Butte County DA Mike Ramsey Calls Kick to Head of Seated Suspect, “Textbook”

Two weeks ago in the post Butte County Sheriff Unsure if Kicking Man in Head Aligns with Policies we shared that:

Sam Burnett, an employee of the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, kicked a man in his head who was sitting on the ground.

Korey Honea, the head-honcho of the Butte-based outfit, told ActionNewsNow.com “that he immediately launched an internal investigation to see if the deputy violated any policies.”

How can there be any question that kicking a seated person in the head doesn’t align with policies?

Since that incident, which happened on August 26th, Burnett has been on a paid vacation, compliments of those who he claims to “serve and protect” while the incident was “investigated” by his friends.

Mike Ramsey

Yesterday, Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey yesterday said that he found nothing wrong with Burnett’s actions – and referred to the kick to the head of the seated man as “textbook.”

It’s not surprising that Burnett was not held accountable by his friends in the District Attorney’s office. Like the Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit, those institutions exist solely due to perceived legitimacy. To admit fault would mean the omnipotence claimed by those involved is not always true. Better then, to circle the wagons…

But despite Ramsey’s asinine determination, this incident – the kicking of a seated suspect deemed “textbook” – will undoubtedly cause many hundreds or thousands to be just a bit more inclined not to fund these criminals, and certainly, not to think or refer to them as “authorities,” which in the end, does far more to erode their legitimacy than any inside-their-injustice-system ruling ever could.

The person who submitted this update anonymously wrote:

I can’t believe this is a local incident. We’ll I guess I can believe it. But this is beyond ridiculous. The man was sitting down when he was assalted. Ether there was an altercation before is beyond the point because at that time he was sitting down not being aggressive. When are people going to stand up?!

Butte County Sheriff’s Outfit

Butte County District Attorney


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