Manchester, NH Police Employee Christian Horn Charged With Two Felony Counts of Assault

John Brady shared the information below via about Christian Horn, an aggressive “public servant” employed at the Manchester, NH Police Outfit. It seems, were his colleagues to uphold their mission, they’d choose to oust such a person from their ranks…

Date of Interaction: August, 2014
Individual Responsible: Christian Horn
Outfit: Manchester, NH Police Department
Phone: (603) 668-8711

Christian Horn

In August of 2014 Manchester, NH Police Officer Christian Horn was arrested in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and charged with two Class A Felony charges of assault.

Since then arrest Manchester, NH police have placed Horn on “modified” desk duty until the resolution of the felony level assault charges currently pending in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The article about Horn being charged with two felony counts of assault was in The Union Leader newspaper on September 12,2014 written by reporter Mark Hayward who truly believes in police accountability.

Read: Manchester police officer charged with felony assault on Cape Cod by Mark Hayward


After reading the article I called the Manchester Police and asked to speak with the officer in charge about the incident who told me “Officer Horn is a good police officer”, that he does not believe one word of the incident or the alleged victims, then he hung up on me.

Another Manchster, NH cop charged for beating on someone… [See incident involving Chris Micklovich]. What is it going to take for these bullies with badges and guns to stop injuring and falsely caging citizens they were supposedly sworn to serve and protect?

I do not believe they were sworn to beat the hell out of someone just because they have a badge, instead of modified paid duty he should be suspended without pay until the charges are concluded. Or at least, let the suspect beat on the officer and not be charged.

This is not the first time officer Horn has assaulted someone – he broke a mans jaw in 2013 while on duty and did not even get suspended and the person was not fighting or resisting.

Way to go Chief Mara you created another golem (monster) with a badge and gun. Again Chief Mara I demand, as do many other residents demand, you immediately resign as chief and become a parking control officer.


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