The Police State Goes Mainstream

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The police state gained steam in the 1980′s through the drug war, and unwinnable war against the American people, which was then accelerated by Bush and Clinton in the 90′s.

Then came 911 and as we slowly see drug laws loosening, anti-terrorist laws and force are blanketing the landscape making the anti-drug war look like a gentle massage to Bush and Obama’s terrorist approach of bending over uncle sam and raping him while recording it for syndication on your favorite fearporn outlet.

Post 911 brought a new world and quickly militarized the police force to look like your favorite GI Joe characters.

Events like Occupy Wall Street saw the rise of some mainstream media outrage as the good cops of the good ol’ days were hard to find, replaced by the bully hopped up on steroids and assault rifles.

The Boston Bombings resulted in police swarming the streets with militarization and while it disturbed some, on the mainstream scale it was hailed as a victory, where ‘Murica defeated the terrorists.

Then other incidents popped up like with Christopher Dorner, where it was shoot at whoever we damn well please and ask questions later. Or more fitting, “don’t ask questions at all mother fucker.”

Now finally, finally after the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, the national media at large has asked, “what and the holy fuck!?”

The focus by many has been on race but for anyone paying attention, it is all about state vs. citizen. The government vs. the individual.





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  • Robyn Ryan

    Congress and Civil Service are our watchdogs. Congress killed Civil Service and sold us to slavers. Until we change congress, we’re screwed.

  • Colino Deani

    Congress has always been the problem.. the Civil war happened because of actions in congress at the fed & state levels… they need term limits.

  • term limits will only make the scum work faster and not have to pander to anyone because they wont have a chance to get reelected

  • Jean fils de Richard Plantagen

    The cops are doing just what the judges, lawyers and executives are telling them to do, and protecting and rewarding them for doing, protecting the professional families and their system of elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice. As race and religion are no longer “politically correct” “reasons” to exploit and exclude people, they have to “criminalize” as many as possible to “justify” their violations of law and human rights and the destruction of the legitimate government that stands in their way of ever growing wealth, egos, vain glories and the exercise of unconscionable perverse liberties. If you expect them to do anything but find their crimes “justified”, you have a long wait ahead of you.

  • Thenumber4

    They sold you in too slavery did they. We’ll then you must flee north to the free land lol hahahahahahahaha retard