VT Police Association Seeks to Create Centralized Prescription Database

The information below was shared via CopBlock.org/Submit by a person who lives within the political jurisdiction called “Vermont”. She had been sent a survey, signed by Scott Tucker of the Rutland Police Department, which outlines the hoped-for centralization of even more private information.

Outfit: Vermont Police Association
Website: http://www.vtpoliceassociation.org
Individual Involved: Scott Tucker
Phone: (802) 773-1816

The Vermont Police Association is trying to create a prescription database they can access without a warrant – see #5 below (click to enlarge):


Would such a database really make you safer? Or would it make you less secure?

Also, the question posed in #5 is a false dichotomy – it gives as options only to 1) remain with the current status, which requires police employees to visit drug stores to, without a warrant to learn what each customer uses, or 2) the proposal – to create a centralized database to house that information. The framing of that question totally overlooks other options – such as going to a solution many more would likely support – letting people keep their money and disbanding the privacy-invading, rights-violating police outfits.

On it’s website, the Vermont Police Association boasts that a number of local, county, and state-level outfits have 100% membership – if you live in Vermont, and are “served” by any of these folks, ask them why they want to create a centralized database and why they would support such an Orwellian move themselves. If you find that they don’t agree with the survey from Scott Tucker, as them to speak out.


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