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Earlier this week I blogged about the Chalking 8 and our plans to highlight the court cases of those arrested, while CopBlocking the Manchester police – like we did during the Free State Friendship Tour. The past few days Pete and I have distributed press releases, ordered 3,000 DVD’s (possibly more – thanks to Freedom’s Phoenix), 2,500 fliers (see pics below), priced out some new swag – coming soon and brainstormed outreach possibilities to help us win in “the court of public opinion.” It’s been a busy week to say the least.

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Today we got word from an anonymous donor who wanted to assist our fund raising efforts. The donor stated that a “[We’re] ready to match the first $1,000 you receive from other sources.” They went on to say:

“We both feel terrific about supporting your and Pete’s activism. We also look forward to the day when we can contribute not only with dollars, but also by (literally) standing with you on the fronts lines of the fight for liberty. Keep us posted on the fundraising progress and lastly, please do me a solid by staying free.”

Since we just posted about fund raising all donations already given will count towards this number. I’d like to thank the following folks for donating:

  • $10 – Ryan
  • $100 – Tony
  • $21 – Shaunna
  • $50 – Ed
  • $20 – Jay
  • $5 – Jason
  • $20 – John
  • $50 – Jim
  • $10 – Will
  • $75- Chris

Aside from those generous folks, we’ve also teamed up with and for donations totaling $550. This means we’ve raised $911 ($361 from individuals) thus far and are only $89 from reaching the donors stipulation.

If you’d like to help us reach this goal please donate here – and click PayPal icon. Remember we like to thank our donors. We offer T-shirts, power post (like the banner below) and video intro/outro’s in return for certain donations on our support tab.

(*the donations listed above are earmarked for the Manchester Chalking 8 use, the anonymous donor’s money will go to further our operation – ie tech or more support items)





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