Ohio Student Charged with Homicide for Selling Mushrooms

After accepting a plea deal, former OU student, James Wagers, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for negligent homicide of another OU student, Eric Hansen. Wagers was found guilty after selling psylocibin mushrooms to Hansen an hour before Hansen leaped or fell from a fourth floor dormitory window.

There seems to be no solid evidence that Wagers was a professional drug dealer or that this sale was more than a one time thing. Wagers was convicted because he possibly contributed to Hansen’s death. The prosecutors were poised to argue that, ‘without the drugs Hansen would still be alive’. This argument seems to be rhetorical nonsense. Should we also charge the window manufacturer? Without the window that young man would not have fallen to his death. Should we charge all liquor stores and manufacturers with negligent homicide for drunk driving deaths?

Not only is it tragic that a young man lost his life but now a non-violent man will be punished for the free will actions of another.

You can read the full story here.

Originally posted at Ohio Copblock


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