Lakeland, FL Police “Investigate” and Find Their Own NOT GUILTY [Video]

The information below was shared by Deo, who’s active with Greater Cleveland Cop Block, on behalf of Mike Burns, who’s active with Cop Block Central Florida. It’s an update about the baseless accusations made against Mike Burns by Lakeland Police employee Javier Perez, who reported a false crime in an attempt to justify harassment of a Copblocker. What would happen if you did the inverse – if you called the police and falsified such a story about a police employee?


Aggressor: Javier Perez
Outfit: Lakeland Police Department
Phone: 863-834-6900

Coming at you with an update from Lakeland County FLA, where the thin Blue line appears to be alive and well.

You all remember how Mike Burns caught officer Javier Perez calling in on him and telling them he was masturbating in the car?? Well officer Perez was cleared of all charges!

Listen as the investigating officer leads his buddy in the questioning process about the incident in this final outcome video of the incident.

It certainly doesn’t sound like justice to me!

But don’t worry folks Mike ain’t done yet! He is still out there with his cameras rolling.





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