Union Square Park ‘Free Speech’ False Arrest by NYPD Employees

The information below was shared by Rocco Iannacchino via CopBlock.org/Submit about a less-than-savory interaction he had with NYPD’s “finest” in 2011. It’s unclear, despite the objective video, whom Rocco supposedly wronged, and why he was taken away by folks wearing badges. Clearly others present – those filming and chanting “let him go!” – didn’t think his actions necessitated police action.

Date of Interaction: 08-08-2011
Individuals Responsible: Unknown
Outfit: New York Police Department, 13th Precinct
Phone: (212) 477-7411

NYPD ‘AIDED REPORT’ Doesn’t Match Up To Video Evidence

I recently filed a Freedom Of Information Request with the NYPD for specific files that pertained to my false arrest at Union Square Park on August 8, 2011.

In the NYPD ‘Aided Report’ that I received it was apparent to me that many inconsistencies and untruths were reported in the file. The NYPD’s description of the incident I was involved in was completely fabricated. The video that was taken of the events that transpired on August 8, 2011 supports my claims that the NYPD Report is completely false. The NYPD Report States: “AIDED FEARED THAT EVERYONE AROUND HIM WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM AND ACTED IRRATIONAL /PARANOID; WAVING HIS ARMS AND YELLING IN FRONT OF PARK AT LOCATION.”

Video evidence of the Union Square – Police interaction tells a different story. There was no such “fear” displayed by me that “everyone was trying to kill me.” On the contrary, I was speaking calmly and rationally in a controlled manner in front of a very friendly and encouraging diverse group of New Yorkers.

The video doesn’t show anything the police have written in the report. I never “waved my arms,” or “yelled” in front of the crowd. Furthermore, the report states: “was irrational/paranoid, thought everyone was trying to kill him.” If I believed “everyone was trying to kill me,” why was I talking normally to the crowd and the police if “everyone was trying to kill me’?

This NYPD Report is a product of pure fiction. The video tape of the events that transpired on August 8, 2011 firmly proves this.

I was falsely arrested, or as the NYPD puts it, “Aided,” for speaking out against a secret government that had been harassing me. If, as the NYPD Report states, I was “irrational/paranoid,” how then did I manage to attract hundreds of people to what I was saying? If I was ‘dangerous’ this crowd would of moved on. The crowd would of soon picked up I was ‘mentally unbalanced’ and would have ignored me. However, this did not happen. The crowd grew larger and larger. I was falsely arrested and medically drugged for what I was saying. This is UnConstitutional.

In essence, this is a case of the police and the hospital creating a ‘mental illness’ by proxy. Psychiatric confinement of sane people is a particularly pernicious form of repression.

Video just surfaced a few months ago. I have a Federal Lawsuit pending with The Southern District Court of New York. The Commission to Combat Police Corruption forwarded my complaint to NYPD Internal Affairs. I’ve also submitted a FOIA Request for the Identities of the “police.” FDNY who handles ambulance dispatch has been notified by me that I demand to know the names of the ‘Emt’s’ that accompanied me to Bellevue. All the best!


Glen Cove NY Police Ignore Property Rights, Employ Thuggery [Video] shared by Rocco and posted on September 07, 2014


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