SHOCKER! Officer Uses Restraint in Potentially Deadly Situation!

This post was submitted via by Dylan, who’s active with Tucson Cop Block.

Kudos to this sheriffs deputy for using non-deadly force, even though that should be a standard… It seems to me like this officer took full understanding of the entire situation before acting. Deputy Kevin Gardner I hope more LEOs follow you as an example. Thanks!

Som Lisaius covered this incident at in the story, Pima County deputy uses restraint in potential deadly-force incident.

Tucson News Now

The man pulled a 6inch folding knife on the deputy, and then he “immediately stepped back and drew not his gun, but his Taser.”

“I want to keep him in the position to where I can maintain control without having to go to deadly force … That’s obviously the last resort I want to go to.” – Deputy Kevin Gardner

I also give the deputy kudos for realizing the guy may not have been in the best mental state. If more cops did this, there would be a lot less mentally ill being murdered by police..

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