Warm Welcome From ShadowLegion

Hello fellow followers of CopBlock!  I’d like to apologize for the delay in communication first and foremost.  Following the chaotic trend in current events, my life has been a tug-of-war in all directions as of late, but I didn’t want my introduction to be a reflection of such.  Besides my disclaimer on my absence, I’d like to overview the topics of special consideration which I will delve into further as I embark on this new journey with fellow readers and compatriots here at CopBlock.

Life is a strange web of internodes and while avoiding the cliché hippy saying “we are all one, man…”, I will attempt my best at drawing up the relevance between the tangential nodes which my posts will surely implicate.  Previously, my profession was briefly in behavioral neuroscience.  My college path started in the political science field however, but it left my idealistic mind slightly jaded in the wake of the Iraq invasion.  My activist side has reemerged as I look upwards again, out of the micro topics of psycho-biology, and into the more macro realms of human interactions.  I have a deep appreciation for writing and the creative process from which I draws inspiration.  I feel similarly to how hip-hop artist Del The Funkee Homosapien lyrically describes music, in his song titled “Madness”, as existing;

” But music is there without you or me, we just manipulate. For better or worse so let it situate.”

I feel the writing process is akin to this verse in the way that both creative activities draw upon abstractions embedded in the ether, are then channeled through a human medium, then materialized onto substrate as a concrete testament to withstand the test of time.  I hope to grasp a shred of truth from this absurdity called life and to be able to hear the echoes resounding as they ricochet recursively through the halls of your minds.  I think everything is already determined in life, so I just walk the path and just seek to learn the lessons provided by careful introspection and deliberation.  Activism is an art-form in its own right, and although I often find myself frustrated with current events, I more often than not find myself right back into the turbulent mix of being an outspoken member of society.

This stance is one built upon a foundation of love and compassion for humanity, while attempting to keep rational skepticism close at hand.  I’d argue that I’m a revolutionary at heart, but also see the value of “living to fight for another day,” even if it means losing a battle to have the opportunity to win the war.  The spectre I cast is one which radiates through the prism of writing, to be magnified by societies third eye which yearns for illumination.  I merely bring a new relative perspective to the table.  Truth is what you determine for yourself and those whom bring you happiness.  I can only wish that my posts encourage lively constructive discussions to ensue.

In this post, I feel it important to provide a preamble to readers, so that the connections between seemingly distant nodes can more easily emerge to form a cohesive picture.  My first decade of life called the third world “home.”  Upon relocation, poverty was starkly contrasted against my new American home.  Perplexed about being ridiculed for not “sporting” Nike’s like most of my classmates, I had a lot of resentment at the time for my new American life, but, as with most people who are matured by life experiences, quickly realized misguided people exist on all continents of this planet as do true friends who see through appearances.  Through this lens, my posts will often promote the interests of the underdogs of the world.

College placed me at the crossroads between vastly different interstates leading into the murky future beyond the ever sliding present.  I experimented frequently while always keeping the wise words of a past hippy professor in mind,

“Life is a path, you can sometimes go off that path, but always remember there is a path…”

In spirit with what I have learned thus far on my life journey, I will often draw upon lessons learned on the topics of substances and the ethics of regulations concerning such.  I will discuss my observations living inside a prison nation sheltering a quarter of the worlds prisoners and the crusade called the “drug war” along with the war against a military technique called “terrorism.”  I’ll anchor these subjects within the larger umbrella of economic theory and updates on human abuses committed by those elected to protect the populace.

So for all you prototypes “never even considered for mass production” as Hunter S. Thompson once wrote, I welcome you to embark upon this strange journey with me, towards the weird event horizon of human singularity, and beyond, by checking back with me from time to time…


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