Phoenix Cops Question and Chase Me – I Don’t Stop

The content below was shared by Zane Kane via It details his latest interaction with folks wearing Phoenix Police badges who have continued to harass him for not obeying their dictates. As Zane points out to them – he’s never signed a contract with them thus he’s under no obligation. That seems commonsensical – if we are indeed free.

Date of Interaction: 9/15/14
Outfit: Phoenix Police Department
Police Employees Involved: P. Kuna #6667
Phone: 602-495-5006

Cop Chases Me – I DON’T STOP!!! I Call Police

Cops try out their bull…
Chase me down…
I call the police…..
Tell their supervisor to have
them stop harassing me…

Editors Note: Earlier this month Zane posted this video to his Youtube channel:








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  • Common Sense

    I know how this will end. And he won’t like it.

  • Common Sense
    Seems I was correct. Guess that revolution was a bit more abrupt than he thought. Think of the pepper spray as an “activist fumigator.”

  • patriot156

    pigs must go!

  • keepitreal

    “Cops try out their bull…Chase me down…
    I call the police…..
    Tell their supervisor to have
    them stop harassing me…”
    You forgot –
    They ignored me, pepper-sprayed me…
    And took me to jail.

  • steve

    Yep ,I saw a you tube video from the police camera.

  • ThirtyOneBravo

    I love happy endings.

  • t

    Dang guy. That bright spotlight of truth undoes the CBers again.

    Ha ha. :)

  • t

    steve: Please link it here.

  • Ernie Menard

    Regarding his desire to drive an unregistered vehicle, this guy is kind of an idiot with his civil disobedience rant. For the most part the various laws dealing with the operation and ownership of motor vehicles are reasonable.
    Please bear in mind that if I saw a cop on fire in the middle of the street the only way I would extinguish the fire is with urine, and then only if the legislature had specifically exempted from prosecution the use of this particular life saving technique. The why of my feelings: Otto Zehm, Kelly Thomas, Vicki Weaver, the children in the Branch Davidian compound, et. al.

  • JC

    This guy is the definition of a complete moron. It won’t be long until he is in jail and he loses his vehicle. There is a lot of video that is obviously not posted. He will only tell you what he wants you to hear.

  • JC The real story. I’m sure he is whining in jail because they won’t let him smoke his dope.

  • steve

    You are an ignorant fuck

  • steve

    Honestly I did see it and I thought it was on you tube but now I san’t find it. i will keep hunting and if I find it it will be yours

  • steve

    The closest thing I can find is ” donuts and steroids in paradise valley” in the related content up above and on You Tube. The police video must have been taken down.

  • t

    Oh well. The real news covered it pretty well.

  • definitelynotperfect

    I’m all for Copblock, PINAC etc., but I’m for reality also. The reality is…this guy is a moron. I saw the other video when the cops came to his door about the RV being on a public street with no plates, he was an ass & agitator then, as well as now. I suspect he adopted the “Civil Disobedience” argument when he didn’t have the cash to register the RV, they are expensive. Regardless, he deserves everything that comes his way. I hope his “Civil Disobedience” argument in lockup serves him well. I’m on the cops & court side on this one.

  • JC

    Really? Is that the best you can do? The guy lied on copblock and you support him. Obviously you have to wear velcro to keep from falling out your mommy’s snatch. You obviously have a hard on for the author because he is a liar just like you.

  • steve

    Yes this dude is an idiot. While most people pay for a drivers license, registration and insurance of which is a protection for all of us financially along with helping to pay for the roads and highways we drive on that are not free to build and maintain. These documents also provide a standard of safety among us by proving you are capable of driving safely on the roads. Why should anyone be entitled to drive on our roads without the documents and or without paying the price as the rest of us do .

  • Tom Baker

    What is “jurisdictional evidence”? Another law school flunkout? That whiny dude needs a thorough bitch slapping.

  • steve

    You are a ignorant fuck .

  • cocopop

    JC you bitch bring my wallet back.

  • JC

    The only real ignorant fuck is you. Your mamma is ready to evict you from her pussy because you just aren’t satisfying her anymore.

  • DEO

    Hahahahaha! He WAS arrested, vehicle seized, guns in the motor home seized, pot seized. Multiple charges. What a moron and he definitely put other innocent people at risk with his high speed fleeing of the police. Why lie about your encounter with the police? Tell the WHOLE truth next time. I for one am GLAD that the cops were there to protect the rest of us from this dangerous and obviously mentally ill person. I hope the judge throws his ass in jail for a long time.

  • Stan

    Hahaha…what moron

  • nameo

    Dumber than the dumbass in the video, ignorant fuck.