

Kahler Nygard shared this content via CopBlock.org/Submit about his interaction at the Denver Airport on September 6, 2014. He did an excellent job filming the exchange, asking questions – “Am I being detained?” and refusing to obey the statements put-forth by TSA employee Alex Grossman: “I am not going to debate it with you, are you going to comply or are you going to comply or not?”


The TSA tried to get me to do additional screening of my body after I was already off the plane and headed out of the airport.

I ended up leaving the airport without any Denver Police interacting with me at all.

I believe I stood within my rights, although I still ask myself why would they need additional screening if I was already screened.

I had a buddy record me getting at the Minneapolis Airport:

Could this harassment be related to the wind turbine my father has been fighting to keep up in our yard also featured on Cop Block? https://www.facebook.com/CopBlock/photos/t.100004006339776/10152515909663189/?type=3&theater

Transportation Security Administration

  • 866-289-9673
  • Aggressor: Alex Grossman


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