Calgary Police Officer Enters Home Unlawfully and Kills Resident Corey Peeace

This post was submitted via the submissions page by a family member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Incident Date: June 10th 2011

Officer : Stephen Cook

Department : Calgary Police Service

Calgary Police Service ~ Contact

On the night of June 10th 2011,  four Calgary Police Service officers unlawfully entered the Peeace residence with guns drawn. Within seconds of arriving, officer Stephen Cook shot 4 bullets into Corey Peeaces chest.

This isn’t the first time officer Stephen Cook has unlawfully entered the Peeace residence.  In February of 2010, officer Cook intruded into the Peeace home. Peeace was asleep in his room, officer Cook woke him up, handcuffed him, and tasseled him two times.. Peeace filed a human rights complaint over the incident.

Justice for Coey Peeace

The Media of course portrayed Corey as ” dangerous ” and only took the cops side of the story, covering up for the police.

ASIRT ( Alberta Serious Incident Report Team ) declared the shooting as justified. There will never be justice as long as ASIRT & the crown protect the police..

Simply google ” Corey Peeace ” and you will see how the media changed the stories.

Officer Stephen Cook



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